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it has arrived!

this game is so good, I'm surprised it hasn't been made into a movie yet

very nice camera control :)

Oh we're group 8 btw!

sorry you got disqualified I really really enjoyed that <3

this was really fun <3


I love the 2D sprite on a 3D background, I've never seen that before. It made my eyeballs happy. 

SPOILERS AHEAD: When I died and it just said "Fired!" I almost choked laughing. Best game ever.

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Awesome concept but I couldn't figure out how to interact with other prisoners, so I did not get far. Not sure if that's on me or the game. 

I would love to figure it out though (or see it fixed if it's a bug) because from the instructions the game sounds very fun. Moving and pushing the bed felt good. 

I liked the skelly men, what a fun surpise!

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I love the name! I'm having a lot of trouble and was just wondering if it's possible to fall into pits? I'm pretty sure I'm in a room that has no exit but who can say!

Perhaps I am not a good boy after all :( 

Cool game, I'm dumb and didn't realise you could shoot at first (even though it told me) so I was just trying to get all the enemies to kill each other instead and I had a lot of fun doing that. Then I realised I could shoot and that was also fun. It was like I got 2 game modes! 

I liked the way the bullets collided with each other too.