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this was really fun <3


Where did you find the game? I cannot see a download. I might just be dumb though IDK. 

I love the 2D sprite on a 3D background, I've never seen that before. It made my eyeballs happy. 

SPOILERS AHEAD: When I died and it just said "Fired!" I almost choked laughing. Best game ever.

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Awesome concept but I couldn't figure out how to interact with other prisoners, so I did not get far. Not sure if that's on me or the game. 

I would love to figure it out though (or see it fixed if it's a bug) because from the instructions the game sounds very fun. Moving and pushing the bed felt good. 

I liked the skelly men, what a fun surpise!

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I love the name! I'm having a lot of trouble and was just wondering if it's possible to fall into pits? I'm pretty sure I'm in a room that has no exit but who can say!

Perhaps I am not a good boy after all :( 

Cool game, I'm dumb and didn't realise you could shoot at first (even though it told me) so I was just trying to get all the enemies to kill each other instead and I had a lot of fun doing that. Then I realised I could shoot and that was also fun. It was like I got 2 game modes! 

I liked the way the bullets collided with each other too.

Awesome game, I had a lot of fun playing it!I did find a bug where when my health reached 0, I didn't die and could still run around but couldn't attack anything. It happened when I reached a pillar that let me sacrifice health for souls, so that might have triggered it but I'm not sure. Not complaining, because of course a weekend job will have bugs but just letting you know in case you wanted to continue working on it.

Other than that my only criticism is the art was quite hard to look at, in future I'd make the environment colours more neutral. The controls felt very satisfying & well polished and it was cool how many different features there were to play around with.