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Ah okay, thank you!

Hi there! I purchased this system (and several others of yours) about three months ago and have been working on a game with it since. However, I do have a question that has come up in my mind. You mention in the YouTube video that you can make it so that you can limit things to one gift per day, and I was wondering what I would need to edit to be able to do that? Also I want to make it so that the 'talk' command can only be used once a day as well.

Thank you in advance! It's a bit difficult sometimes to figure out what values do what things.

That's what I thought! Thank you for the quick response! I'll keep messing with things until I get it to work the way I want, and thank you for the advice!

Hi, just had a quick question to pop up on here! I was wondering if there was any way you or anyone know of to customize different areas to have different fish using your system as a base. I purchased your system and it works fantastic! Ideally in my game, though, I'd like to have, for example, forest fish, ocean fish, and lake fish. I was thinking it might be as simple as changing the setting of the region and making separate events, and I'm going to try that out after I back up my files. But I didn't know if anyone knew of any other ideas. Thank you in advance!