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I'm not sure but I'm in the same boat. Every once in a while the craft button will bring up the wrong panel. I save, restart, and it works again.

You put your Grandkids in jail? Monster!

Yeah not sure what happened - I was able to read the first 6 pages when he first posted, but since then I have no access either :(

The way I see it you have two options:

1) Change the quest state in your save file. Honestly I don't know which quest it is, so my advice here is less helpful.

Go to /scripts/ and search "tishadecision". This describes the steps of this quest. Then edit your save file to change the quest to before they leave (or to just before they come back). Your save file is in (%appdata%/Strive/Saves) and both .gd files and saves can be opened in notepad++ or another text editor.

2) Start a new game, and copy the character from one game to another

a) Open your save file. Search for the name of the slave. Copy the whole text of the character.

- starts with {"@path":

- ends with "xp":0},

b) start a new game. Play a turn or two. Save it. Open the save file, paste the old character.

- BE CAREFUL WHERE - there are sections in the save file. Easiest is to find a char you already have, and paste the character directly before or after to make sure it's in the right section. 

Option 1 is the "better" option, as it takes less work in the long term

I absolutely LOVE this. Thanks so much for sharing!!!!

A couple things: There seem to be a few typos.

"I have a strong feeling that my sister is not a country..."

regarding hair color: "Yet, my reflex in the water proves me wrong."

Not sure if it's a translation thing (the rest seems to be in excellent English), but if you have any questions I'm happy to proof-read.

(1 edit)

Level yourself up, and level up your slaves. Each level-up gives you points to distribute.

Edit: For completeness, levelling up is done by getting XP points. XP points can be gained for you and your slaves by fighting (and winning) any fight, or for your slaves by working - the better they do at a job, the more XP.

Wow - these are super useful.

Do you think you could include the tweaks that you didn't include as .TEST files or something, so that we could see your code? I guess I could dl 0.1, but then there's a lot of comparison.

I love the sorting. That should be included in 5.25d (e? f?) for SURE. Thanks :)

I'm concerned that he hasn't actually extracted the game yet and is trying to run the executable from  within WinRar.

"I can only launch the game from WinRAR"

Please fully extract everything into a new folder, then try again.

Hi, I just checked and it definitely works.

The Decryption key includes the dash at the beginning - copy/paste this:


(1 edit)

1) Open /files/scripts/

2) Go to the bottom (not sure if my file has different line number)

3) Find the following:

func animalistic1(person): = 8

func animalistic2(person): = 16

func animalistic3(person): = 25

4) Replace those lines with the following (Don't change formatting - just add the "+" in the right place):

func animalistic1(person): += 8

func animalistic2(person): += 16

func animalistic3(person): += 25

5) ...

6) Profit

Apparently one of the versions has a bug with the tattoos - it sets your energy instead of adding  to your energy.

Do you have tattoos? Specifically the energy ones?

Honestly a lot of searching.

The best tool for editing this game that I've found is Notepad++, specifically for the "Find in files" feature (hit ctrl-f, third tab). You can search all the scripts at once.

Start with the main variables file - it has most of these changes - /files/scripts/

- That covers Pregnancy, selling, drop rates - lots of stuff.

Then if there's something you want to change that's NOT in, use the search all files function to find it. Search the /files/scripts folder and you can make any of the other edits.  For instance, I like to make the wolf groups much larger - more fun, and helps me raise xp faster. I open /files/scripts/ and ctrl-f "wolf" and go through to figure out what needs to be changed.

Honestly, yes. But I've had trouble with mods in general, as have other people, so if he wanted to bypass the system this would be how.

You're right though. The same can be done through the Constants Mod that comes with the game.

I'm not sure this version works anymore - it's from more than 6 months ago.

Here's how to tinker with this however you want:

Go to YourStriveFolder/Files/Scripts and open up "" - funny extension, but you can open it in notepad or anything like notepad.

Find the following paragraph(hint: ctrl-f "#Pregnancies"):

var pregduration = XXX
var growuptimechild = XXX
var growuptimeteen = XXX
var growuptimeadult = XXX
var traitinheritchance = XXX
var babynewtraitchance = XXX

Everywhere I have "XXX", there's a number - you can change those however you want. the duration and growuptime variables are measured in days. The inheritchance and newtraitchance are in percentages.

Then, just save the file and start Strive, and badabing badabang, you're good to go!

Good question - I'm actually not sure.

Does MEGA work on phones? If so you would need to unzip and move the files into the folder where the game is stored.

Honestly the much easier way is to have your phone attached to a computer, download the zip, and unzip over the current folder you have for the game. Does that work for you?

Haha thanks, yeah I got carried away. 
(And in case it wasn't clear, every image in the pack has both portrait and full body image - just have to make sure "assign both" is checked)

Sorry - the other responder is right. When I copy/pasted the decryption key it made an auto-line-break after the hyphen.


is the key

Updated with a new version - 50% bigger than the last one. Let me know what you think.

Thanks for posting this here like this!! I've been following you over at F95 and appreciate your work putting this together.

I think different people like very different things. A big pack lets people choose.

I uploaded a pack with hundreds of real photographs - didn't get a lot of traction, but was for sure what I wanted, and at least a few people downloaded it and use it.

The nude question is interesting - I personally go for "sexy, but not nude", because some of them do not end up being sexual slaves/workers. I actually made a mod (broken in newest version) that allows for clothed pics normally, flirting pics during the "meet" interaction, and then a nude/sexy pic during the "sex" interaction. Never got a lot of feedback - I make all my images for it and have a blast, but not enough interest to release it again. Sorry, wish I had better info for you.

If you're really stuck go get one from Sebastian. Custom!

files\scripts\characters\ has everything you're looking for :)

I love what you're doing. My first experience with this sort of graphics in an indie-game was Free Cities, so I know it can be done extremely well. You're off to a great start clearly.

I do notice that your Cali has a much rounder face than Mav's, and the only feature that's "off" is her nose. Your blending has improved and her hair is +++.

Wiki has many answers :)

But yes, it's possible. Give her the normal one and learn Domination.

Then keep going back - at some point she'll ask to join you - not sure what the requirements are, but it's a random event.

Probably not. Maverick made the game more easily modifiable, but it changed the location of a bunch of things, and this mod was affected. It hasn't been updated in over a month and a half.  If you download the mod and look at the files you can see which files to edit.

I really love this idea. 

Another way that takes less micro-management: If a girl has a private room, then at day-end she should have a chance to pick a random person with whom she has a good relationship and let her join in the private room for the night. If she does that, they both lose x lust.

Here's my first attempt at a mod. It's the first step towards image packs for this fantastic game. 

It adds a separate picture so that when you're "being intimate" with the characters, you see a different (ie: more lewd, naked) picture instead of the regular profile picture.

I've included the mod along with a sample pack of 5 girls that I made as a proof-of-concept. Shows where all the pics go.

I've made it work on .22b on my machine but need someone else to try :)

One bug: If you change someone's picture to one of the girls with an extra picture, and then switch back to one without the extra picture, you'll end up not showing any pictures during sex. Not sure why.

I've only tried this without any mods or with only the Constants mod. I think it is likely INCOMPATIBLE with the well-used random-picture mod.!kn4FVQpR

decrypt: adiTZVKRgAautitFAFxvVOjVU-Ua9-lSsjmEOK6Vt9Y

Away this weekend with limited access. Bugs will be ironed out next week.

Kaito it's written in about 10 places on this forum.

Are you on Windows?

If so, go to the folder "%AppData%/Roaming/Strive". Hit the windows button, type that, press enter. If you can't figure that out, go to "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Strive".

In that folder, you'll find "portraits", "bodies", and "mods". Put the portraits in "portraits", bodies in "bodies", and mods in "mods".

For images, it may now find them automatically, or you can choose them by going Customize -> Choose image for each slave.

For mods, open the game, press "mods", activate the ones you want, then hit enter and it will exit the game. Now restart and TADA you have mods.

(1 edit)

Edit: Updated 2019-March-04 with massive update.

Well, as with many of the games I play, it's time to throw my hat in the ring with my personal twist.

This is a picture pack with "real girls". Many of them - 378 609 different girls. All with body + portrait.

These are not really compatible with the "Improved Random Portraits" or really any use of random portraits because of naming convention. As you might expect, there are a lot more humanoids than others, and some races are basically absent (slime, arachna...). That being said I made a concerted effort to include a lot of costumes - there are a few Seraphs, Fairies, and a bunch of girls tagged "beast", that can be used at your will for any of the beast/halfkin races. 90%+ are female .

How do I play? I use the huge mixpack as the main random portraits for new characters. But if I like a char I assign it a real photo/portrait.

The origin of these is a bit of a mixed bag. I made at least 250 myself from JPGs that I found. Another 50 I paid someone on Fiverr to do for me. The final ~80 were .png files I found, optimized, and made portraits for. Does this mean I spent dozens of hours in GIMP/Photoshop outlining photos? At least...

I have no original rights to any of the photos, and will gladly remove from the pack if the photo is of you or belongs to you.

I have them split in 3 folders for searching ability - teens, adults, celebrities.  For obvious reasons, I am not uploading any photos tagged "child". N.B. None of the photos are meant to sexualize anyone under 18 - any nudity or sexuality at ALL in the "teens" photos is of people aged AT LEAST 18.

Download at MEGA (575Mb) (Decryption key: -Rl6P3mV_fXzQZuX3FECepdsQVAX7K28V26asLZIf54)

Samples Here at Imgbb

Old version Download via MEGA here (389Mb) Decryption key: _7eZ4rhqKpWxDzHCQvIsKrA15RJZ8ifaa2p0e0kgD-w

  • "Where i need to place them?" - "C:\Users\userName\AppData\Roaming\Strive" or %appdata%\Strive            -     press win+r keys and paste it or just type in address bar.
  • Feedback pls?
  • The mod I dream about: Uses imagepacks from Whoremaster/Brothel King. During Intimacy, the different sexmoves bring up different photos from the imagepack, popping them up the same way the main file pops up now when you hover over it during intimacy.

1) Quality of life. This relates to the "luxury" stat. The higher the grade of a girl (slave - poor - commoner - rich - noble), the more "luxury" they demand. You can increase a girl's luxury in a few ways. Private room or your bed (some mansion upgrades make this give even more luxury), underwear/boxers, or the gold ring from the beasty northerners.

2) Fairy quest - definitely the biggest jump I think - second quest and you're fighting really high level guys. I find the wolves to be the easiest grind - they die pretty easily so you can get a few good fights in before having to rest.  Find them around Amberguard - one jump north from Wimborn Outskirts in the Forest has a bunch. Having 4 in your group also is a huge jump over 2 or 3 - taking the girls from Wimborn, buying (or capturing) a few good fighters will make a huge difference. I'd focus on getting a group of 4 at level 2 or 3, then go up and try to get a fairy. I find they either spawn as level 3 or 6. For this quest just capture a crappy level 3. Then go back and capture a level 6 because they have high magic and can become a good mage in your group, and reasonable to defeat with 4 level 2/3s because they're always alone.

For this I always just make symbolic or hard links.

I know the techies in here will probably laugh at me and say they use the console, but I have used Link Shell Extension ( for years and find it really easy (and small and free and all the other things that make a program worth downloading). ESPECIALLY if you have a small C drive I find it indispensable.

My best advice would be to download a pack from the "portrait pack" section of the website and check out the contents. Especially the one designed for the "random pic" mod.