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I'm not sure this version works anymore - it's from more than 6 months ago.

Here's how to tinker with this however you want:

Go to YourStriveFolder/Files/Scripts and open up "" - funny extension, but you can open it in notepad or anything like notepad.

Find the following paragraph(hint: ctrl-f "#Pregnancies"):

var pregduration = XXX
var growuptimechild = XXX
var growuptimeteen = XXX
var growuptimeadult = XXX
var traitinheritchance = XXX
var babynewtraitchance = XXX

Everywhere I have "XXX", there's a number - you can change those however you want. the duration and growuptime variables are measured in days. The inheritchance and newtraitchance are in percentages.

Then, just save the file and start Strive, and badabing badabang, you're good to go!

Wouldn't it be better to do this through the "Constants" mod, rather than messing with the game files? End result should be the same but you can just remove/reset the mod if you want to restore defaults

Honestly, yes. But I've had trouble with mods in general, as have other people, so if he wanted to bypass the system this would be how.

You're right though. The same can be done through the Constants Mod that comes with the game.