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Wow - these are super useful.

Do you think you could include the tweaks that you didn't include as .TEST files or something, so that we could see your code? I guess I could dl 0.1, but then there's a lot of comparison.

I love the sorting. That should be included in 5.25d (e? f?) for SURE. Thanks :)

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As to what i listed above , both versions run exactly the same, just v0.3 doesnt include (ie the slave-stats-export feature)

v0.1 has both files and all v0.1-v0.3 tweaks active

Outside of these, i did play with some other tweaks like the name_short override, just very limited when merging into objects (unless someone knows how to merge into>person class), so didnt include those in any of these (i actually just added them to my ArcisExpansion folder, as that already overwrites the entire `person` class)

If these tweaks above are actually useful, i do have a bunch more ideas, such as sorting shop items too, using the next/prev keys for main slave list and anything else of that nature. Mostly im just a little limited in UI work, id love to expand the 'slave spreadsheet' but just using text editor i cant affect that view it seems to use (get_node("slavelist/ScrollContainer/VBoxContainer/line"))

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