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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

Minor Tweaks Mod v1.3 (for >= 0.5.24c OR AricsExpansion5.22b)

A topic by dabros created Jun 26, 2019 Views: 5,525 Replies: 14
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This mod is a set of simple tweaks

Tested for public build 0.5.24c + random_portraits

- if any bugs with later releases, let me know, im not playing atm but i still check the forums and will update

How To Install
- uses the official modding system, just place in your mods directory and enable in main menu.
- if any errors, try loading it last, and see notes below

Compatible with "Magic Mirror" mod v0.3

- and prob some others too, see change notes for mentions of mods i test integration with
- the main limit for this is simply that the mod merging doesnt accept same file from different mods, you always lose one or both. If this bug is fixed, then opens allot more options.

Partial compatibility with AricsExpansion v0.5.22b

First few versions (till v0.5) did target full compatibility with AricsExpansion and its bundled 0.5.22b, and downloads for those below.

I do really love aspects of AricsExpansion, as he adds a lot more than just the breeder functions, however i realised not worth trying to add more to that version atm, instead wait for next stable release maybe. And since i wanted to try out latest public build i just updated my mod to work with that too, and thought it would be great share as a full release here.

The earlier versions are still a great add-on for AricsExpansion, i imagine the later versions would not work as is.

Current Version v1.3:!6DhCzCqL!CJpzjBrsJwMtOuXbTcjQdC8BSDM9FYH2EvO7G23U-T4


v0.1 - 26/5/19 - initial, works with AricsExpansion 0.5.22b, added next/prev slave, item sorting, slave stats in gear view, slave-stats-export
v0.2 - 26/5/19 - noticed merge bug with random_portraits, so disabled-slave-stats export till fixed
v0.3 - 26/5/19 - still having merge issue, so removed entirely for now
v0.4 - 27/5/19 - added 'Mass Sedate' spell (no unlock cost  atm, though kinda OP without one) 
v0.5 - internal - added 'Fear/Max' & 'Stress/Max', some color guides to gear view, unlock cost for mass sedate
v0.6 - internal - added custom-request-export feature, copies from all locations to clipboard as json for now
v0.7 - internal - added sleeper count to top of slave list, to better show bed use
v1.0 - 5/6/19 - now compatible with 0.5.24c (not AricsExpansion, use older versions for that), re-enabled slave-stats-export
v1.1 - 6/6/19 - disabled (and custom-request-export) to keep Mirror (v0.3) mod compatibility
v1.2 - 6/6/19 - noticed item sort call disabled for main mansion inventory, so used AddTo to re-enable
v1.3 - 7/6/19 - added Mass Heal spell, only affects combat party, to keep compatible with Mirror didn't add it to travel interface (

List of tweaks may change, last edit: 6/6/19

1. Next/Prev slave in inventory screen

- use down/up arrow keys (when in inventory/gear view) to change your selected slave
- how: just a few lines of code in top of files/ (easy to make into mod)

2. Next/Prev slave in mansion view

-  use page_up and page_down to navigate through slaves whenever in mansion
- how: same as for inventory, except now binding to those buttons in

3. Item Sorting!!!

- this one was Big for me, and so simple to do. Now ALL items/gear, including enchanted, sort properly by category->name
- Might still shuffle inside each name type, but nothing compared to before
- how: improved>sortgear(), which in 0.5.24c was very basic and only called in some cases, so re-enabled the trigger

4. Slave stats in gear/equip view

early version, added obedience, lust, stress, fear and whether they are lactating in text window when equipping gear (below health and energy text)
- added some colors to highlight when needed, for example when maxed out stress or lactating
- how: just a few extra lines in>slavegear(), avoided overwriting by using the <AddTo X> syntax
- easy enough to expand if desired, just pick anything from>person object/class

5. Slave stats export 

- exports all useful kinds of info for ALL slaves (even those away from mansion). Massive help to knowing which custom orders you can fill
- current format is to export as csv to your clipboard. This works GREAT with google sheets as you can show/hide and sort columns easily
- to export/copy, click your profile pic and use the new button right above "spell book"
- how: a new function and button in Very easy to modify and extend if desired, just look at `person` class for all posible column values

6. 'Mass Sedate' and 'Mass Heal' spells

- Spell variations that act exactly the same, except affecting ALL viable slaves, using the exact same mana cost per slave affected as the single spell
- Depending on version, you may need to unlock them at mage guild
- To cast, have at least enough mana to affect one slave, then pick ANY slave to cast on (doesn't even matter if that slave would be affected)
- All mass spells check every slave, including those away from mansion, and affect only those needing it, and will stop if you run out of mana. 
- 'Mass Sedate' will cast 'Sedate' on all stressed slaves, until none left unaffected or no more mana.
- 'Mass Heal' will cast 'Heal' on everyone not already full health in your combat party, until none left unaffected or no more mana. Also gives the same loyalty boost to any <20 loyalty slaves that regular heal does.
- Clear feedback given as to who was and wasnt affected.
how: <AddTo> wasnt working, maybe due to commented lines inside `var spelllist`, so overrode that entire var/array/dict to add new spell entries, mirroring basic spells, but with an iterator that targets intelligently and stops if out of mana
- These might be tweaked, for example 'Mass Sedation' checks stress level (no fear check) for ALL slaves, avoids any already with 'sedated' tag, and any with stress below a certain point. Idea of maybe making 'mild' and 'extreme' version of this to target yellow (>32) and red (>65) stress levels specifically. Use it for a while, then let me know if you want it rebalanced like that.
- For 'Mass Heal' i didnt add it to travel list of spells (_on_details_pressed() in since if i affected that file the merge bug would break compatibility with Mirror mod.
- other mass spells might be 'mass fear', with fear checks on all prisoners or rebellious slaves. Started it, still tossing up best implementation for which slaves to target, ie just those in prison with less < max fear (actual fear changes are affected by courage, and capped by wit). Anyone got a good idea or real desire for this spell, hit me up.
- Also, fun idea - ive very little experience modifying ui (kinda limited with editing just .gd) but if is possible to have a "repeat spell" button right beside "close" after casting, that would make mutations way more fun i think, especially if you just saving mana up for a few days.
- And most importantly, if anyone can help make <AddTo> work here (when adding to `var spelllist`), that would be awesome

7.  `Nickname + Name` instead of just `Nickname`
- allows generic nicknames as should always add firstname where previously was just nickname
- how: overrided name_short(), with 0.5.24c this became possible without overriding entire person class

8.  Export all custom-requests to clipboard (disabled, code in download though)
- early version of how to even better handle custom requests in later game, when so many slaves
- see my notes at bottom about how this might be better implemented, for now just left disabled to keep easier mod compatibility with Mirror mod 
how: added iterator and function to convert them to object inside

9. Clearer bed use
- the top of slave list in mansion now shows "[total] ([communal]/[personal]/[masterbed]/[jail])" numbers, for example: "13 (6/2/1/4)"
- this plus colors plus the totals still shown in mansion summary mean that you can see Exactly how many beds are actually in use at any time, including those slaves not in the list but who still count
how: use AddTo on `rebuild_slave_list()` in, adding more detail and using bbcode for colors

Other tweaks not included in mod (but can be added with some help):

Of the many other tweaks i made or am playing with, if any of interest then please say why, that will give reason to polish them up. Some of these are:

Mansion view to accept and complete custom request, for a fee

- current versions might have my early version of this, either in or in renamed file for history. That version just exports all quests by copying as json to clipboard
- works, but left pretty basic, realised it was less fun if everything on spreadsheet, love having slave list in copy+paste spreadsheet but still found it fun having to travel round a bunch
- maybe there  is nice middle ground, like a high level mansion upgrade that lets you open custom requests from all locations and accept and fulfill them while still inside mansion, with same cost as portal there

More Mass Spells

- also see comments for mass sedation spell, mass fear is best bet, id just need a better idea the bounds of which slaves to affect

Refresh slavelist after item use

- untested since upgraded to 0.5.24c 
- since i discovered the magic of pots of milk (totally OP if you stack your roster a little) ive noticed that it doesnt refresh the slave list, so stress icons dont change.
- had a quick look, might be something upstream to affect, or call a global from there, prob do it soon and play around so merges well. Let me know if its annoying you too and itll get done quicker.

Im also open to any other ideas, though might need help with the UI and a fix for that <AddTo> bug to do certain types changes/tweaks

Wow - these are super useful.

Do you think you could include the tweaks that you didn't include as .TEST files or something, so that we could see your code? I guess I could dl 0.1, but then there's a lot of comparison.

I love the sorting. That should be included in 5.25d (e? f?) for SURE. Thanks :)

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As to what i listed above , both versions run exactly the same, just v0.3 doesnt include (ie the slave-stats-export feature)

v0.1 has both files and all v0.1-v0.3 tweaks active

Outside of these, i did play with some other tweaks like the name_short override, just very limited when merging into objects (unless someone knows how to merge into>person class), so didnt include those in any of these (i actually just added them to my ArcisExpansion folder, as that already overwrites the entire `person` class)

If these tweaks above are actually useful, i do have a bunch more ideas, such as sorting shop items too, using the next/prev keys for main slave list and anything else of that nature. Mostly im just a little limited in UI work, id love to expand the 'slave spreadsheet' but just using text editor i cant affect that view it seems to use (get_node("slavelist/ScrollContainer/VBoxContainer/line"))

Deleted 1 year ago

How about a mass heal spell, I mean after Mass Sedation it's one of the most useful spells in the slave hunting business

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Done, decided to leave unaffected to keep Mirror mod compatible, you can use it at mansion, just not in travel list of spells. Use that a while, if you really want it a travel spell, i can add it as a addon/patch maybe.

this mod refuse to load my saves, for SIMPLE tweaks thats a bit strange

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The files just do what it says they do, if you using 0.5.24c then its been thoroughly tested with absolutely no problems

1. When you loading your saves, what does it say in the text box/black console window in the background?

2. Any other mods running? If so, whats the load order?

3. Also, your refering to a save made before loading this mod? If so, which version was that save made in, and any other mods running at any other point during that playthrough?

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i downloaded from this side and i m pretty fresh to this

0.5.24c freshest on
and i dont have any other mods running, game refused to load my save files from pre-mod)

backup loaded my saves correcly
i tryed 64b version and mod, did not worked for saves (it is possible that saves location was changed?) i cant open folder with saves after instaling mod or see any of my saves

(4 edits)

Hi, tested it with a nomod start (0.5.24c win64), then added JUST my tweaks and loaded the save, absolutely no prob, same as all other tests

To clarify "refused to load" and to see the message in the console window (if theres a bug then 99.999% of time a message shows), easiest way is to share your save.

1. Find your save at "C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming\Strive\saves"

2. Use pastebin (takes 5sec, no need to create account, just copy+paste and share link here), google drive or whatever service you want to share (pasting in a reply here might be too many char, and will bloat the thread)

Ill test your save, since I cant replicate any issue without it

P.S. please use "reply" to keep this in one thread :) 

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after copy-pasting all files from current version 1.3 to my game folder/files i get this:

its not problem with saves, i cant even start new game, i have no idea what is happening

i have game on disk D when saves are apparently on C, using W7 pro, newest version

what i m doing wrong?

Most mods are not applied by copying the files into the game folder, but rather by coping them into the game's mod folder.  You will need a fresh set of game files before anything will work since you improperly replaced them. For most windows users the location of the mod folder will be C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Strive\mods  except with the appropriate user name instead of USERNAME.  The AppData folder tends to be hidden, so I recommend changing the path in the navigation bar rather than navigating via opening the folders.  Once the mod's folder in in the game's mod folder you can activate the mod through the in-game mod menu.

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Thanks @ankmairdor, yeh thats true @angeraw

As it says in the "Modding Help" sticky thread at top of this forum (follow link in there) you install mods by copying them to your mods directory then using the "Mods" button/interface in the game

This modding system works great for users, you can safely update your main install (kept separate from mods directory) and enable/disable any mods you want at any time.

Ill put a note at top of OP for it, just remember always a good idea to check out sticky threads in future :)

Hope that helps

(1 edit)

i m so sorry for all this, i was looking for any "how to instal mod" and since ur files was 1:1 as game files i just tryed simplest method

have a good day i ll test it when i find time

EDIT: mod works fine, i cant see previous next slave option, but game works and i can see more data without scouting thru all windows

(1 edit)

good to hear :)

Btw, i modify as few files as possible, and the ui is pretty decent already, so see my description for each change

For next/prev slave its either page_up/page_down (in mansion) or up arrow/down_arrow (inventory/gear) keys, no ui buttons for those atm

(2 edits)

Auto naming of magic items is pretty useful, so instead of 'dagger' you get 'dagger, +3 damage' in the inventory listing. Feel free to lift the code from my Gorn/Frostford mod if you want (I made a couple of other enhancement changes too, so take the right code).

It might even be a good change for Ankmairdor to put into his version too.