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this is one of the worst games here i saw

you can skip for hours without getting anything out of it

game allow you to make decissions, but if you don't know what to chose you might aswell not play

quiz section is mandatory and if you don't get 1st place retry...

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Why windows is 25MB

when Android is 150Mb????

its kind of weird disproportion xD

OHHH windows is zipped...

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starts the game on easy

lose in 1st dungeon

forgot to save and quits

fuck this shit, can't you just make easy into easy not normal with 5 more points to make character?


last time i played when labirith with 4 girls happened

by far the worst part of the game...mostly because its slow and very challenging to mental endurance even on easy it just takes super long and nobody tested it on android with cheaper phone...

Always happy to new CGs, but please less bad gameplay

non-labirinth parts are cool because you just chill in wild forest and read about the event, things change rapidly and nobody poison you with aphrodisiac for next 10 turns preventing you from using escape build, bcs you must play a warrior...

works for me

btw game is getting better for me

at the start i didnt really know what to expect and like in this types of games, but now when you can have this weird events and dialogues, dates and non-sex interactions game feels better

i m also impressed with world building its some extra mile to have in game like this, wish to have more bdsm options or maybe have them applied to all girls

How do i increase lustfulness of a person?

do i need to just accept event 3/9? or i must wait for 9/9?

number of content in this game is pitty

there is like no choices to be made that could make interacting with girls more fun

artstyle is pretty good 

This game is such sluggish grind

also game progress relations only at specific times

If you spend time with girl on your own choice you get nothing..

How long you need to be doing all of this to get anywhere is insane

Game is hold back by idiotic design, but I hope it's interesting later

I m tired of it after 20 days of trying to progress with no visible progress

i played it and i get stuck somewhere

i dont like games where you must follow the walkthru to play them

can't dominate asteria....

sorry, deinstalled...

but thanks

whatever nerd, googling for answers online


game so far has locations, characters, grinding system and few cases where you actively do something

and there is only 1 sex scene 

For people who might get stuck on this piece of game design:

Maeve password is "Big Breasts" - quite dumb...

he 2 factor code that you are expected to know out of nowhere is 1210

stupid door code is 26179 or something xD you should get it from PC

few bugs:

you can't leave her stupid lab without googling for password

game literally don't let you do other things or skip this section...

during sex with caterine player have option to SAY SOMETHING and this is a softlock, you can't say anything nor there is no cancel button....

Solving cases does not increase stats

besides farming actions like crazy (which is boring and should not be that way) i cant unlock new interactions with anybody

overall game is pretty okey, but this is just demo

what i hate the most in a lot of this games is how little content or interactions you have without 10 years of waiting...

Overwhored community · Created a new topic Password?

i found a chest thar require password

where can i find password and what is it?

instead of asking i tried

it didnt downloaded for me in a form to unpack from zip at all

extractor informed me of file corruption, which could occur, but i don't wanted to download again, i just assume its bugged file or non-android

i hate it

what promissed to me as casual fun adventures turned out to be rigged grindest shit for subs

this game is impossible im grinding level 60 and still can't beat stupid labirynth

endlesss paralysis

entire fight looks like this:

you dont have energy to resist

you got attack

for 12 lives!

game in labirinth takes eternity

minigame is complete trash and barely runs with significient delay

i suggest waiting until they will test this thing and don't comeback until game will not require 80 level of grind in forest, i m sick of seeing same enemies 50 times whenever i unlock new area....

i remove it from my system and myself, don't wanna cross it completely bcs it was fun at the start, just progressively get shittier 

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This game is horribly designed

developer made this game in mind with perfect answers

so if you do not play ideally as he wanted you to play you can quit

if you think 7/10 at the end of chapter 1 is good, it will be 14/20 21/30 and downfall from there

means more you play not chosing what developer want you to chose (game never indicate which options gives scenes, just throw them at you)

so basically you can play entire game and feel lucky if you saw nipple

dont bother, its complete trash...

i like this game, but i don't like "you lose content"

wish game could be easier, but it might be best renpy game on ichio

waiting for updates or final version if author is done with the project

thanks for it

i just downloaded 13.9...

hey so i have this game in bundle, but not here for some reasons? help!

version 14 is working just fine

would be nice if you could repeat more scenes

start is very slow, still one of the better games

NO, because game did not communicated which choices are right...

I tried it

most choices are like do A or don't do A and there is no way to know results

Also during one scene take control option was unselectable

game tells me i need level 9 with ref hair girl, i have level 10 and there is no more content for her


i can only confirm this bug exist...

it plays by player going to her room and select *talk option, i took it just as minor glitch

obviously this happened only once and moved on

can we permanently block gwen crazyness and chloe outbreaks?

just wanted happy harem, not this,  would rather throw them away than keep in toxic house

cool game with a lot of content

idk how but it was hard to unlock chloe to appear, but she did

anyway i hope we coud finally tame asteria!

shes cool, just you can't do anything with her

strong girl that you can't dominate is less fun

Animations are pretty high quality compared to most renpy games

good to see stable progress in updates too

i played this game

not sure if there are some alternative endings or choices affect anything besides "how much of the game you will see"

game is pretty okey, its free, support for android, some choices, kind normal and likeable characters (at least for this genre) 

game feels kind of short

sex scenes are rather basic, offer some position/view changes

i like renpy sandbox games more, but at least you don't have to wonder whre you must tap to progress or what are you missing

i would say give it a shot, i can see solid work there and hope for more 

I understand. Sadly nature of renpy games makes them better for me on phone. I find a lot of games more enjoyable that way

Wish you steady progress with the game and still hope for the loop for old scenes

i find this game on android being very hard to control

you can't repeat scenes, just dates

game is slow and i maybe was unlucky or game rl does have only 2 sex scenes

i find this game very unappealing 

Visually game looks ok, just characters feels weird

there is tons of busywork content that you can't skip

game constantly insult you for playing

or give you option to refuse stupid slime gun content just to insult you and force you do it anyway

your character is complete pushover, always do what they told

experience is more than frustrating

i suggest trying something else

of i almost forgot MANDATORY non lewd dream sections got me running in the forest mass effect 3 flashback, total shit! 

game takes a lot of time to unlock anything

i can't have any scenes with the girls outside of just daily meets

wait, i voted it 5 star? is it actually good?

will it have content if i download it now?

You need patreon code for money to play it, but its one of the best adult games on ichio 

fun, a lot of unexpected but interesting events

characters have arc and getting more mature or idk 

also runey give back android and idk finish maria

i just got it here on ichio

Good game.

hate how you must wait for specific days or times to progress leaves me with 6 busy afternoons and boring time waste between but game worth checking out. Fun

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i can not do anything with chloe, i never saw her to talk in the game at all

i basically find so many things in this game painfully unplayable

can't find luna

can't progress chloe

no idea how to progress farm

can i at least turn of pregnacy?

game works fine on android and its not bad, just evening is dead time where you can't do anything so you always must go back and pass time

every game with time dependent events make same mistakes...

cheats could be more useful or unlocking, bonus money don't provide anything 

in power temple there is secret challenge....