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This time i created small toggleable UI mod that allow you to see all characters inside your farm on Slave list. Mod removes long list of characters assigned to farm that was there in vanilla and Label turned off shows how many characters are in your farm. 

Version 1.0:

Mod should works with base game and with every possible mod for Strive created before it.

If you dont have anyone in Farm or if you simply dont have farm, label will not appear on your slavelist.

Mod passed testing to the moment where i wasnt able to find any problems with base game and modded game v0.525.

Even if mod looks simple, this one was probably hardest to make, because sadly code for Strive in other files was not like i wanted it to be

I hope you will find it usefull or at least nice to have, have fun playing strive.

i think you are using Itchio launcher or something

we all just download zip folder and manual unpacking 

never saw this as under ichio :D , please dont be angry and have fun playing

easy now, it works more or less like this:
1st you need to unpack game where you wanna have it, dosnt matter :)

2nd you need to start the game (1st run of the game should create folder inside appdata/roaming/strive for power
3rd inside this folder you need to paste "bodies" and "portraits" folders from cummunity page or other source

4th you need to run the game, click "customize" on character and select body/portrait from folders, sometimes game need direction to your folders with portraits and bodies, but should be fine

game offer you only few portraits and bodies for unique characters and few portraits for master, you need your own portraits for custom slaves, check out Strive community here

hahahaha, ahh bugs, imagine this is intended, slimes are just less good race than you would like them to be, just because of that

get a cat instead :D , have fun

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i like this small mod, but it could use some work

in strive sex alvays takes place inside master bedroom

"you order X-girls to expose themself for everyone to see"

who is everyone? me, 3 girls and CIA agent?

How more can they expose? we have SEX, they are naked or nearly naked!
this 3 girls are DEVOTED Submissive SEX-crazed perverts sluts with nympho specialization and 120 lewdness :D

i bet their reaction should be different (at least reaction could depend on lewdness level or "sex-crazed" trait)

arousal from your action is crazy high, could be reasonable for 3 girls above, but it should be lower for normal ladies :)

Mod by itself is kind of inpiring, i had no idea i could just code new action and throw inside "actions" folder without linking new sex system with it

Thanks Jeff for new mod for Strive (sorry if i was too rough with my post) ^^

(3 edits)

Update 2.0 

- basicly mod and credits section are 2 times bigger and mod is better,  more complex in my opinion, mod was renamed for better marketing

Real update logs:

- fixed the issue where dominant slave was suffering stress and gaining benefits from nudity rule (whole segment redesign)
- replaced loyality check with "Devoted" trait check for enforced silence
- changed rules order to made it easier to instal with heavier edited version of pasting without using mod system (in case if you have small tweaks for yourself) (match with check "if person.rules.silence == true:")
- added version compatibile with Redle's Info organizer (should be as compatibile with all other mods as basic version of this mod - WARNING: use basic version if you dont have information organizer)
- redesign penality/reward conditions for pretty mush everything to check for "Prude", "Devoted", "Pervert", "Sex-crazed", intimacy, loyality, lust, stress and so on
- added new check "Personal Bath" with nice bonus to stress relief, toxicity reduction and health regeneration (kind of out of place, but 2 supplies for 5 luxury was never worth using and it was so close to my check-boxes)
- NEW features, mod is informing the player how said character react to the rule with text and colours (white - neutral, red - negative, green - positive, pink - lewdy/lusty)
*text is displayed after ending the day inside "secondary report" at daily report section (this one where everything in vanilla is yellow and tells you who sleepped with who)

Future update plans for this mod (all of them are"maybe"):
- need to get more ideas how person with A trait/mental stat/origin/anything would react to one of this branding rules or maybe create new rules for this menu
--considering expanding to cover all rules inside customization menu
- design some nice quests/events applied under specific conditions with random chance that might results nice traits/stats or something

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yes and more, when your lady have scales or feathers or fur, you have options for it too

fuck even dryad can be customized with leaves and vines

slime and scylla was not ignored too

however new characters are generated with deffault predefined in other files 

(4 edits)

This was long struggle, but i finaly made it in form that could be good to release (yes i lost my freaking sanity if i ever had such thing)

whole mod was designed from nothing:


- 20 customizeable pubic styles for female characters

- options are sorted by race from less to more haired variations

- unique description for every single style you can chose

- functional and simple button with label inside "customization menu"

- keywords in Pubic Styles are described with pink color

-mod is safety to use and should be easy to use with other mods

-short and easy instalation instruction and credits are inside 

-mod affect saves, but can be safety removed from the game whenever you want

Compatibily issues:
you might need to use "replace backup files" shinanigans to made it works with mods thats edit or

i used it brutaly droping on whole my mod setup and works fine :)

mod was tested for modded and vanilla game with no errors or other problems i could detect

Future plans:
get some decent feedback and improve my mod based on it

add more customization options

add some racial restriction for pubic styles

if i drown in my own madness maybe whole redesign of function to be applied from potion or something like this

i wanna get back to doing small and charming changes affecting small parts of code at my free time :)

Have fun.

Update 1.1 minor fix, few changes all listed inside info.txt

replaced old link with new one in topic

for download simply replace 0 with 1 in link or click "open with" > "download"

Just in case, as i said i was able to turn it into Wiki page, just need someone to link it to the main page or something

(3 edits)

yes i m aware mod like this exist, but "simple mod" inside offer me 10 stat start with perfect spells

this one takes like 20 lines in 1 file and chage only 6 of them (no spells no bonus gold no mercy - just vanilla story)

Preview of this mod:

i dont even bothered with description :D

Start with any race affect only custom start (i was too lazy to change quickstart + i dont think its worth using)

Mod was made only by myself for personal needs, but since i made it works and stable why not

Instal using mod system, you will be able to select all races for you and ur servant from the start

- i can't imagine conflicts for this mod (at least not for game in version 0.525)

once you create save with races you want to play with, you can safety uninstal mod or whatever

i dont wanna do anything more for this mod unless new updates in strive will change new game settings or something like this

have fun

well actually some real text event when you lost slave in battle or maybe even better small campain to get slave lost in combat back woould be amazing

but thats also removes feeling of permadeath

i dont like this ideas and find them needless for me personaly.

also bad ending? i m not sure if thats bad if you play as less good person your over might not be bad, being nice breeding partner for charming lady could have benefits and grant you privilages or maybe even new slave with some charm and stamina thats not exacly bad outcome :)

i alvays end mutating everything i like and keep best speciments, than potion to remove unwanted mutations and fun waits ahead

(4 edits)

i really like new version (1.13), never tryed events, dont like it for my ladies, disgust me to even thinking about using on my char

Features like:

- Cowgirl without being defenceless roped victim to my devoted-sub ladies with low sexual preferences

- cumplay with order for girls to take care of cleaning

 - not wasting ropes on sex and handcuffs  are nice too, but i prefer when my ladies can act

- order to wait with orgasm for few more actions

^all this things are so nice and adds a lot of fun to bedplay

Thanks a lot

maybe add some wax? that could be nice for masochistic persons, but less nice for low lewdness partners? - not like i need anymore features, just giving idea

(1 edit)

damm in one of my edits i changed "usualy" with "alvays", true demon monster girls exists

Edit: i think i just tryed to find a pattern there, would be nice to dont mine data everytime when you are trying to find new informations about game

(3 edits)

Truth is i was wrong by not including Seraph betwen captured slaves by slavers in mountains (forgot about them there), but i wasnt wrong about you cant meet this race as free

term "monster girl" for event alvays means race is unciivilized if captured, seraph is not monster race

Lamia, Fairy, Harpy, Dryad, Nereid, Arachna, Scylla, Slime are only races who can be "monster girl/boi" event

(11 edits)

this data is from 0.5.25? i m exploring mountains quite often and i only meet bandits bandit ambushes, slavers with dragonkin or seraph captured(less good races are there too), doubleattacking wild cougars, only harpies are free

i found this:

description = "You climb over small hills in search for any activity in these elevated grounds.",
enemies = [{value = 'slaversmedium', weight = 1},{value = 'harpy', weight = 2},{value = 'banditsmedium', weight = 3}, {value = 'fewcougars',

races = [{value = 'Dragonkin', weight = 1},{value = 'Seraph', weight = 2.5},{value = 'Gnome', weight = 3},{value = 'Centaur', weight = 2},{value = 'Goblin', weight = 4},{value = 'Orc', weight = 8}],
levelrange = [4,7],


that confirms seraph can be there, but i never meet free seraph or dragon there, ll try to explore deeper regions more offen

^as long as they dont spawn betwen bandits i rl refuse to believe they spawn free at all :D

here: enemies = [{value = 'slaversmedium', weight = 1},{value = 'harpy', weight = 2},{value = 'banditsmedium', weight = 3}, {value = 'fewcougars',

as race all this things can be there, but Harpy monster girls have own event and seraph monster girl or anything like this is never included in enemy lists ergo cant spawn wild!

(1 edit)

sorry to say, but harpies and seraphs are not the same things, BigSlow seraphs are rare as fuck, they can only be generated as slaves in markets or as victims inside big bandits camps

i usualy do Sea/march raids to gain rare races who would join me by choice

i like how mush story you writed to build something for your argument, i m fine with having some citizens not ending as my slaves, but i m taking uniques just to use them for breeding talent, if there would be a option to just take trait alone and apply to my ladies, i would like it better than all uniques together.

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Strive have a lot of races and some of them have more value than others, here is my tierlist for Vanilla races in mansion and combat group

Judging criteria:

base stats and total base stats - 6 anywhere helps 3 in agility/strenght or 2 in endurance is a problem, 5+ in base magic is good

substance produced during sex  - good for erlygame and alchemy, alvays bonus reward from sex (beastial essence is least valuable imo)

having fur/scales - enchantable with lab for +2 armour, slave can get it from mutation spell

having tail - modeable with mutation and lab, but very good in mana production from sex and sexual development

other bodyparts are useless (wings) or exist for all races

racial bonus - unique for each race, some of them are rl good others can be just pure debuff

Tier S:

Starting from absolute top of the mountain

Dragonkin: jack of all trades and master of one, rare, expensive, great for combat and some jobs alvays good to have

Strenght 6, Agility 4, Magic 5,  Endurance 5 total: 20

produce magic essence during sex


racial bonus: i dont find any data about bonus strenght/attack for dragonkin i asume 20total stats and 6strenght is already bonus

Drow: Dark race with great magic and decent everything else

Strenght: 4, Agility 5, Magic 6, Endurance 3 total 18

Substance from sex: magic essence

no fur/scales

no tail

Racial bonus: 20% more mana from sex - pretty usefull

Tier A:

Beastkin Cat: useable for starting servant/master race, very good in agility based jobs, good in combat, good in erlygame

Strenght 4, Agility 6, Magic 3, Endurance 3 total: 16

Substance from sex: beastial essence - better than nothing

Fur and tail

Racial bonus: enemy accuracy is multipled by 0.9 when targeting cat (basicly 10% debuff on top of speed rolls)

Note: after this 3 its hard to determine right order in powerlevel and useability of races

Beastkin Wolf: very solid combat race with useable stats out of combat (not best in any particular job, just pretty useable) - mostly that high bcs its useable race for vanilla storymode and Cali with her special perk is good erly companion

Stats: strenght 5, Agility 5, magic 2, endurance 4 total 16

Substance from sex: beastial essence - better than nothing

Fur and tail

Racial bonus: +3 attack in combat - one of the best racial bonuses in the game imo

Seraph: very rare race, harder to get than dragon, but avaible for the start in storymode - king of erlygame

Stats: Strenght 4, Agility 5, magic 3, endurance 3 total 15

Nothing from sex

No fur and no tail

Racial bonus: +4 speed in combat - arguably best bonus in the game goes on top pf all your speed

Tier B:

races who are good, but outclassed by some of the above or have small flaws/too weak bonuses that dont made it highter

Taurus: easy to find in erlygame, alvays useable - great stat for erly fights, good bonus for lategame farm, good endurance for some sexual jobs

Stats: strenght 5, agility 3, magic 2, endurance 6 total stats 16

nothing from sex

tail and no fur/scales

Racial bonus: +20% more milk when working in farm - farm milking is pretty good mid-endgame job

Fairy: easy to find pretty erly (if you know where to go) glass cannon mage

stats: Strenght 2!, Agility 5, Magic 6, endurance 2! total stats 15 - her high magic is alvays wanted for jobs, but i would say its pretty risky to use her for combat

Substance from sex: magic essence

no tail and no fur/scales

Racial bonus: end of the day stress reduction is doubled - good erly, but Strive provide you with so many ways to reduce stress and even trait: quick to do this

Orc: Dragonkin in erly access i would say, good erly find, fall behind better combat races and racial bonus dont give any job value lategame

stats: Strenght 6, Agility 3, magic 1, Endurance 5 total: 15 (Wolf  deal same damage in combat and +2 armour from enchanted fur made 4 base endurance all you need in combat, still great as lumberer, but there are better jobs)

Substance from sex: nothing

no fur and no tail

racial bonus: heal +15% of max hp daily

Centaur: good tank and looter elry, high stamina helps in some cases

stats: strenght 5, agility 5, magic 3, endurance 5 total 18

nothing from sex

tail and no fur/scales

Racial bonus: +40 max energy - synergized with campfire rest and invigorance spell good for chest hunting erly

Beastkin Fox: i decided to include this race here, very good money maker (not the best) useable in combat

stats: Strenght 4, Agility 5, magic 4, endurance 3

Beastial essence from sex

tail and fur

racial bonus +25% more gold from escort (stackable with geisha)

Scylla: here thanks to her high stats, no flaws, fluid substance from sex and unique  and hard to replace talent

Stats: Strenght 5, agility 4, magic 5, endurance 4 total 18

fluid substance from sex - pretty rare

tail and no scales/fur

noticeable problem: 5 tattoes slots (still can go for +2 magic or whatever you prefer, just saying)

Racial bonus: cooking is 10% more effective (replace 2 points in agility for this particular job - not very important bonus and cooking hausekeeper cat have same effectivness for cooking and clean a little bit better,)

Arachna:  best hunter in the game and very balanced race with no flaws, useable with magic

Stats: Strenght 4, Agility 4, magic 5, endurance 4 total 17

Substance from sex: tained essence

SCALES and tail

race bonus +30% food from hunting - made her best hunter in the game

note: Arachna tail is coded in as tail, but it dont works as normal tail and is not displayed in char info

Tier C:

When i was "building this piramid" i wanted to judge every race in the game based on my criterias and point good and weak points of each race, sadly now we are here.

Races from this tier have some limited unique talents thats are harder to use in practice or simply are too average to go highter

Beastkin Tanuki: this race define this tier, its hard for me to say anything about this race, its too mediocre

Stats Strenght 4, Agility 4, magic 4, endurance 4, total 16

Beastial essence from sex

Tail and fur

racial bonus: when working as mechant gain +25% bonus gold, i dont even know where to start:

merchant is rl garbage job, You need to have supplies for sale and you can sell up to 20 supplies for 5 gold each with 1 Tanuki-Trader

Supplies can be obtain from hunting in pretty good numbers, but market price is already 5 for each and they are useable resources

Harpy:  feathers and not mush else

Stats: strenght 4, Agility 5, magic 3, endurance 3

nothing from sex

tail and no fur/scales

Noticeable problem: 4 tattoes slots

Racial bonus: egg laying is 20% more effective - milking can pretty easily outclass egg laying, but egg laying is more effective without preparations, i would say its not worth to invest in this feature inside farm, investing same amouth of money should give you few milky ladies with 5 pairs of nipples ready to serve

Dryad: good magic race with acceptable stats

Stats: Strenght 3, Agility 4, Magic 5, Endurance 4

substance from sex: Nature essence - only race giving it from sex, still lootable during adventures

no tail and no fur/scales

racial bonus: forage is 40% more effective - problem is usualy same dryad and basicly any person with good agility or specialization for hunting get same amouth of food + supplies on top of that from hunting, when forage is not noticeably easier job

Nereid: having own fishgirl could be nice, lucky they have all sexual features in strive

Stats: strenght 3, agility 5, magic 5, endurance 3, total stats 16

fluid substance from sex

have tail and no scales/fur

Racial bonus: 25% more gold if working as publin entertaiment, pretty good bonus for one of the most profitable non-sexual and non-dangerous job

Demon: nothing like playing as Incubus or tame demon girls to obedience

Stats: Strenght 5, Agility 4 Magic 4, endurance 3

Substance from sex: tained essence

tail and no scales/fur

Racial bonus: lab modifications cost 30% less on demon - worst thing about lab mods are: they take time and some resources, having them 30% cheaper is nice, but they still need same days to complete

Lamia: good stats and its a Snakerace, strongest here

Stats: Strenght 4, Agility 5, Magic 4, endurance 4

Substance from sex: tained essence

Tail and Scales

Racial bonus: enlonged tongue - instead of real bonus  got cheapest lab upgrade (can be obtained in one day) for free

Dark elf: pretty good stat balance

Stats: strenght 4, agility 5, magic 3, endurance 4

no tail and no fur/scales

nothing from sex

Racial bonus: temporary effects from potions and spells last longer - never noticed any effects of this trait. entrancement and beuty potions are only temporary effect that could be extended, but i never noticed check for dark elf race in effects of this

Goblin: best race to breed all/wanted traits inside one person

stats: Strenght 3, Agility 5, magic 3, endurance 3

no fur/scales and no tail

nothing from sex

racial bonus: Pregnacy progress faster - good for vanilla breeding, but even with goblins you might lose patience when trying to create perfect species without moding files to made pregnacy faster

Gnome: i can't believe its not lower tier already, magic 5 is decent for jobs and Chloe exist, borderzone betwen D and C

Stats: strenght 3, agility 3, magic 5, endurance 3

nothing from sex

no tail and no fur/scales

racial bonus: studying is twice that effective - Studying in this game means you get learning points for this character if works in library

not apply to teach option in dates, still somehow useable.

Tier D

This is lowest tier for races in strive, races above tryed very hard to give something unique/usefull, this races was probably designed to be weak

Human: big presence and influence in the map, weak stats and weak bonus + game throwing humans as cannon fodder, 70% of all bandits 

stats: Strenght 5, Agility 3, magic 2, endurance 4 total stats 14

no tail and no fur/scales

nothing from sex

Racial bonus: +50% bonus fear and obedience from meetings - works only in dates

Elf: unlike Dark elf there we have not great stats balance and 5 agility, still strongest in this tier thanks to Ayneris and lab upgrades

Stats: strenght 3, agility 5, magic 4, endurance 3, total 15

nothing from sex

no tail and no fur/scales

racial bonus: when leading during sex obedience incrased by 3-6 - leading by youself gives you more mana than using it, you need high obedience to even use person as lead during sex

Beastkin bunny: i found good usage for  bunny as tamer-farm menager dont require anything (exacly what we have here) and can still use racial bonus to develop all sexuals without huge stress damage

stats: strenght 3, agility 5, magic 3, endurance 3, total 14

Beastial essence from sex

tail and fur

Racial bonus: 50% less stress from sexual jobs, unstackable with nympho and geisha - specializations that incrase money from sexual jobs...

Slime: i kind of like slime race, but arguably its weakest possible race in strive

Stats: strenght 4, agility 6, magic 3, endurance 3, total stats 16

Fluid substance from sex

no tail and no fur/scalles

racial bonus: Toxicity is set to 0 at the end of the day, cant use Laboratory  - bonus... nope even good basic stats and fluid substance cant help there, this race just lost access to all possibly good buffs from lab (agility and strenght, coverage armour, prelonged tongue, this buffs made huge differences for even strongest race)

Last notes even playing with weakest races you can be very strong and rich and fun is alvays most important in games

Human and Tanuki are not best races in tier D and C, they just quite accurate define said tiers in my opinion

(11 edits)

After fair dose of testing i decided to upload this here, this mod alternate effects of advanced branding rules to made them  more useable

Detailed info, but without raw data and all credits are inside, designed to work with current mod system and should be pretty okey to use with other mods functional in 0.525, but i was able to test only with few of them.

Version 2.0 with all new features and update, and with optional compatibility with Redle's Info organizer (WARNING: use basic version (both inside) if you dont have information organizer):

old version 1.1 leaved as archive or just in case if new changes are too mush or whatever:

feel free to leave me feedback, comments or info about problems here

for sex-crazed you need to have slave with "no masturbation" and dont fuck her for 5 days and keep her on max lust

if you get lucky and all above conditions are meet, she can get sex-crazed next day

sex-crazed is mixed blessing, bad for combat or most jobs, but good for mana production and to change ur slaves into obedient pets

(3 edits)

i told myself i ll leave possitive opinion and my feedback under this once i ll know what to write:

This mod is very good, works with other mods i use (namely constant and minor tweak mod).

Ideas and content inside this mod are 90% totaly not for me and i had to manualy purge them from my game

things i like:

currently i have use only from slapping during sex group and normal and cow girl - 1v1 sex only

cumplay is nice addon, but hard to use in group play and impossible to order slaves to clean themself from it

Ability to dont waste ropes during sex is just amazing good to see it implemented

mod dont caused any problem to vanilla 525 or errors, its rl good in that case

Things i dont like:

its impossible to have cowgirl anal or cowgirl in turns in cases of group sex

events and desires and pretty mush a lot of things was designed for people with other preferences or playstyles, not for demanding predators who likes to reward and punish girls fairly, mod dont prevent such playstyle, but ppl must be very carefull when letting slave lead during sex and refuse all events

events in this thing requires player character to wearing belt, putting it on slaves force me not only to unlock each individualy for vaginal sex, but dont have nice events and thats made group sex wasted (actions are wasted to remove it from each slave and my PC need at least one orgasm to be able to take it off my slaves) functions i dont like besides not fitting to my preferences causes giant punishment for user, wearing this device prevent player from using best mana-producing device and limit sex actions to pretty mush nothing)

^it could not be issue for players who dont need that mush mana daily and never ended inside combat with 2mana or end of the day with 40mana

Note: i wonder what will happen if i ll play with permadeath and cause my key owner to die during combat :) (i asume game will have fuckup and leave me forever in debuff)


even if mod dont fit to my playstyle or preferences and some "events" or "functions" can leave me with big "WHY?" for like 1hour most of it can be disabled

so i would say its worth to try, just for more options in strive and in my opinion strive need more mods like this (would prefer them to be designed for less sick minds)

Things i would like to be added/changed:

allow PC to remove/put in/temporary unlock this device from all slaves with one action without orgasm reached

add some random events for slaves using it, not just the master

add more normal sex actions and other cowgirl variations and possibility to use it in group sessions

order for slaves to clean themself after or even during sex from cum, use hands/tongues to take all of this for themselfs

You mean inside customization menu after advanced branding?
if so all of them probably have no effect, only "no masturbation" prevent slave from reducing lust and can cause interesting change

(2 edits)

Ohh, by train you mean Obedience, thats actually solid point and pretty nice idea
if slave obedience => 60 allow player to exchange atri points into MUP

Harry i dont think forcing player to "train" slaves without combat and ingame training function is right idea
Upgrade points from harvested slaves is a bit too strong, but i kind of need this points to upgrade anything, complete rebalance of Upgrade points could be good solution (made some upgrades dont eat AP at all and give AP only for selling obedient slaves/doing quests) i dont need changes here

You need FARM MENAGER (special job for slave) to made farm works

(1 edit)

i dont know what ppl are using, but you can do less great things

go visit shaliqe village and go to fairy grove forest or to sea and catch rare uncivilized races 200+ per unit possible to beat without big casualties

requires some patience, i usualy got 300 for fairy and use it to afford training/lab upgrades erly

afaik Sea and Fairy grove should not have ambushes, but never tryed to go there with level 1

(2 edits)

afaik, slave fear around 30 = light green
80=orange and around 50=perfect green

0 is yellow

in my opinion fear system works nearly great, slaves should knows its bad idea to made you angry, but too mush fear should be bad
+ you dont need to rule with fear, you can build ur mansion on loyality and trust

i m not sure how "pure" futanari works, i grew a dick to girl once and she still had vagina alvays play with that content turned off

afaik there are no bonuses from being too good for demanding slaves

(17 edits)

Depends of slave grade game want you to made his/her live more comfortable.

Game have 2 items that offers luxury, lingerie (silk boxers/lacy underwear) +5 and golden ring +10.

There are 5 slave grades  with luxury demands:

 Slave - 0

 Poor - 5

 Commoner - 15

 Rich - 25

 Noble - 40

Penality for not providing luxury for slaves is:

if not enough luxury and slave owned for more than 7 days outside of jail: 

(Slave demands - what she get)/2.5 = penality to loyality

(Slave demands - what she get) = penality to obedience

There are 3 luxury related traits:

 Spoiled: 2x luxury demands (can be instantly remove with Elixir of Clarity) 

Ascetic: 0.5x luxury demands

Grateful: 0.0x luxury demands (with this trait all 

You have this options to give slaves more comfort in mansion:

 private room - +10 luxury and +5 luxury for every upgrade in mansion furnishment (2 upgrades) 

place in master bedroom - +5 luxury  and +5 for every upgrade in mansion furnishment (2 upgrades)

Customization menu:

Better food: cost 5 food daily and gives +5 luxury 

Personal bath: 2 supplies daily and gives +5 luxury 

Cosmetics: +5 luxury for 1 supply 

Pocket money: cost 10 gold daily, +10 luxury

thanks for Discord user Ankmairdor for big dose of info from data files allowing me to fill like 60% of all this

best option is mind read from mage guild, i go for this and green potion to remove unwanted pregnacy

(1 edit)

i m so sorry for all this, i was looking for any "how to instal mod" and since ur files was 1:1 as game files i just tryed simplest method

have a good day i ll test it when i find time

EDIT: mod works fine, i cant see previous next slave option, but game works and i can see more data without scouting thru all windows

Thanks, that pretty mush full answer, have fun

(2 edits)


after copy-pasting all files from current version 1.3 to my game folder/files i get this:

its not problem with saves, i cant even start new game, i have no idea what is happening

i have game on disk D when saves are apparently on C, using W7 pro, newest version

what i m doing wrong?

i played it as regular fantasy RPG, leaved the place after quick talk with my new companion to incrase morale (what was ofc mistake)

i meet little girl near market and offered her food and shelter and that was probably mistake (fan wikia said to give her potion and rape her + talk with her later)

i paid for armour and dagger and 2bandages and rope and supplies and started fighting with bandits to earn some cash

did that till my companion get -damage debuff, sold my old items to buy chainmall and traveled solo with more ropes and less bandages

i never talked to little girl because shes probably underage and getting close with starving kids is not my style

than her sister visited, but somehow from 200food i had like 12 at that morning (never raped my captured slaves and limited number of dialogs per day was not helping so they prob stealed from me a lot)

now i m like day 12, good with game mechanics and question is: this small eater little girl return if her obedience was max?

i still would like to not rape her, but i would like to made her my hausekeeper or something

Thanks for all the answers, please close this topic.

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i downloaded from this side and i m pretty fresh to this

0.5.24c freshest on
and i dont have any other mods running, game refused to load my save files from pre-mod)

backup loaded my saves correcly
i tryed 64b version and mod, did not worked for saves (it is possible that saves location was changed?) i cant open folder with saves after instaling mod or see any of my saves