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i like this game, but i don't like "you lose content"

wish game could be easier, but it might be best renpy game on ichio

waiting for updates or final version if author is done with the project

thanks for it

i just downloaded 13.9...

hey so i have this game in bundle, but not here for some reasons? help!

version 14 is working just fine

would be nice if you could repeat more scenes

start is very slow, still one of the better games

NO, because game did not communicated which choices are right...

I tried it

most choices are like do A or don't do A and there is no way to know results

Also during one scene take control option was unselectable

game tells me i need level 9 with ref hair girl, i have level 10 and there is no more content for her


i can only confirm this bug exist...

it plays by player going to her room and select *talk option, i took it just as minor glitch

obviously this happened only once and moved on

can we permanently block gwen crazyness and chloe outbreaks?

just wanted happy harem, not this,  would rather throw them away than keep in toxic house

cool game with a lot of content

idk how but it was hard to unlock chloe to appear, but she did

anyway i hope we coud finally tame asteria!

shes cool, just you can't do anything with her

strong girl that you can't dominate is less fun

Animations are pretty high quality compared to most renpy games

good to see stable progress in updates too

i played this game

not sure if there are some alternative endings or choices affect anything besides "how much of the game you will see"

game is pretty okey, its free, support for android, some choices, kind normal and likeable characters (at least for this genre) 

game feels kind of short

sex scenes are rather basic, offer some position/view changes

i like renpy sandbox games more, but at least you don't have to wonder whre you must tap to progress or what are you missing

i would say give it a shot, i can see solid work there and hope for more 

I understand. Sadly nature of renpy games makes them better for me on phone. I find a lot of games more enjoyable that way

Wish you steady progress with the game and still hope for the loop for old scenes

i find this game on android being very hard to control

you can't repeat scenes, just dates

game is slow and i maybe was unlucky or game rl does have only 2 sex scenes

i find this game very unappealing 

Visually game looks ok, just characters feels weird

there is tons of busywork content that you can't skip

game constantly insult you for playing

or give you option to refuse stupid slime gun content just to insult you and force you do it anyway

your character is complete pushover, always do what they told

experience is more than frustrating

i suggest trying something else

of i almost forgot MANDATORY non lewd dream sections got me running in the forest mass effect 3 flashback, total shit! 

game takes a lot of time to unlock anything

i can't have any scenes with the girls outside of just daily meets

wait, i voted it 5 star? is it actually good?

will it have content if i download it now?

You need patreon code for money to play it, but its one of the best adult games on ichio 

fun, a lot of unexpected but interesting events

characters have arc and getting more mature or idk 

also runey give back android and idk finish maria

Good game.

hate how you must wait for specific days or times to progress leaves me with 6 busy afternoons and boring time waste between but game worth checking out. Fun

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i can not do anything with chloe, i never saw her to talk in the game at all

i basically find so many things in this game painfully unplayable

can't find luna

can't progress chloe

no idea how to progress farm

can i at least turn of pregnacy?

game works fine on android and its not bad, just evening is dead time where you can't do anything so you always must go back and pass time

every game with time dependent events make same mistakes...

cheats could be more useful or unlocking, bonus money don't provide anything 

in power temple there is secret challenge....

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outside of few major issues game is fun

game is very slow and hard even on easy level  

with level 90 i can not beat ketone stupid trials with 50 will and like 10 spirits...

shizu battle is impossible without grinding heavy levels too  

event on forest that grands bonus spirits not trigger anymore

demon girl is also impossible to beat without heavy leveling

church is draining all the money very fast and i can never afford purging stuffs i got from playing

i like the game for possibilities there, its outstanding to push renpy engine that far, but gameplay design is just terrible peace or maybe Easy and hard are reversed XD

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yes go ahead!, i will be happy to see my work still alive

OWW, i honestly tried, but game lost a lot of its charm for me also i burned out on gameplay and sequel proved to be too slow and managment  heavy for me

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all this "weird" events are bad

i m stuck in broken world with no way out

i spend like 30 days here just wandering around random places and can't call anyone

idk if thats part of shitty events or bug or i just play for too long, but this is rigged

also there are 0 hints what to do when you can't progress, idk if its all the content or i just got unlucky, but would rather not recommend, frustrating and dumb

(1 edit)

ketone second trial is impossible with her trait

game have a lot of forced content with no options to bail out or disable if you don't like it

honestly i strongly missing "power" parts from 1st game  

its more strive to unlock things, but game get consistently updated and i hope for the best 

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my type of approach is mutate the every trait on person and go as My main dude BeastWolf 7/6/2/3 max stats

main slave cat +1 strength with all 4 boosting traits

dragon and drow with all 4 traits

good alternative for Dragonkin might be cali

everyone trained as assassin and main person as mage

all tattoes for +2 magic and last 1 whatever really

4x Elven armor +1str +agility 

4x ruby ring +1str +1 agility

3x cursed blade 1x ayneris sword on main

1.1FIX added:

mod was causing errors in console and small display bugs in game

with some help (all credits mentioned in info.txt) i was able to find and identify, and replicate issue

^funny i played whole run and 1/2 of next run without finding this error (it required some regular-base gameplay +  checking with character swapping to find)

after finding error i had 2 choices:

Remove link to character and basically remove feature that caused errors or:

leave it be and just acknowledge existence of this issue + add optional fix

but i found 3rd option:

instead of connecting clicking to person which caused link to strange glitch goblin amalgam of person under specific conditions

i connected click to location where person is (it was more complicated then i expected it to be, but worth it)

so far tested mod with multiple characters and swapping, made sure i got proper files and lines of code so i can with full confidence add it, and mention in this post.

Future plans:

i m still stal-dying and working on Dating mod.

i plan 1 small update for my mod for strive 1, but nothing special.

less procrastination or at least with more happiness.

(4 edits)

When i first saw this i was like "how fucking dare you?"

I can confidently say this mod is one of my most stable and most unlikely to cause problems .

You see i put a lot of work to made this mod in version 1.0 works and i used it after release (as mush as you can use display mod)

i believe you can solve problems with my mod by entering "mods" unenabling my mod, clicking "apply" and than reenabling mod again and apply.

If you wanna use my mod with Ank Patches you will have to paste patch in your game data. take and all patched files and add them to backup folder and replace them all, mod system is using BACKUP files when doing his job.

if that dosnt solve the problem, you will have to give me more information about not working mod, where it dosn't works and how?

what you did to made my mod not working?

mod must be instaled on top of patches or other mods/file replacers that modify

good to see Your game finished

Drows are dark blue or heban

Elfs are white

dark elves are brown and slighty stronger than elves

Welcome back, good to see new pack in community, thanks.

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thats amazing, i didnt know that, can you than buy back sold emily from slavery and have 2 of them?

EDIT, just checked, events plays, but she is not in mansion, just her event...

(2 edits)

Hello, i m trying to look at the issue you might have

1st i need to ask which version you downloaded and instaled inside your mod folder


2.1 for vanilla game

2,1 for Redle organizer?

inside my file

if person.traits.has("Authority") && person.obed >= 95:
for i in globals.slaves:
if i.away.duration == 0 && i != person:  <- this is line 909 and whole this segment is not a thing i m modifying 
i.obed += 5
if person.traits.has("Mentor"):
for i in globals.slaves:
if i.away.duration == 0 && i != person && i.level < 3:
i.xp += 5

Do you have any other big mod active that might change

my mod in version 2.1 for vanilla starts magic from something around 925

for Redle mansion organizer 944

i m abusing 0 mana spells over all limits, mana menagment in strive is rl annoying unless you skip few weeks on nothing but sex

looks fun, but troublesome for me to play with,  great improvment and good to have another mod in strive

hahaha, this is amazing someone was able to replicate it and deduce how the fuck can you cause it :D

(i did a lot of things during my road and wasnt able to identify specific actions that caused that)

(2 edits)

i would suggest get to level 2/3 on both characters and visit shalique village, capture fairys (in fairy grove forest) and sell them for cash

you can also on level 1 add 1 agility 1 endurance and in windborn outshirt explore a little to the moment when you will find "wandering trader" event, make sure she is not human and assault her :D and sold for slavery, Taurus should buy you half of the gear

(1 edit)

Maybe its good idea to put small follow up:

Building perfect Master character:

Master like slaves can drop substances during sex, so taking one of races listed above as ones giving them might be good

Master character can get only sexual traits and cant mutate 

master dont have fear and stress and lust, cant work, 

Best choice would be Race with combat/passive bonus, Master will alvays be in your combat team

and Race with Fur or scales - they can be enchanted for +2 defence endgame and you cant get them

Can get tail and all nice lab upgrades

Best races for master:

1: BEASTKIN WOLF: +4awarness (worse part of agility) +3 damage in combat (better part of strenght) FUR (+2armor lategame) Beastial essence from sex sometimes (worth like 10 gold if you wanna sell it and usefull when crafting pots) Tail useable for additional mana from sex

2: BEASTKIN CAT: 10% chances for enemy to miss when targeting Cats, would call it being best bonus if you dont wanna put too mush points in agility, FUR (+2armor lategame) Beastial essence from sex and tail

3: SERAPH: +4 speed (better part of agility) and humanish or with a little dose of laboratory demonic look ^^

Honorable mentions:

ALL universal racial bonuses that works for master:

Centaur + 40 energy max master have 100 energy everyday so this +40 might be useable

Drow +20% mana from sex (only works for main character orgasms

Demon Cheaper lab upgrades 30% (master is usualy 1st person who gets this upgrades)

Goblin bonus apply, but well you cant get pregnant without vagina and mating partner

Slime - master toxicity is alvays 0 anyway, but "bonus" prevent you from using lab

All races with substances from sex, tail or fur/scales apply to master

Best Gender:

here Having a penis is kind of important (scenes and more mana from sex)

Futanari here is dominating for mana production and number of options that can be used at the same time

Best Specializations:

Slaver - tons of cash made quickly, fluid gear advancement and easier erlygame

Mage - better mana costs, in events and in spellcasting, more damage from spells - i would suggest using it with high magic affinity stats

Hunter - starts with normal dagger, better enemy detection (easier to avoid strong groups erly), better rewards from combat

Alchemist - can print infinite money after finishing storymode :D, cant do mush with bonus prebuild alchemy workshop

Building Stats:

i dont wanna tell you how you should most effectivly set your own ingame stats, its your own build and strenght of it is determined by how well you will be able to use it, but i ll try to explain what every single statistic brings to the table:

Strenght: every point gives +3 attack in combat and increase amouth of items(loot/provisions) you can have in combat team (maximum carry weight) +4

Agility: commonly known as strongest stat in the game, but it might be funnier to actually have it in reasonable numbers, every point gives +3 speed and awarness

speed works a little bit tricky once you reach 40+ you starting to feel powerfull

Magic: every spell (with few exceptions) have own calculations for magic: Heal, ming blast, sedation, fear, acid spit and so on

Endurance: every odd point gives you +1 action daily(+1 more date and +1 more sex) (in Version 0.524c+) also every point increase max/starting HP +50 each (*)

You might consider:

Starting with chestsize Average or bigger (if you wanna have hollow nipples lab upgrade you must have tits minimum in that size)

^it dosnt rl matter and nipplefuck is not good action, but its just something you can take for easier unlock later

My personal best:

Beastkin Wolf

Male (futanari is better for mana from sex, but i just dont rl like futas i dont even like furries, i just like being big bad and wild in bed and have this Warewolf vide when i play)

Mage (i have mana problems because i like casting spells)


Strenght: 7 - big bad wolf (i wanna hit like a truck)

Agility 6 - i had to remove 1 point from somewhere and better be master of hard hitting than master of none

Magic 2 - spells i like the most dont need magic affinity as mush and i prefer to use melee combat and violence or totaly avoid conflicts

Endurance 3 - Enchanted Fur helps me here a lot in case of survival, its not wise to fight with low basic HP so i could not go lower and it was rl good to take that +1 for 1 more sex and 1 more date daily