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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

Real Girls (Photographs) Pack

A topic by Spike created Nov 28, 2018 Views: 25,262 Replies: 11
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Edit: Updated 2019-March-04 with massive update.

Well, as with many of the games I play, it's time to throw my hat in the ring with my personal twist.

This is a picture pack with "real girls". Many of them - 378 609 different girls. All with body + portrait.

These are not really compatible with the "Improved Random Portraits" or really any use of random portraits because of naming convention. As you might expect, there are a lot more humanoids than others, and some races are basically absent (slime, arachna...). That being said I made a concerted effort to include a lot of costumes - there are a few Seraphs, Fairies, and a bunch of girls tagged "beast", that can be used at your will for any of the beast/halfkin races. 90%+ are female .

How do I play? I use the huge mixpack as the main random portraits for new characters. But if I like a char I assign it a real photo/portrait.

The origin of these is a bit of a mixed bag. I made at least 250 myself from JPGs that I found. Another 50 I paid someone on Fiverr to do for me. The final ~80 were .png files I found, optimized, and made portraits for. Does this mean I spent dozens of hours in GIMP/Photoshop outlining photos? At least...

I have no original rights to any of the photos, and will gladly remove from the pack if the photo is of you or belongs to you.

I have them split in 3 folders for searching ability - teens, adults, celebrities.  For obvious reasons, I am not uploading any photos tagged "child". N.B. None of the photos are meant to sexualize anyone under 18 - any nudity or sexuality at ALL in the "teens" photos is of people aged AT LEAST 18.

Download at MEGA (575Mb) (Decryption key: -Rl6P3mV_fXzQZuX3FECepdsQVAX7K28V26asLZIf54)

Samples Here at Imgbb

Old version Download via MEGA here (389Mb) Decryption key: _7eZ4rhqKpWxDzHCQvIsKrA15RJZ8ifaa2p0e0kgD-w

  • "Where i need to place them?" - "C:\Users\userName\AppData\Roaming\Strive" or %appdata%\Strive            -     press win+r keys and paste it or just type in address bar.
  • Feedback pls?
  • The mod I dream about: Uses imagepacks from Whoremaster/Brothel King. During Intimacy, the different sexmoves bring up different photos from the imagepack, popping them up the same way the main file pops up now when you hover over it during intimacy.


Updated with a new version - 50% bigger than the last one. Let me know what you think.

Hey, was looking to try this out but I'm getting a message that the decryption key is invalid. I'm using the one that ends in 54 for the 575Mb download.

Don't forget the hyphen (-).


Sorry - the other responder is right. When I copy/pasted the decryption key it made an auto-line-break after the hyphen.


is the key

Thank you for the response. That's a huge selection. I can see myself spending too long changing portraits and adding full body images. Thank you for sharing.


Haha thanks, yeah I got carried away. 
(And in case it wasn't clear, every image in the pack has both portrait and full body image - just have to make sure "assign both" is checked)

how do I download this on a phone?


Good question - I'm actually not sure.

Does MEGA work on phones? If so you would need to unzip and move the files into the folder where the game is stored.

Honestly the much easier way is to have your phone attached to a computer, download the zip, and unzip over the current folder you have for the game. Does that work for you?

Deleted post

Hi, I just checked and it definitely works.

The Decryption key includes the dash at the beginning - copy/paste this:


Deleted post