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What do the reports say? The reasons could be very different: hunger (buy some food), toxicity (your slaves drank too many potions: negative effects may last for a few days), high stress (cast sedation/dream on them before the day ends), hygiene (clean the mansion and appoint someone as maid).

Don't forget the hyphen (-).

You're welcome.

This bug is very rarely mentioned. Either the conditions are quite strict or most players have a kind heart. Or maybe they just want to enslave Melissa. :P

That's the good path. The code related to the bad path is some lines below (in 0.5.23c it starts from line 1781).

Missing images. Download the Windows version and replace the ".import" directory.
Probably you need to replace the "files/buttons/sexicons" directory too.

Open files\scripts\ with Notepad++ and find the lines:


Delete the second line. The first line must be immediately followed by:

            if OS.get_name() != "HTML5":

Save and reload the game.

Android Please

RenPy / Renpy.

I played the chapter 2, is cool too! i can't wait for the chapter 3 :)


And the chapter 2 will be free to play?

Ok, thanks!

Hello! I have tried the first chapter and I loved the game in the graphic part and in the story! and I'm anxious to play the 2 chapter to continue the story! very good work :)

Ok, thanks! ;)

Braden could you put the last version that you took out of the game but in 32 bits? is that my pc is a 32 bit windows and I would like to play the latest version of the game but I can not find the 32 bit one, I only see the previous one.