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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

[BUG] Siding with Hade

A topic by moohugger08 created Mar 05, 2019 Views: 333 Replies: 5
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  1. Game version - 0.5.23c
  2. Your OS or if you are playing web version - Windows 7 - 64 bit
  3. Bug description - When you side with Hade at the mountains and return to Wimborn to fight the Council, the game goes into the fade in and the dialogue box pops up for a split second before disappearing and leaving you with empty windows. You can exit this by using Guidance from the control menu.
  4. Way to replicate it (if complex) - Far as I know, just siding with Hade will do it.
  5. Save file (if possible) -!8nJnSIBR!8MdkcDNSRibevUHrogMl_VL-vCg57_1WAAk5-y5Eyac
  6. Any details you wish to add - If you click continue fast enough, you can reach the fight as normal, however, if you heal (you or a party member casts it) the game crashes as you are all at the base amount of health (200-220 range) and don't receive full health or energy. The password is my username: moohugger08

Open files\scripts\ with Notepad++ and find the lines:


Delete the second line. The first line must be immediately followed by:

            if OS.get_name() != "HTML5":

Save and reload the game.

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Already like that. Nothing changed with a copy paste. 

That's the good path. The code related to the bad path is some lines below (in 0.5.23c it starts from line 1781).

I am an idiot, didn't know there was more than one. That solved it, appreciate the help :)

You're welcome.

This bug is very rarely mentioned. Either the conditions are quite strict or most players have a kind heart. Or maybe they just want to enslave Melissa. :P