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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

Rolling Back and Keeping Characters

A topic by BuddingThorns created Oct 15, 2019 Views: 1,896 Replies: 4
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I found out recently that I messed up Emily's sidequest. Since I had her stats high as I did, I could just tell her to stay. Apparently, if I hadnt, I would have even been able to get her sister. 

So I want to restart my file. Thing is, I managed to get really, really lucky on who I ran in to. I need either a way to roll my current save back to be able to get them without losing all the other things Ive done, or the knowledge of what and how to copy the people Ive collected so far into that new file. Any other ideas would be appreciated.

The way I see it you have two options:

1) Change the quest state in your save file. Honestly I don't know which quest it is, so my advice here is less helpful.

Go to /scripts/ and search "tishadecision". This describes the steps of this quest. Then edit your save file to change the quest to before they leave (or to just before they come back). Your save file is in (%appdata%/Strive/Saves) and both .gd files and saves can be opened in notepad++ or another text editor.

2) Start a new game, and copy the character from one game to another

a) Open your save file. Search for the name of the slave. Copy the whole text of the character.

- starts with {"@path":

- ends with "xp":0},

b) start a new game. Play a turn or two. Save it. Open the save file, paste the old character.

- BE CAREFUL WHERE - there are sections in the save file. Easiest is to find a char you already have, and paste the character directly before or after to make sure it's in the right section. 

Option 1 is the "better" option, as it takes less work in the long term

Thank you. I can easily keep characters between files now. Its good knowledge to have.

You can open the save file in any text editor, it simply lacks a .txt or .json extension to make that obvious.  An easy solution to your problem would be to re-trigger Emily's sister coming to get her.  In this post(, I have explained how edit the save file to make that happen.  You can ignore the first paragraph as that won't be relevant

Thank you so much. Worked like a damn charm. Now I can do it correctly. Thank you.