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Sorry, I haven't looked at that code in ages ... not sure why, the web version doesn't crash but I've moved on from Unity.

Really nice. Amazing effects and well executed.

Quite a fun little game, thought it kept restarting in my browser but that might not be your fault.

I think it should run, it was built for A1200 specs, so AGA but 3.1/3.2 are pretty comparable iirc.

Thanks for the kind words and those suggestions ... they're actually some things I've already been thinking about. Worked on the code last night adding an Options menu screen where you can select which joyport to use. I've also tightened up the hit detection for the shuriken and monsters, need to look at the fence code next. Hope to have the new release out soon.

Another good multiplayer entry which has classic couch play. AI was a nice touch too.

Amazing. During the development of this game, I was already blown away by the task you were taking on. You kept the course and pulled it off. Whilst it might not have all the features you want, it has a lot of outstanding features and it's turn-based multiplayer no less. A game people will be playing long after the jam.

Your UI is quite nice as well as the controls. Hope you continue to work on it and flesh it out some more.

Really interesting tech in your game, 3D maze crawling at that! Transitions, mini-map, mouse interaction, etc were all smooth and well done but yeah it seems like I do suck, as I got turned around quite a bit and run out of power.

Great endless runner take on the "frogger" game with extra features such as eating the dragonflies and of course two-player mode. I remember early on you were struggling with flickering and other bugs but it looks like you squashed them in time for release. Good job!

I was just looking for one myself ...

Outstanding game ... from the gameplay to the graphics, to the interface, customisation of controls, two players, etc. People will be playing this game for years to come.

Probably the most unique gameplay for the jam. It's absurd, it's funny and it's well-polished. Menus and controls feel like the developer(s) know what they're doing and doing it with skill. Music is great too.

A simple well-executed game. It plays ably and fits into that easy-to-learn, hard-to-master category. Perhaps joystick support would be an excellent addition.

Thanks. Yeah, I solved some of my hit detection stuff post-jam (of course the idea came to be after) ... so I'll fix that up later. I like the idea of exploding the monsters; I might add that.

Wow, amazing work ... I know I'd seen bits and pieces of your work during the jam but the finished product is a work of art -- those scenes are amazing, and the audio is so atmospheric -- not to mention your mechanics for dialogs and popups ... I was floored.

Really good solid game entry. Hit detections are amazing, along with the audio. Well done!

Overall not a bad game. Sounds design was good, and the character movement was a little janky but otherwise fine.

Interesting concept, but it got broken when the "twitter" page showed up and nothing to dismiss the window, game just kept running and running.

Hrmm couldn't get the controls to respond, nice art style of what I saw.

Interesting concept just I found it lacking in execution and couldn't repel any of the attacks. The art style and music were good though.

Interesting mechanics in this game. Well done.

Interesting endless runner, though slightly confusing at what to click at first.

Simple game which does what it says. Nice, I see what you mean by not overly fitting the theme but otherwise, good job.

Yep that's exactly what I realised when it got to the deadline, that the game didn't have enough of a challenge to it, but figured, well it's complete.

Looks good.

Cheers I appreciate the feedback. 


Thanks for your feedback. Yeah no attack is guaranteed. I wonder if the special attack should be a sure thing or not and make the cooldown longer. Something to thing about ... Anyway, the game is indeed 64x64 ... I had just increased the display size in the index.html to 512x512 to make it easier to view/play. I have since updated it.


The game is indeed 64x64 ... I had just increased the display size in the index.html to 512x512 to make it easier to view/play. I have since updated it.


Thanks for your comments. I hope to keep working on the battle system. The game is indeed 64x64 ... I had just increased the display size in the index.html to 512x512 to make it easier to view/play. I have since updated it.


The game is indeed 64x64 ... I had just increased the display size in the index.html to 512x512 to make it easier to view/play. I have since updated it.

Hrmm it is 64x64 ... I just increased the display size to 512x512 in the WebGL file, so it wouldn't be so hard to play / view. Since people are having issues with it, I'll edit the index.html and resubmit it.

Okay I kept at it and now have something that checks for check properly but nothing to force the player from moving into check. Guess I'll keep at it.

Looks like I'm stumped ... I've tried a number of methods to work out if the King is in check, but can't nail it down and I've ended up with a bunch of messy code that only half works. I'm half tempted to just leave it up to the players to use the honour system and work it out themselves.

Does anybody have any ideas?

I'd uploaded it to but couldn't figure out how to attach it to the jam, by the time I asked on Discord, it was too late. 

Pirate Blakebeard

It's jam rough, but I'm going to keep working at it with my 8yo son.

Only thing I remixed, was I took a top down view of a barrel, cut out the middle, coloured it orange and used it for my ship's shield :)

Cheers ... thanks for the comments, it really means a lot.

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Update ... swinging cubes in and replaced with hooks. added boats, players and rods. hooks also "shoot" and catch fish now.