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Okay I kept at it and now have something that checks for check properly but nothing to force the player from moving into check. Guess I'll keep at it.

Looks like I'm stumped ... I've tried a number of methods to work out if the King is in check, but can't nail it down and I've ended up with a bunch of messy code that only half works. I'm half tempted to just leave it up to the players to use the honour system and work it out themselves.

Does anybody have any ideas?

I'd uploaded it to itch.io but couldn't figure out how to attach it to the jam, by the time I asked on Discord, it was too late. 

Pirate Blakebeard

It's jam rough, but I'm going to keep working at it with my 8yo son.

Only thing I remixed, was I took a top down view of a barrel, cut out the middle, coloured it orange and used it for my ship's shield :)

Cheers ... thanks for the comments, it really means a lot.

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Update ... swinging cubes in and replaced with hooks. added boats, players and rods. hooks also "shoot" and catch fish now.

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Thought it was about time I gave you an update ...

I've got the main screen with fish spawning from the left and right -- though at the moment, they collide with each other, which is kinda fun to watch.

All da fish ... #fishingjam #gamedev #dropthehook pic.twitter.com/BO8dB4Zprq
— sikosis (@sikosis) September 30, 2016

and here's my prototype of the arm / hook using a spring joint:-

My dashboard:-

Fishing Jam 2 community · Created a new topic Drop The Hook

... is the name of the game I'm making in Unity and publishing in WebGL (960x640). I'm going to be dabbling with a two player (local multiplayer - yay!) fishing game in a race to catch and pull up the most fish (points based). There's an arcade game called Pirate's Hook that my son plays at a local shopping centre. That's my inspiration for this gamejam.

I hope to learn a few more techniques and release a complete and fun game to play.

I was mucking around with this last night. I found if you set the project settings for the Player (web and app) to 64 x 64 size then all was good. Only problem is when building for the web, you get this large unity logo (which does disappear) but you also get the "Development Build" text that doesn't disappear and covers 1/3 of a screen real estate in a 64 x 64 window. I'm thinking of making the web one 64 x 96 to accomodate for the text but just use the 64 x 64 area. Either that or I abandon using the web player.