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✍️ Remixed assets

A topic by Kenney created Jul 18, 2017 Views: 781 Replies: 5
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Did you edit or remix one of the existing assets in a way that others might find useful? Share it here.


That raises a good question, can we modify assets for the jam? Say for example, if I wanted to do terrible things to your models in Blender. I wouldn't be making new textures or just modelling something new around them, I'd just be manipulating them into something super weird. Would that be allowed?

Example of said terrible things:


That is horrible, I love it. I think it would be a good rule to go with: as long as the asset is still recognizable it's okay!


Can do!

These are simple, but I needed more alien types quickly so made these quick textures if anyone else can use them.


Only thing I remixed, was I took a top down view of a barrel, cut out the middle, coloured it orange and used it for my ship's shield :)