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Drop The Hook

A topic by sikosis created Sep 06, 2016 Views: 719 Replies: 7
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... is the name of the game I'm making in Unity and publishing in WebGL (960x640). I'm going to be dabbling with a two player (local multiplayer - yay!) fishing game in a race to catch and pull up the most fish (points based). There's an arcade game called Pirate's Hook that my son plays at a local shopping centre. That's my inspiration for this gamejam.

I hope to learn a few more techniques and release a complete and fun game to play.

Submitted (10 edits)

Thought it was about time I gave you an update ...

I've got the main screen with fish spawning from the left and right -- though at the moment, they collide with each other, which is kinda fun to watch.

All da fish ... #fishingjam #gamedev #dropthehook
— sikosis (@sikosis) September 30, 2016

and here's my prototype of the arm / hook using a spring joint:-

My dashboard:-

Submitted (1 edit)

Update ... swinging cubes in and replaced with hooks. added boats, players and rods. hooks also "shoot" and catch fish now.



Good continuation on this jam!


Dude this is looking great so far!


The Sun Tzu quote on the dashboard is great — are these going to change throughout the game?


Just played the submission version solo and still had fun. I didn't initially realize I could spam the reel button to pull fish in even faster. Those hooks look painful!


Cheers ... thanks for the comments, it really means a lot.