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Initially, it was a bit hard to find the fish — the first one spawned near the bottom, and I didn't notice the air pockets until my next attempt. Subsequent fish spawned much closer to the surface. The controls (one-button, at that!) worked well, though, and the animations helped them feel even better. Nice work!

Playing on Halloween, I found the story appropriate ^_^. I would have appreciated a faster intro and text display while I was trying out the alternate branches.

I liked the premise, and the animation and gameplay realized it. Nice work!

This accurately reflects my experience with cats and fish. Nice work!

One of the highlights of the jam for me: Interesting puzzles, great name, fun aesthetic.

I like the pixel art colors, and the QTEs worked. I didn't have any audio (Safari, macOS), though the page suggested that I should?

I wasn't expecting much when I saw the title. When I tried to play, it took a bit to realize that it was in Flash (I was using Safari), and after loading it up Chrome…I had a fun time playing! The length was just about right for me (I'd prefer about 1/2 as long), but it had a charming aesthetic and, well, button mashing in small amounts can be fun. Also — great boss fight. I don't know 100% what was going on there, but it fit well with the rest of the game ^_^

Really enjoyed the art and theme. I couldn't control the bubbles very well, although I did enjoy seeing the little creatures packaged up. The game page also mentioned audio, and I didn't hear anything. Looking forward to seeing the future developments, though!

I like the title. The controls were a bit harder to get used to (especially if you swim up — which is so much safer!), but I liked the simplicity of just using two buttons. I'd enjoy seeing this get some additional development ^_^

I didn't realize this was Windows only >_< I like the title screen, though, and hope to play it in the future.

I had some difficulty with the controls. After figuring those out, the fishing mechanic was interesting, and I could see this being developed into a complete game ^_^

Killing the Shogun proves that you're worthy…but also means that your potential employer is dead.

Thanks for the clarification! Also, let me know if you'd like a copy edit pass on the cards so you can remove the trigger warning — though they were relatively easy to understand ^_^

And thank you for the game and the great updates — it was fun to play and they were a pleasure to read!

Congrats on finishing! The game art is very cute ^_^ I did have a question about the rules, though: Do players always flip two cards and then use an item, or can they use an item and then do the free two card flip? Also, must players use an item each turn? Or can the discard or keep unused cards?

Is there any chance of a macOS build in the future?

Just played the submission version solo and still had fun. I didn't initially realize I could spam the reel button to pull fish in even faster. Those hooks look painful!

Thanks! Let me know how it goes (also: that's a great fish!) ^_^

The game has a hard cap of 20 minutes, but in general should play much faster than that. This version won't have much inter-player interaction, but I have a few plans for expansion post-jam…

Ok, that sounds less frustrating ^_^ The addition of the new fish sound like they'll help with collection a fair amount, too (although the unnamed fish-of-teeth looks like it'll be competing with the sub…).

That 3D demo looks like it takes advantage of your assets really well — and looks fun to play! Maybe after the jam finishes if you're not tired of the idea by then?

That could also be an interesting game ^_^

Looks much nicer ^_^

Initial draft of the rules are ready, and it should scale from solitaire play to however many players want to print decks (45 cards/player or 5 letter-sheets). It's a push-your-luck memory race game, so player interaction is minimal currently. In a recent play test, the players had enough difficulty focusing on their own decks!

Sleeved cards showing salt water (海水) at different depths:

This is a great concept and with perhaps the most skilled angler I've ever seen! Is there a limit to the number of fish that the submarine can rescue before returning to the safe zone? As is, it looks like only a small population could get saved per level.

It looks like your image link is broken.

I'm also entering a card game, so I'm looking forward to seeing yours, too!

Are you planning a way for the player to interact with the animals stealing fish? I like the look of the batting.

I'm enjoying reading your updates — thanks for the work you're putting into them. The game's looking interesting, too!

Pun names that describe gameplay: priceless. I like the addition of the angler + reel for day two!

This is looking great, and I can't wait to try it. It looks like the current goes through the floor sometimes, though — is that the intention or work in progress?

The Sun Tzu quote on the dashboard is great — are these going to change throughout the game?

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I'm working on a print-and-play card game currently called "Grandmother is an Ama". Players are grandchildren trying to collect the day's catch for their sick grandmother without getting bitten by sea snakes or suffocating.

Example cards: