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Grandmother is an Ama!

A topic by Studio Tectorum created Oct 26, 2016 Views: 257 Replies: 8
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I'm working on a print-and-play card game currently called "Grandmother is an Ama". Players are grandchildren trying to collect the day's catch for their sick grandmother without getting bitten by sea snakes or suffocating.

Example cards:


Initial draft of the rules are ready, and it should scale from solitaire play to however many players want to print decks (45 cards/player or 5 letter-sheets). It's a push-your-luck memory race game, so player interaction is minimal currently. In a recent play test, the players had enough difficulty focusing on their own decks!

Sleeved cards showing salt water (海水) at different depths:


Making a physical card game looks really interesting, keep the updates coming :)


I live in Iceland, and am learning Icelandic, and 'Ama' is Icelandic for Grandmother, so I got a bit confused :).


That could also be an interesting game ^_^


Oh wow, this is an awesome idea for a game! And its great you've been able to get started on the playtesting already. How long does a session of it usually last?


The game has a hard cap of 20 minutes, but in general should play much faster than that. This version won't have much inter-player interaction, but I have a few plans for expansion post-jam…

>( u °3°) it look so cool !
Defenity gonna print-and-try it !


Thanks! Let me know how it goes (also: that's a great fish!) ^_^