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Don't Fish My Firends

A topic by OkrimGames created Oct 24, 2016 Views: 312 Replies: 15
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Hi everyone, I'm really new to game development and game jams, this is the first one in which I participate, but still I've decided to give it a shot. Never really cared about fishing games but when I saw the jam something just clicked and I had to try, so here we are.

I'm working on the game from a couple of days now and I'm slowly progressing so I'll document my progression here, hoping to have something playable when the jam ends.

Don't Fish My Friends

The basic Idea of the game is to put the player in the place of a smart fish that desperately wants to save his dumb friends from fall in humans hands. In order to do so he built a submarine thanks to which he can go really fast and capture his friends to take them in a safe place.

I'm not really an artist but I tried, this is the material I've put togeter until now:

The gameplay is really simple, navigate on the screen, take the fishes and bring them to the safe zone. I'll update as soon as I have time :)


Ohhh man that's a really really cute idea! Your art's coming along splendidly so far and it sounds like you've got a real clear idea on how you're going to bring it all together. I hope you can post more updates if you can, would love to see more!

Thank you! I'm trying my best to keep things closer to my skills but still trying to pull out something interesting.


Today I've lost a lot of time doing the sea bed, well the seaweeds to be more precise. The Idea was to put everything in a huge sprite and animate all together. Turns out I'm not ready for such a scale so I had to take some steps back, and now I'm a little behind schedule.

Oh right, seaweeds, I hate them. The problem is that I can't animate them in a satisfying way, so I kept banging my head against them in a very unproductive way.

But the game is slowly coming along, I have a double upgrading system in mind, one for the player submarine and one for fishing area.

Upgrading the fishing area means that a greater number and variety of fishes will appear, allowing the player to make more points but at the same time this will attract more humans making the game harder. Meanwhile, upgrading the submarine will lower the difficulty. In order to do both this actions, the player must spend shells (the in-game currency), obtainable saving fishes.

This is what I've put togeter right now, still unsure if the fishing day should end after a timer or after the number of fishes spawned.

Will update again soon!


Ha, this is great! I love how quickly the fishing line gets yanked out of the water and plonked back in.

Thank you! It was slower but I decided to speed up things a bit, glad you like it!


Yo it's coming along fabulously! The upgrade systems would be awesome to see implemented, and I really like the idea of dual managing the two sets of upgrades.

Try not to stress about feeling like you've lost time on things, I always end up scrapping so much work when there's a deadline for something and feeling like it was wasted time, but in retrospect always see how much is learnt from it!

And I agree with RhythmLynx about the immediate casting back into the water, it looks great and is going to help hammer home the sense of urgency to the player.

Thank you! Yeah I know but it still feels bad because I should've did something else, sometimes things just don't snap into place. Today I'll see if I find a way to animate those damn seaweeds


I totally understand, it can be real hard to not feel frustrated. D: Good luck with the weeds today, what sort of way were you thinking they would move?

Shout out if you'd like a hand with anything at all!

Your new additions are looking great btw, I love the implementation of the jellies and zombies, what a great idea!

Thanks man I really needed help but I was so in rush that I didn't even had time to ask! But thanks a lot I appreciate it!

The weeds (which I didn't implemented in the end), needed to move really slowly and floaty, but no matter what I did they always seemed snappy.


This is a great concept and with perhaps the most skilled angler I've ever seen! Is there a limit to the number of fish that the submarine can rescue before returning to the safe zone? As is, it looks like only a small population could get saved per level.

Thank you! Yes in fact you can carry only two fishes at time, but you can upgrade up to 4 or 5, still haven't decided.

It is difficult, but you should be able to save all the fishes, now the fishes spawn at a slower rate and from more points, and the submarine is faster.


Ok, that sounds less frustrating ^_^ The addition of the new fish sound like they'll help with collection a fair amount, too (although the unnamed fish-of-teeth looks like it'll be competing with the sub…).

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It's been two prolific days from the coding side of things, the big part of the job is been done, and now I'm working to put all together and refine the details.

A lot of work still remains from the artistic side, the sea bottom still needs to be done, and all the menus and UI graphics need work. But I'm confident, there's still plenty of time and because I'm free this evening I'm hoping to make some nice steps toward completion. The thing that scare me is balancing, I want the game to be hard enogh to get players engaged but not frustrate them away.

I've made an addition to the gameplay, with the evolving of the fishing area new hazards will come from the depths of the sea, and not only from the humans.


The Jellyfish will wander around thundering everyone that dares to touch it. Which could be really useful, because if the fishes get stunned, they'll stop, making your work easier. But on the other hand, if the one that gets stunned is you...


Nobody knows from where this fish came, but it's here now, and it's hungry for brains!

You can save this fish and lose shells, or you can let it wander around and bite other fishes, the bitten fishes become zombie theirself and when you save them, they give you only one shell opposed the the normal amount.

Here are some others fishes I made in the meantime:

Final Update

What a ride! I couldn't manage myself to post one more update before the ending of the Jam, really thought I wouldn't make it to completion but in the end everything went well.

Don't Fish My Friends it's my second game ever and even with all it's share of problems, I'm very proud of what it became. His journey will not end here, I want to improve it and complete it with a slower rhythm.

I will work on it and complete it in the next weeks, but let's discuss about the jam for now:

On the 28th I was super confident, the game was a few steps to an acceptable state and I had plenty of time in front of me, and then, time flew, fast forward to the 30th at 5 pm with a lot of things to do and just hours to do everything. It was a rush, both on the keyboard and of adrenaline, a war between me and the clock. I won in the end, but many casualties occurred. First and foremost the sound effects, somehow I completely forgot of them until it was too late to implement anything. In order to being able to finish the game in time, I had to remove the hazards and my heart hurts for that.

But Hey! I made it!

Everything was really funny and I've really enjoyed my time while I worked on the game. Thanks everyone for the support and for participating!


Is there any chance of a macOS build in the future?