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Mock ups / brainstorming

A topic by Never Rest Studio created Oct 14, 2018 Views: 272 Replies: 4
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I'm not sure if I'm realistically going to have time to finish an entry, but the early Tomb Raider games were what got me started in game development, so I couldn't resist at least trying to work on something! I haven't really decided what direction I'm going to take this in yet (I'm torn between a 2d sidescroller with pixel art, a minimalist low poly more faithful recreation of the original gameplay, or a first person VR game adhering more to the theme than the gameplay), but here are some early mock ups and animation work that I've done this morning.

I've also made a very brief start on some music:

Fingers crossed I'll have some free time before the jam ends to get something more meaningful together!

Looks good.

Looks cool already!

think you should mantain the focus on 2D sidescroll or maybe. This also reminds me of pitfall so maybe you could put some mechanic references from both. What engine are you using?

Cheers for the kind words, everyone. Sadly, as I had much anticipated, "real" work has sapped up my time recently and I think I'm very unlikely to get any significant progress in before the deadline. Sorry! I'll be watching out for everyone else's work though - good luck to those still entering! :)