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Simple, creative, fun and enjoyable. Kinda inspired me to build something simple instead of being too ambitious. 

Super lovely visuals. I can see how much effort being put into this. The mechanics also pretty interesting. 

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It's a fun and enjoyable platformer. To be honest, I don't really pay attention to the narrative, I just blaze through. The controls is easy to get used to. The visual on environment sometime cause headache for me after a long period. Overall pretty solid entry.

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Great idea for a game. I just felt that it lack something to make it complete. Maybe an objective to complete the round instead of score-based game. 

Thank you for playing the game. Let me know if I need to improve anything.

Thank you for playing my brother.  

I cannot get pass level 2. I dunno how.

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What's the thing that move behind the bowls ? 

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Thank you for playing. I'll make sure to push this concept in the future.

Thank you for playing and the detailed critics. I'll make sure to go through the stuff mentioned here.

Pretty simple and fun side scroller. Love the effort put into the story and cinematic. 

Has the potential for a really fun game with a little bit of polish.

The mechanics pretty straight forward. It can be challenging at time. The game pretty solid aside from the bug n all.

Yep, the game need a lil polish haha. Thank you for playing bruh.

Thank you for playing.

Thank you for playing bruh.

Pretty straight forward game. Love the concept and atmosphere. After some time, the enemy stop spawning so am lost on what to do.

Thank you for playing.

Never thought I seen this level of polish in a beginner game jam. Kudos to your hard work. 10/10

Pretty charming game. I love the way the art looks and those various mini games.

The arts are simple yet effective. The music  match the atmosphere pretty well. Pretty solid game I must say.

Thank you for playing. I'll look into every suggestion you mentioned. 

Thank you and sorry bout the sound. Will add it later if I got the time.

I got nothing to say aside that it's a fun game. The mechanic is simple enough to understand. I just hope for single player mode that implement the theme (maybe it control both character at the same time).  

Thank for choosing to play my game. I really appreciate it.

Sending messages will increase the number of friends online. However, it'll gradually decrease overtime. That's how it supposed to be and sorry if it's too confusing haha.

The art style remind me of Starsector. I just hope I could fight the enemy fleet for real haha, other than that it's good experience. 

Sorry about the notification sound and I agree with you suggestion.

Thank you for playing and sorry about the resolution. I designed the game with the resolution of 900x600 and never thought about higher resolution haha. I'll do better next time.

Ah, I never thought about that. Thank you for the suggestion, I'll keep that in mind. 

The art is 10/10 in my book. 
The music fit the environment perfectly, the sfx is not so much for me. 
The game mechanic is interesting and let me experiment with a lot of approach. 
The game difficulty is a bit on the hard part for me, I'll take me multiple tries per level. 
Overall, good game and potential winner.

Did you play the Windows version? If it's true then sorry about that. It was my last ditch effort make sure the game can be play. I never intended for the game to be played as a standalone game. I'll make sure I take that into consideration the next time around.

Super creative mechanics. I just hope that the character could move a little bit faster, it'll save more time completing the level. Other than that, great game and great concept, it fits the theme kinda moderately for me. 

Simple mechanic but super addicting. I just hope for better asset use for the overall look of the game.  otherwise this could have been my all time favorite.  Controls is responsive and easy to get use to, the music fit the gameplay perfectly (could add more for better experience). The game also fit the theme perfectly. Overall, nice game and that's all haha. 

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The game mechanic is simple yet it's well executed. The puzzle can be confusing at the start, I need to watch to youtube video the figure out that you need to touch that box thing haha. Overall , the game is  short and sweet. I hope I have your kind of mindset, I always ending up over scoping my game.

Btw, I couldn't get pass the last level because the second platform is the same level as the spikes and I already touch all the switch. (I couldn't upload the image cause won't let me.)

Thank you for playing. I been learning game design n stuff, trying to make the game flow better. Most of my game are usually me messing around with new mechanic haha.

Gotta love the aesthetic of the game. The gameplay mechanic is simple and fun. The only thing I might suggest is adding stages so there's at least a sense of progression. 

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The writing, aesthetic and sound design is what make this game so much powerful. Each character is unique and fun to talk to which make you don't want to miss each piece of their dialog. Overall this submission deliver great experience and a must play for this jam.