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The jam is hosted by GitHub so I assumed they want you to share the assets of the game so other can contribute or learn from it. 
However, it's possible to public the repository only during judging period and private it after the results came out (not sure about any specific rule regarding this).

Love the overall vibe of the game, the choice on the audio is spot on. 

The graphic could use some work especially on interactable objects and scene transition, these things are pretty hard to spot the first time I played it so the use of highlight could be useful.

Other than that, pretty solid game !

Thank you for your time, playing the game, I hope you enjoy it.

 I really appreciate the positive feedbacks especially on the mechanics because I received several complains on that part haha.

Thank you for playing the game. Appreciate the positive feedback.

A simple but a solid turn-based strategy game. I can see you put a lot effort on the world generation and overall presentation. 

My only complain would be the lack of sfx  and background music.  

P.S: I cannot close "Shipyard" dialog box once I open the same dialog box from other planet so I am stuck with multiple UI. (Not sure is this intended or a bug)

Thank you for your time, playing the game. Really appreciate the feedbacks.

Pretty interesting concept you got here. The only thing left would be the improvement on the graphics and maybe the bullet projectile.

The game look simple at first but after playing it for a bit, I find the game has quite a depth to it and I truly enjoy it.  

My only complain would the font style used in the game, I find it difficult to read it sometime haha.

Love the vibe of the game. Pretty chill and straightforward game. 

Sometime the order I made was too late that next person that come in take that order and said it was wrong haha.

Thank you for the playing the game. 

Apologize for the confusing mechanics, I wanted to put more tutorial on that part but I feel like it's more align to the horror genre to not tell the player everything. It's somehow backfired on me and I learnt my lesson haha.

Thank you for your time, playing the game, I hope you enjoy it. 

I wanted to put more clues and tutorial on how the mechanics work but I find it more rewarding for the player to figure it out by themselves. It's somehow backfired a bit haha. 

The cliche part is the polaroid that the player collect along the way, the most obvious one would be the 'Plot Armor'.

Thank you for playing the game. Glad you find the little creature cute, most people see it as horrifying haha.

Thank you playing the game and posting the vid.

Thank you for your time, playing the game. I really appreciate all the positive feedbacks.

Thank you for playing my little game, hope you enjoy it.

I've been drawing all my life (20++ years) but never truly invested into it because I love game development more haha. 

I can't see the end of the enemies so I assumed it's a never-ending game where you need to survive as long as you can or I just bad at the game haha. 

Love the mechanics of the game. Even If I don't understand the whole concept, it still keep me playing, super addicting  !

Thank you for playing the game. I'm sorry if the game seem confusing to you, I tried to make the puzzle as simple as I can without spoiling everything to the player.  The description of each polaroid, the number of times you interact with the NPC and the type of polaroid you have in your inventory might help if you ever want to try it again. 

Thank you for playing my little game. I'm glad that it's somehow scary to you. 

The game give you that flash game era vibe, which I really like.  The mechanics are simple enough but the button mashing part is too difficult for me, no matter how fast I mash, the bar keep going down haha.

Overall, pretty enjoyable game, I wonder what is the ending, I keep getting the game over screen haha. 

This is so cool. I love the movement mechanics where you need to rely on booster to reliably move around instead of just walking which become your weakness instead due to how slow it is.

My only complain would be the environment which seem unpolished, maybe due to time constraints. 

This one fly far above my head haha. I tried to understand the mechanics of the puzzle but having zero knowledge in electrical field make it super difficult for me.  Nonetheless, I love the whole concept of the game and it's refreshing to see something new in the game development scene.  

I hope you guys keep working on improving the game even after the results roll in. 

Thank you for your time, playing the game.  I had to tone  down the overall mechanics due to time constraints, I'm glad someone understand the overall concept.

I love the concept of the game, I hope I have more visibility or bullets so that I can appreciate the level design more.  I played till I'm stuck at level where I can't shoot my last bullet. 

Quite addictive and pretty  difficult I must say. I love the idea of the controlling the asteroid instead of the spaceship.  Overall, pretty compelling entry. 

Quite grindy but I love the gameplay loops, my only complain is I had to discard wrong honey jar if I got it wrong.  I got total of 4 stars, I'm not sure that's good or not haha. The theme interpretation is also on point, great job!

Thank you ! I'm glad that the game feel like that for you. Since it's a simple 2d side-scroller, I'm having a hard time making it just a lil bit scary.

Thank you for playing the game. It's pretty difficult to make a scary moment in a 2d side-scroller so that's what I come up with, I hope it work somehow haha.

Thank you for playing the game, hope you enjoy it. Really glad that someone recognize the cliché in the polaroid.

Lovely sprite design, I couldn't get pass the third golden sprite but enjoy the game nonetheless.  

Great interpretation of the theme, especially love  the introduction of the game. Deserved to be at least top 3 imo. 

Thank you for your time playing this short game I made.  I hope you enjoy it. 

The audio design match the game perfectly. The player movement feel like it's tile-based so it's rough around the edges. I reached to building with the rotating plus sign above it, like a hospital or some sort, not sure that's the end of the game or what haha. 

I love effort you guys put on making sure the world feel alive; running traffic, cops patrolling and mob reinforcement etc.  However,  this stuffs put heavy toll on the game engine so I guess next step is to optimize the game. 

Love the deep game mechanics even though seem simple at first.  Excellent design overall.

Love the chaotic nature of the game, kinda confuse at first but slowly get the hang of it after couple of minutes into the game. 

The game quite grindy for me but love the mechanics nonetheless. Especially love the effort put into audio design. 

The idea is that the ability you obtain from the polaroid is  the `cliche `you mostly found in movie/game such as the "Plot Armor" allow to tank a hit while in real life you probably already be death. I hope that somehow explain it haha. Thank you for playing the game !

Thank you for playing the game. I'm not sure how to spook player with still images, I'm glad to know it's somehow seem spooky.

Thank you for the playing the game. I spent most of the development time on arts so I'm glad you love it.

Ah, sorry about that, I'm fixing some stuff. Will public the repo once I'll fix it.