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Welp, thank for playing I guess

bruh..this is some high quality nothing else to say..this should be on popular at the very least

Aite, sorry if it look confusing, really appreciate the feedback sir. I always try to do something 'new' but it doesn't always work haha.

Welp, sorry bout that. I got no one to playtest this game other than community. Your comment is really helpful and I'll keep that in mind in the next update.

I can keep dashing to avoid the death animation being played completely which make the player immortal lol.

this is good

enemy projectile speed is merciless

- Once I'll go into creating bridge mode (F), I have no idea how to get out of it since I don't have the resources required.

- Imo, you tried to implement too much mechanics you forgot about the overall look of the game. (not saying that I'm that much better, but I'll learn a lot after abandoning lot of my projects) 

- Try to focus on 1-2 mechanics and see if it'll work. You can always add new mechanic down the road.

- Your assets doesn't always have to look good imo but at least put some effort in it.

- This is only my opinion, I'm sorry if it sound offensive. It just that you remind me of my old self.

Thank for spending your time to play this. Really appreciate it.

Greetings, thank you for allowing me this opportunity. My is game called "Another Planet" just as the theme.
Here's the link:
This's my first jam ever so I hope I didn't do anything wrong here. 
All the arts, codes and sfx (Bfxr) is done by me except for the background music.

surprisingly fun lol

(1 edit)

- Sprite work and BGM is amazing
- I would prefer faster shooting animation (it's too slow imo) 
- Maybe make the bullet collision more juicy (squeeze the sprite size, push the enemy a bit etc)
- Maybe reduce the build resolution just for the demo (my 1920x1080 monitor cannot fit the whole game screen unless I'll go full screen haha)

- Brilliant proof of concept (am tempting to make something similar)
- Excellent use of light effect to cover up the simplicity of the player and enemy sprites
- Use different color for the "former lives" so that the we know which player we're currently controlling
- Maybe ignore collision between "former lives" and current player (it's hard to move around if your path is blocked)
- Maybe reduce the number for "former lives"

I was smiling the whole time I played this.
- Great animation and sprites work
- Just need to put more variety in term of fallen objects (maybe the object move in zig zag pattern instead of just fall straight down)

Cool! I was wondering what sort of game it is with all that loading haha
If you're not confident with your creative capability, try to use free assets. It'll help you visualize the final game and you can use it as reference as well. 


- I think the player got knocked out so hard the hp turn to negative value.
- Maybe add some effect when the enemy got damaged (change the sprite color or something).
- I think you use RigidBody for the player movement, pay attention the drag value. Sometime the player is sliding across the floor without me pressing any key.

- I dunno if it's only me but the framerate is slow af (maybe my machine is dying)
- Excellent animation on both player and enemy
- Maybe allow the player to skip the intro?

(1 edit)

- Nice sfx and atmosphere
- My character got stuck on that platform, collision issue maybe
- Am using keyboard for control,I feel like sometime the jump button does not trigger while running (maybe only me)

Surprisingly good but the movement with the mouse make it so easy to dodge enemies and projectiles.

much wow, very nice

I need that track so badly