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Thanks! Yeah, I added the sword and had it setup to work on a specific type of enemy but ran out of time before I was able to add it ;_;

I'm still working on the game to finish out what I was trying to do with it so in the future it'll work better. Thanks for playing and the feedback!

I thought "oh cool, a game about that hill" and then loved it when I realized you're the cheese. Great job!

I always like the concept of attacking is also sacrificing so you get that risk and reward gameplay. I did find it a little confusing though and kept dying. It might be worth putting up a playthrough video?

It took a little bit to get used to the controls but once I did it's not... too weird.. I'm using a trackpad with "tap to click", I wonder if you were too? Because.. that kinda makes sense why you'd avoid clicking.. not sure. Either way, I _do_ like FPSes where the mouse is locked to one axis actually since you can make it a bit more frantic and not have to worry about the player being really great at aiming. I also liked the level transitions where it's like the vibe changes dramatically. At some point I fell out of the map though :( Fun game otherwise, makes me hate fridges more than I already did

I liked how I found myself having to destroy and rebuild paths to alleviate traffic. Might be cool with a sort of "endless" mode where there isn't a timer on individual sources and instead the goal is to like.. maintain a certain rate of entities sent.

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Agreed with most of the comments, played a few rounds and at first thought it was too easy and then got overwhelmed. I played this on linux and did run into a crash too and saw your comment asking what it was so I played a couple more times to see if I could reproduce it

thread 'main' panicked at /home/runner/.cargo/registry/src/
Entity 271v4 does not exist
note: run with `RUST_BACKTRACE=1` environment variable to display a backtrace
Encountered a panic when applying buffers for system `recycler::trash::handle_trash_collision`!
Encountered a panic in system `bevy_app::main_schedule::Main::run_main`!

Looks like a timing edge case where an entity no longer exists but it's used in a query or something? 

Couldn't get the linux build of this working, I think some dependencies were missing. Do you happen to have the source available on github?

I use a tiling window manager, so the game launched in a smaller, wide window and then when I fullscreened it looked like this which was a little confusing before I realized what happened, haha.

Despite the ability to "cheat" in this way, I still kept losing I'm really bad at ignoring the wrong color. Neat to look at and a fun challenged but I do wish the hitbox was a tiny bit bigger. 

I liked being able to upgrade but also was confused at.. how much I can upgrade and how to place the guns so they fire? I'm not sure if I did it right, but I ended up with a big thing that still only fired one bullet at a time.

I saw your other comment about color and that's fair, but I think you could still use some different shades of gray/white/black to distinguish things. At some point I totally lost my ship in the blocks and it's also hard to tell which bullets are mine or the enemies'. Pretty neat though

ah geez, sorry about that! I will say the downloadable linux build is way more stable and performs a lot better. If you happen to try that out, I'd recommend leaving the "extra entities" option off and maybe even the background option off. Thanks for trying it out and the compliment!

I found this really addicting and the soundtrack is great!

Much more difficult than I expected even with the time stopping ability! Like the others, this would be a lot more fun if it reset the level instead of the whole game. Neat game though, I like the tank controls that's classic zombie game

I had trouble getting this working but I'm glad I eventually did. The aesthetic is awesome and that title screen synced to the music is awesome! I don't think I've seen a Bevy game do something like that yet.

I'm running linxu with an integrated graphics CPU.. I haven't messed with webgpu on chrome much yet so I'm unsure if I need to enable some settings or something, but it basically didn't work and I didn't see a linux build so I cloned your repo. I was running into an error trying to compile and it turned out that your crates have a lowercase cargo.toml file which... I think that may work in other OSes but maybe not Linux? Or maybe there's a setting.. idk, but after renaming those to "Cargo.toml" with a capital C I was able to compile and it was definitely worth it! Very cool

The last couple levels cracked me up. The game seemed like it was alternating between a game where the challenge is controlling multiple entities or the challenge is strategically splitting. I liked how the levels shifted between the two a bit but also thought "ah, if I could split here but this level started pre-split"
It'd be interesting to see how you'd handle levels where you start out split at a much higher number.. maybe zoomed out too, with a bigger map where you're managing multiple groups. Neat idea!

I like the idea of having turrets, traditionally something you set in one place, but that you can move with a limitation like rotating. It'd be cool if you could move on top of rotating.. maybe navigating an arena or something to avoid enemies while still rotating to "aim" your turrets.

This was really unique, I like how you could see the ghosts through the planet even though that kinda doesn't make sense but from a gameplay perspective it works especially since the ghosts seem like they can go through the planet slightly? I agree with the others that it felt cramped, maybe needs a health system.. Honestly, pull a few more ideas from other survivors games and you have something really great here. I hope you continue working on it, this game has a really neat twist. Also the story of "teaching the ghosts peace by shooting them" is great

This got crazy quick haha. A good lesson never shoot if you're in an asteroid field. Pretty cool for the short amount of time you spent on it

I think everyone has complained about the keyboard controls 😓I was planning on adding things and switched to using gamepad more toward the end and then ran out of time. 

There's a lot of things I want to fix / add including changing the camera. I might need to embrace 2D more. Thanks for playing!

the player walk animation is excellent. I couldn't figure out how to equip things and still am unsure how I did it. Neat game 

first time I tried nothing happened but glad I tried again. Sounds were really satisfying

I keep coming back to this one, just love how polished it is. There isn't audio but you can hear the game from the visuals, you know? I did run into rotating not working a few times, especially the first time I played I was really confused. Otherwise though, nice work 👍

honestly, I'd probably always pick damage up, so this works for me. The music kept me pumped!

I'm not sure what the buildings do, but it was a pretty chill experience. I was about to quit and then saw the bevy building so I had to stick around for that. Nice job, very chill

Nice genre mashup, it looks really polished. I dig it, I wish I could zoom in more on my screen though. I kept caring more about mining than defending and then losing haha. The music was also really relaxing. I think there's potential here, might be interesting with a day/night cycle... like the trees attack at night and then plant themselves during the day and can't be hurt... That might be coming from the side of me that is bad at tower defense games though 🤔

I did run into crashes trying to run this on my linux machine in fullscreen.. it was like... if it was fullscreened and I tried to move with wasd/arrow keys, it would crash

min > max, or either was NaN. min = 144.0, max = -144.0
Encountered a panic in system `entytd::camera::update`!
Encountered a panic in system `bevy_app::main_schedule::Main::run_main`!

I like the icon usage and the aesthetic, but it was really difficult to control because of the movement system

Oooph, I could only get to around 40 before it was too slow. Neat though

nice color scheme. It was difficult to understand where I was though without a frame of reference :\

I love the aesthetic, nice work with the lighting. My only suggestion is adding a visual/audio cue when the message at the top changes.. I think a couple times I didn't realize it had changed.

Also, real talk this shepard needs to build a fence. Also, he's a vampire that's out during the day? 🤔

Yeah, I wanted it to like... spawn small from where your kart is and move forward so it's a little more clear that it's like... aiming at where you are/were but ran out of time

I am curious regarding the camera controls... did you play with a controller or with keyboard?

Thanks! It's a neat crate, I may like it a little too much. It visually looks cool but can also help highlight things for gameplay reasons

This is excellent! I may have slammed on my keyboard and trackpad a little too much while enjoying it

I compiled this and played it, was pretty fun. I liked how you handled the music during and between rounds. I felt like I was rocking it and then got destroyed. Toward the end, I think my computer started feeling it and the audio started skipping but otherwise a great time

I found this really engaging and a clever use of gizmos. Only complaint is the camera could use some smoothing, otherwise a fun game. Nice job!

Yeah, I had trouble knowing how to balance it well haha, glad you won though.

I wanted to add something like a popup in the corner or a sound but ran out of time. Also to have some indication when a player gets eliminated would be cool. If I continue working on it, I'll definitely add that in.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks! I used the bevy_mod_outline crate. I had to make a fork of it because there's a weird issue with wasm on some linux machines (like mine ;_; ) but it's basically the same crate.

Thanks for playing!

I liked the ducks and the music. I liked how you introduced the broken ice concept. I had trouble with a couple puzzles but still had a good time. Nice work!

This was a relaxing treat! The duck sounds are cute

Pretty neat, I forgot bloom works on web now. I had trouble getting some of the combinations to work, like the lightening bolt one.. and then I found mud bomb and was like "aww yeaaaaah"

I died at some point but I think it'd be cool if the waves came from different directions or if you had to use different combinations against different enemy types.. it seemed like everything worked against everything for me?

Neat game and the music was dope

thank you 🙏

yeah, I definitely feel like I'm just scratching the surface here. I had a bunch of ideas but tried to keep it simple for the jam.. the towers are setup to "deploy" on the side of the track you're closest to (more or less, my math was a little hazy there 👀) and they're setup to shoot at the spot your kart was at when you deployed them.. so it's like a tactic/challenge where you'd be trying to drive to where you want the tower to shoot.

Thank you for the great feedback! In retrospect, I definitely got used to racing the track; that's a lesson I need to learn for sure.