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"I'm a sign" Wow so deep...

I wish there was more content and a bit more polishing but it's normal for a jam. Good job :D

Really nice game! Absolutely loved the artstyle :D

A bit hard but really fun to play

I took me some time to understand that I had to time my shots but after that it was quite fun :D

Only minor downside is the lack of audio and animations. I'm sure it would make the game more engaging. Other than that fun experience!

Loved the rad mechanic it makes for interesting gameplay. Also the game is well polished from the UI to the character animations. Only small downside is I think the combat start to become a bit too long after health increased but this is just a matter of tweaking.

I think you could exploit the radiation mechanic even more :D (like putting some non linear evolution to push the player to try and reach high level of radiation or something like that).

Overall great experience which could become a really interesting game with some more content! Keep it up

Thanks for your amazing feedback :D

Yeah that jump is impossible I guess I forgot to playtest that part. Good recommendations I'll make sure to think about it when I post an update!

Cool game idea :D and the music fits very well. I just think the difficulty isn't going up fast enough when you only have one room left. Other than that fun game!

Loved the artstyle and good story :D I had a small bug where the player kept its dead sprite (a burnt blob) during the rest of the game. Other than that great job! 

Great gameplay mechanic, it was fun to see my character move faster/jump higher as I was frantically looking for the way out :D

Only minor downside is finding yourself stuck somewhere and having to wait for a bit. Other than that fun game and aesthetically pleasing art!

Liked the art style and absolutely loved the music :D

I found it quite hard but kept trying because  I was so into the music. I'm glad you added a minimap it is very useful to navigate. Maybe you could also try zooming out a bit to have a clearer view of what's happening around you. Overall fun game! 

Didn't expect the fishes to fuse  I had a good laugh :D

Fun game and well polished. Maybe it needs some balancing with the rate/cost but nothing too serious. Other than that it would be really cool to have a text with the point per second somewhere to see progress. Great work!

Very cool idea whether you want to try to understand what is happening or just sit back and admire the chain reactions! I loved the fact that you allowed for random levels too. Overall fun and surprising experience :D

Hi, I loved the animations of the player. The game feels nice to play and you nailed the groundpound effects. I think it fits the theme and the limitation perfectly :D.

I had a small bug where I fell in the void and couldn't escape or respawn but maybe I just didn't undestand something. My only recommandation would be to maybe make shorter levels or cut them with some sort of checkpoint system because it can get a bit frustrating after some time.

Other than that I think it's a fun game, great work!

The controls are infuriating but in a perfect way :D Had fun playing it for some time even though I wasn't very talented. Only remark is that I found the scene could have used a bit more light. Overall great job!

Interesting game mechanic. I just found the movements to be a bit too slow. Other than that the simple artstyle does its job well and it is overall pretty fun to play. Good work!

Absolutely loved it! I think it fits the limitation very well and you managed to make the controls feel intuitive. Really fun experience! 

Nice gameplay idea and really good amount of polish. I liked the work you put into VFX and making some shop system for a feel of progression. Only thing I found a bit frustrating is the speed at which text appears (A bit too slow). Other than that fun experience!

I like the artstyle nice pixellisation, it's too bad you didn't have time to finish the game. I only managed to move around for a bit before the robot became uncontrollable. I think I get what you were going for with the mouse controls and I think it's a great use of the limitation. 

Great experience! The concept is simple but works just fine. I wish there was more levels ! Only thing is I think you need to improve the graphics a bit. Other than that great work

Thank you so much for your feedback! I'm so sad I didn't check how llama was was spelled in english before publishing a game about llamas... ^^

Really fun to play! It took me some time to go through all levels but that's just because I'm bad x)

Only detail is the UI looking a bit messy but it's understandable for a game jam. Overall great work you managed to create a fun experience!

Great game and impressive amount of content for a jam. I liked how polished it is.  I just wished the player was a bit faster. Well done

Well polished game and fun to play! Loved the effort put into the music. Impressive work for a week-long jam with pure javascript

Thanks for letting me know! The game is bugged and is not playable for some people. Maybe it will work with the download version ? Too bad you didn't get to play normaly :(

Thank you so much for your feedback! I intended on adding other mechanics like buildings allowing you to breed different units or giving bonuses etc.. but didn't have the time. Maybe I'll add more content in the future :D

I agree. I intended on adding more content and other mechanics (like buildings allowing you to breed different units) but didn't have the time. Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you for playing and for your feedback !The zombies shouldn't stop spawning after the 10th wave but the game has many bugs x)

The game looks great. Had a hard time trying to avoid the dark spirit and it made the exploring process a bit frustrating. However really interesting use of the theme!

Good idea but it was sometimes hard to read the compatibility percentage and lacked some sound. Other than that great take on the theme!

This game feels so good to play! Loved the music and the amount of content is impressive for a one week game. Well done

Loved the artstyle and the sound effects (especiallly the jump). Did not expect this ending but it made the whole game a lot more interesting. Great work!

Cool narrative! Took me some time to understand what was going first on but enjoyed it in the end :D

Too bad there is no keyboard support yet. The game looked interesting

Great work. Just wish there was more and maybe some music! 

Loved the idea of farming people! Really fun to play only thing I can think of is that the music loop is a bit short. Other than that I enjoyed the game a lot!

Awesome use of the limitation! Some music would help make it feel more alive but other than that good game 

One of the best idea I've seen in this jam so far! Really nice artstyle and gameplay I just wished there was more!

Great game! Really fun to play. The audio and the controls help make the game feel very responsive. I also loved the efforts put into the menu. Only thing is you could tune down the particle effect a bit when an enemy dies but it's really unimportant. Overall good work!

Great concept to use the limitation! However it took me a while to figue out what I was supposed to do and the controls. Maybe a more simple start or more explanations  would make it easier

Really good balancing of difficulty and the controls feel very responsive. Would be perfect with some music. Great game!

Enjoyed the music way too much.

 Fun game good work!