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Perhaps different types of attacks, or bonuses for certain types of attacks. Or perhaps things that affect future turns. Honestly, there's a lot you could go through, especially if you decide to expand the scope of the game. The world's your oyster.

The enemy sprites were enjoyable for my friends. I feel like there is little to no interactivity other than attack or defend, so the game was kinda a slog to get through. I feel that more choices other than take damage or not take damage might be worth exploring.

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The tutorial is too wordy for a simple game. I would suggest integrating it more. The sprites seemed weirdly stretched. Also, the text in the credits are too small to read.

Pretty simple and neat. Not particularly random, but it's definitely a good game on its own regardless of the jam theme. I had a fun time with it. I was able to go through a couple of the levels no issue. I do wish the walking was a bit faster, but that's a minor nitpick in an otherwise really good game.

This reminds me of a minecraft minigame. The mechanics are fine, I just wish there was more to it since it felt repetitive and the different stage hazards didn't change much. Also, I would probably change something about the music since it's a pretty short loop with not much variation. Overall, it's fine. A good start.

Got up to 13900. I love playing Tetris, but this is definitely more like Puyo Puyo/Mean Bean Machine. Luckily, I also love that game. This is just... fun! I loved stacking dice to try and make combos. This had my attention the entire time I was playing. A really solid game, I'd come back to this one!

The pixel art is pretty good. I had a fine time with the game. There were some guns that I just didn't see a use for, but I love the one where you fired two at once and the starter gun. I would love to see this expanded.

It was fun. Not particularly super innovative to the theme, but I had a pleasant time with it. I got farther than I would have expected. Pretty solid.

Yeah, this is one of the more fun games of the jam. I'm a sucker for these types of games. The "Woo, new dice!" was infectious. I wasn't able to get very far, but this was awesome. I would play this again. I don't know why, but this game is just... fun!

This is my bad, sorry! I'm not a coder in this team and this slipped through as I was writing the scene. Thank you for telling us about this; this was extremely useful. There was definitely bound to be one more webGL error again, and we'll try and fix this next time.

This explains it so much better, I was going off the top face versus the one on the bottom. Thanks for listening to feedback!

Yeah, I did. I was able to forward the cutscene by pressing random numbers, but quickly realized any button would do. Some text prompts would be lovely, though!

A visual novel is, pun unintended, novel for the prompt. However, I don't think there's really... much here in terms of interactions. Just rolling a die over and over. Overall, it serves as a decent tech demo for a possibility.

I kind of get the mechanics by the end. But this was really confusing without any instructions whatsoever. I feel you could have done a better job of writing instructions on the page instead of just "get to 0." I stumbled through the first few levels just rolling randomly before I actually got the mechanics, and by the end I was just frustrated.

The presentation is really good. I like the style and the story for this game a lot. I think the tech behind the game is really impressive, however I think the time limit is too harsh. It kind of feels like "rocks fall, everyone dies" especially when you have to wait for cycles of hazards. Otherwise, this feels like it might be a good exploration game. Additionally, it was hard to figure out where you were supposed to go; the floor was a bit too dark to see the bridges.

This is an okay game. I don't see the point of picking less than 3 dice, or having 5 dice to pick from (they're all random, anyways, so increase the amount of chances you have?). Additionally, I don't see any reason to pick any of the debuffs (why would you willingly poison yourself?) so it just devolved into always picking the attack options. The gameplay felt a bit repetitive as a result as there wasn't any feedback from enemies or the stage. I do appreciate the theming and the art direction, however. The chess piece thing was a nice touch. The fundamentals of a game are definitely there and it would be interesting to see what could be improved upon.

One of the more creative games I've seen during the jam. I would like to see this expanded upon. I love the character sprites, they're fantastic. The main mechanic was also pretty fun to play with. It would be nice to see at a glance what health the enemy has so you can time your shots a bit better, though, and the hitbox felt a bit weird. But this is something that I would love killing time with for a weekend.

I can definitely see the potential in this. However, I think y'all already know the issue with this being that there's basically no player interactivity other than pressing space.  I think this game could be interesting if there was more terrain to interact with and more control over where the car goes (perhaps choosing the direction?).  The racing direction is probably not the way you want to go though since this is singleplayer.

Also, minor nitpick, but it took a hot second to realize the controls: might be better to put that up front on the menu screen.

The graphics look nice and consistent, apart from the background graphic. This was more plinko-like than I expected.  The game might have been a bit *too* random, though. I feel like I wasn't really able to really learn how to use the movement properly.
But this one was a solid game, I don't really think much could break it. The fundamentals seem solid.

Incredibly creative mechanics, loved the rotating puzzles. The movement felt a bit janky, but I kinda get the gist of the game. I wish I was able to look before I went through a room, though.

I had a nice little time with it. Pretty good for the timeframe of a jam.

Some of the combinations in level 2 were a bit uncomfortable to press; I have a laptop with up and down being the size of one key total, so this may be a contributing factor. This is a relatively minor issue.

Also, the notes aren't really following the song so much so as they're following the tempo, but this is understandable.

The judgement text (perfect/early/good/etc) is white text on the white arrow. If this were to be improved, I'd suggest different colors or offsetting the text.

Maybe some small sound effects/a soundtest in the menu; I thought my sound wasn't working until I started a song.

Overall though, it was a nice little game. I had some fun with it, and it's clear that effort went into this.

Surprisingly interesting. Also, love the little gamepad easter egg.