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Really cool spinner mechanic. Is this the spiritual successor to Dog's Best Friend? I love that style!

Cool looking game!

This game is so fun. I want to buy the original now. Great job!

I can't believe I didn't play this one until now. I initially thought that rated first in every category is a little suspect but I would have given it full marks across the board. Awesome job!

This was my favorite Atari game as a kid. Very nice recreation.

Fun game! Nice retro feel. The cheat code seemed to be rapid firing the regular punch.

Fun game. Really good pixel art!

Really fun take on the game! My only complaint is the keyboard controls. IMO, the standard arrow keys and z, x would have been better. Great job though!

Shadow of the Colossus for Game Boy:

This was fun! Great job!

This is really great! Looks great, and it's fun. GJ!

Really fun game and really good use of the art. GJ!

Woah, really great concept! I'd like to see this expanded on. Great job!

This is awesome! Love this concept.

Cool game. Took me a bit to figure out what to do but then it got fun. GJ.

This was relaxing. GJ

Fun game. Nice power-ups.

Fun game! 

This game has a cool vibe. I just wish I could speed up the talking because there was a lot of it. BTW, it looks like you selected the fit screen option in Unity, so you can disable it on your itch page so you don't get the double full screen icon.

Fun game!

Fun game!

Really nice puzzles.

Fun game! It made a lot more sense when I actually read the instructions.

Such a cool concept. Casino games with a story and a battle mechanic. Looks fantastic too.

I found a new bug that I'm keeping in. You can actually steal the gas from the other player if you run into him while they're headed back to their car.

Ha ha ha! You Ferris Bueller'd the game. Awesome!

Wow, there's a lot to this game. Nice job!

Fun game! 

Great game! I kind of suck at it though. One thing it could use is a rubber-banding effect like in Mario Kart games. 

Nice little platformer. I like that you instantly respawn to keep you playing. Too bad you couldn't make it longer, I wanted to play more.