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If you made this a dating sim, I would be so happy.

I liked it but i felt that the mature language didn't quite fit the tone and aesthetic you were going for. Good job nonetheless! Definitely could see this as a heavy hitter in the competition.

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I gotta say that I expected it to be an RPGMaker game but once i booted it up, I was surprised with how the game was in 3D. It reminded me of harvest moon for some reason. At any rate, I will say that it's very grindy (which isn't bad, people enjoy that) and the combat had a lot of love and effort behind it. 

The music in this game is also a strong point of the game and it's so subtle that you don't even notice how fitting the music is until you realize you're humming the battle theme. 

My main gripe about this is the lack of plot/character development. The story feels a flat in my opinion and there's not much going for the characters cause the interactions are very brief. Kent felt like a cookie cutter JRPG protagonist and Lain felt like a carbon copy of strong female lead other games have done before. This isn't necessarily a bad thing imo since archetypes have *always* been a thing and I can definitely see you fleshing out the characters in the final game but imo, what you have right now has been done before by so many JRPGs and I would love to see you do a different take instead.  I firmly believe however that you can get away with the lack of interesting plot/not fleshing out your characters because of how the game is presented which imo is 5 stars.

TL:DR: Probably a favorite to win IGMC. Would definitely love to see more work on the plot and maybe difficulty options for those who don't want to grind. Good job!

Playing this and I can't help but agree. The whole hospital scene felt like a totally different game as soon as you hit the other survivors. It did have the best jump scare in the game tho at the hospital. One thing that I am not a fan off in this game was (SPOILER ALERT STOP READING IF YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED IT) choosing an item after talking to the TV. I genuinely felt that it would've been a better experience had you let the player's choice affect the game later on rather than basically forcing the player to choose an item. I also was hoping we got to pick between carlos and raven. I know this isn't a choice-based game but the way you presented that scene felt like we would've gotten an option especially since we just came from a part where we got to choose our actions. 

Could use some work. stick to one style and it would be a solid game. I wanna give a high rating exclusively to the second part cause once it got the ball rolling, it got really interesting. The puzzle part in the beginning, not so much.

I'm not sure how to feel about this. The game itself feels like it accomplished what it was going for by being a fire emblem inspired title. It's just little things here and there that kill it for me. I'm not a fan of extremely overpopulated enemies in basically the beginning of the game as i feel like the beginning should serve as a way to ease the player into the gaming experience. Also the dialogue is hard to follow because it alternates between bottom and top with no distinctive pattern. I would just stick to either or. 

It's a little too difficult for me but the art style reminds me of diablo with some turn based combat. Impressive for a month's work.  

Default stuff here and there but man the plot and character development in this game is insane. Not to mention the foreshadowing of characters and just the variety of responses you allow the player to have definitely make this game more personal. I feel like there's definitely some replay value here. I was a bit disappointed not to see more custom art aside from that title screen but I really connected with the characters. I hope the judges get to the castle section at least cause you stuffed a lot of side content and i'm worried they won't get to that point within an hour. TL;DR: Good job! 5 stars from me!

PS, Erika is a treasure!

Not a lot of content yet but i can see what you are going for. 

This is probably one of the heavy hitters this IGMC. Impressive work and very well put together! 5 stars!

I honestly would love to see you expand on the lore of the tengu and maybe flesh out the main character and her classmates? the atmosphere is there but the feelings of terror and fear are overridden by my confusion cause i have no idea what's going on. keep it up though. that banner really is eye-grabbing too. would love to see some glowing eyes in the character models of the tengu personally.

I really wanted to like this game but there's hardly any exposition and there's mostly combat which felt a bit tedious. I love the art and custom work and the battle system does have really good potential but it just feels so tedious rn especially the beginning fight with the knight and the squire.