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Playing this and I can't help but agree. The whole hospital scene felt like a totally different game as soon as you hit the other survivors. It did have the best jump scare in the game tho at the hospital. One thing that I am not a fan off in this game was (SPOILER ALERT STOP READING IF YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED IT) choosing an item after talking to the TV. I genuinely felt that it would've been a better experience had you let the player's choice affect the game later on rather than basically forcing the player to choose an item. I also was hoping we got to pick between carlos and raven. I know this isn't a choice-based game but the way you presented that scene felt like we would've gotten an option especially since we just came from a part where we got to choose our actions. 

Could use some work. stick to one style and it would be a solid game. I wanna give a high rating exclusively to the second part cause once it got the ball rolling, it got really interesting. The puzzle part in the beginning, not so much.