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Default stuff here and there but man the plot and character development in this game is insane. Not to mention the foreshadowing of characters and just the variety of responses you allow the player to have definitely make this game more personal. I feel like there's definitely some replay value here. I was a bit disappointed not to see more custom art aside from that title screen but I really connected with the characters. I hope the judges get to the castle section at least cause you stuffed a lot of side content and i'm worried they won't get to that point within an hour. TL;DR: Good job! 5 stars from me!

PS, Erika is a treasure!

Personally I'm on Team Myrana!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. Definitely going for more intricate plots and expanding more on the other NPCs. I firmly believe in creating a world that isn't black and white in terms of morality and alignment.