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Good job, thanks for playing!

Thanks for continuing to follow up on this, Kai. Indeed, hopefully that backporting ends up happening!

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Ah, bummer. I know the feeling all too well. 🙃

Do you think 2021.x is now mature enough that it's worth investigating this more? I would quite like to get this issue resolved, if possible.

Wow, thanks for the follow-up after so long, Kai!

Can you clarify what version of 2021.1 you're using where you see this as fixed? I just tried with 2021.1.14f1, and sadly I'm still seeing the same behavior in both my test and real projects.

Very interesting, thanks for the in-depth description. The screenshots you posted look just like what I see in the editor, so I'm glad to know it's not just something on my end, at least.

Yes, that's correct, no change from switching between screen/world space. The original spot I noticed this was in world-space UI.

I tried removing that conditional, but it didn't seem to have any effect. Quads don't seem to render in builds either for my main project (iOS build), or test project (Mac build).

Definitely understand 2021 is hot off the presses and there might not be much you can do at this point. I'd been holding out for point light shadows, but now that they're in, URP perf gains are just too much to pass up. Worst case, I can just rework things to avoid using quads until you're unblocked. Thanks for looking into it!

Thanks for the quick reply, Kai. TexCoord1 is selected in the additional shader channels on the parent canvas.

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Hi there, I've been using quads successfully with the built-in render pipeline, but am currently in the process of upgrading my project to URP to take advantage of some significant mobile performance boosts. I'm hitting an issue with quads in UI, however. All of my testing has been in 2021.1.0f1.

Quads show up fine in world space STM instances, but not within UI. I set up an example scene in a fresh project with two STM instances to demonstrate this:

Is this a known issue, or am I possibly missing some sort of setup process? I tried searching here and in the docs with no luck.

Super awesome. I love the way things unlock as you progress.