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The mechanic was really unique. It got frustrating at parts, but it was so interesting I couldn't put it down. Eventually I learned better control of the phase jumps and managed to get all the veggies. Nice job!

Great execution. Really enjoyed seeing what every new debug feature had in store. Took me a while to pick up on uses for some of them, but it was satisfying when it clicked.

Excellent puzzle game that leaves me wanting more. Enjoyed every mechanic and each one has good possibilities for puzzles. Hope you'll have an opportunity to continue this to add a few more levels in between and smooth out the learning curve, and also go even further with it.

It seems like there's a lot of interesting stuff here but I'm having trouble piecing it together. I'm not sure when is the right time to switch between modes or weapons. I hope you'll have a chance to continue on this project since it was still pretty nice to play and I managed to get into a flow with it.

Incredibly well thought out. The learning experience was tough, but I stuck it through and slowly began to learn more bit by bit. Really loved seeing things come together. Especially the connections between some modes (like power going out, or things to find in some modes that help you in other modes). Great job!

I can see myself playing a lot more of this one. Big fan of Into the Breach, the additional upgrades and dice elements work really well. Can be pretty tough though. Some small bugs like the King ruining my energy stat every time it attacks. Also if there's any indicator of how many hits the base can take, I couldn't find it.

Nice concept, would like to see where you take it.

Great job on the presentation. I loved the out-of-game aspect, would really enjoy more of that if you expand on this project!

Great game. I played up to the broken vent. Having to use the mouse introduces new challenges that weren't an issue in Celeste, and yet it feels great to get a handle on the suck and blow mechanic. Levels were designed very well to complement the mechanics. In a full game I could see the learning curve being more gradual though, since a lot of precision and dexterity is required.

Pure fun. Really great personality to this game through and through. Each new mode was great, but I have an appreciation for chairlift mode the most.

Congrats on learning a new engine! We learned a lot of new things about Godot during this gamejam too.

The visuals and music are charming and I would be happy to see more of it. As others said I didn't feel much pressure to switch between modes, but I still did it anyway for fun and it seemed like there was good potential for performing combos by switching between each mode. Maybe if cooldowns were longer then it would encourage getting the most out of both modes. The combat still felt good regardless. Great job!

Really nice atmosphere. It was tough to get used to the mechanics but once I started to get a hang of things it felt really good to drift. I kept going for a while but my run ended when I ran into some invisible walls blocking the track, probably after 5 or so warps. Still, this game felt pretty chill and really nailed the vibe you were going for. Well done!

Nice game with some good moments of driving and flying around the terrain. I'll echo the frustration of the police mechanic. And I also had trouble when I needed to drive towards the camera or had trees blocking the camera. Still, these frustrations still led to some interesting situations since I was able to jump on top of a police car while driving and use it as a launching pad to start flying, which was pretty funny.

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you learned how to deal with the attack, since that can be punishing.

Cool game. I had some trouble at first though. Norbin Time didn't work right playing on 1440p. It also took me some time to figure out how to take down certain enemies. After I got past those issues, I was able to get into a good flow and it was pretty enjoyable. Nice work.

Thank you for playing. I could see the tutorial being expanded as well. Appreciate the feedback!

For the most part I found it to be a relaxing game which I appreciated. There were some moments of frustration like when I hit a generator too many times and the moving platforms glitched out. Also some awkwardness with jumping. I liked having to swap to the zap tool to deal with enemies, so I could see this expanding with more modes that are necessary to deal with even more situations. Nice game!

Really interesting concept. I enjoyed seeing what each new mode would bring. And when I got stuck it was satisfying to consider the tools that each mode brings to get me past a situation.

The story was funny. And there were a lot of different modes! Fish mode was definitely my favorite.

That's a really interesting concept. It was funny to be in hardmode trying to defeat the scary enemies, then switch to easy mode and seeing them be cute and healing me. I didn't feel much pull to really get out of easymode quickly though even if it meant less damage. Unfortunately I'm not sure if I ran into a bug, since after the 3rd or 4th room it never let me leave even after I defeated all of the enemies.

The art was really nice. The spin on the genre with the card mechanic made things engaging to figure out the right order to use cards in. One thing I had difficulty was it seemed like once I started to get powerful, enemies stopped spawning for like the last half of every minute and there was a lot more downtime than I was expecting. It tackles the theme well. Overall great job!

Thanks for playing! I'm a big fan of Pikmin too.

Thanks for playing! I enjoyed designing each upgrade and figuring out what kinds of upgrades would benefit the gameplay.

Thanks for giving the game a try! I'm glad to hear about overcoming the obstacle with the first bigger monster. I thought it was fun to throw these guys and get more too, so I'm happy that shone through.

Thanks for playing! Glad you were able to figure out how to deal with the big blob.

This has an interesting idea. I think more levels to slowly learn mechanics + more clarity on how some things work would really help it to shine. I found it difficult to get past the turret even when I was carrying someone in front of me. Seeing the actions play out in sequence at the end was fun, good job!

Really fun take on the upgrade game genre. I appreciated always having the next goal to look forward to. It kept me invested the whole way through.

That was a fun gameplay loop. I initially wondered why I would need to turn airplane mode off and then I suddenly got pulled into each storyline and had to keep checking my messages and work email. Really simulates the feeling of needing to check your phone quickly. Great job!

This is a silly game and I enjoy that. The big levels are good at presenting different opportunities to make use of all the tools provided. I enjoyed performing the pogo jumps and building momentum. On the final level I got lost. But still it was a fun game!

I enjoyed the gameplay of swapping between dimensions at the same time as the platforming challenges. The visuals do a good job of indicating where platforms are at in each dimension. Two different ways to win was a great idea!

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Nice take on the Dark Souls formula. The combat has a good weight to it. I didn't run into many situations that forced me to use the large variety of moves available. But the poison+proc gameplay seemed like a fun take to encourage a different kind of play style. The mushroom world was nice to explore too.

Unfortunately it seems like I ran into an issue where the final boss didn't really fight back, but I had fun testing out the combat system!

Thanks for playing! The big monster can be challenging, since it requires keeping an eye on when it's about to attack and calling your Kimchis away so they don't get hurt. I appreciate your feedback. :)

A dev of the game here. If you're looking for a group to play the game with, feel free to check out the steam group and we can coordinate a time to play. BBBB Steam Group

Cool visuals! The gameplay is fun and very challenging.

Wow, this game truly is pure torture! Neat concept. My highscore is 137.

I think you realized the game mechanic fully in a concise way. My favorite part was the final level. I spent forever on that! I wonder if anyone can top my amazing highscore of -22820. I see now that I could have done a lot better aha. Awesome game!

A dev of the game here. If you're looking for a group to play the game with, feel free to check out the steam group and we can coordinate a time to play. BBBB Steam Group

Really neat concept!