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Thank you so much!

Hey, that's pretty neat!

Thank you! It's always great to see that people are enjoying our game!

Thank you! Great video!

Hey, thanks!

What if the character appeared one tile further when arriving on the next screen though?

Pretty nice, simple and short game! I like the aesthetic and the idea behind it! :)

Bug report! The game switches screen  when reaching the end of the screen rather than  by pressing right/left when at the edge, result: right after entering a new screen, you can press up/down and it will switch to the previous one, continuously press up or down and it will switch between the two constantly.

(will delete the comment if asked (for if you fix the stuff))

Nice, I finished it.

Pretty fun, and nice looking!
I feel like the running speed and the rotational acceleration aren't properly linked to each other.

Really nice!
If you really are going for the buller hell kind, you should make the player's hitbox waaay smaller (down to a point).
I like all the variations on the bosses and patterns (I got up to th pirate ship).

It's a nice base for a game.
Projectile are Way too hard to dodge, the fact that they are coming from every direction makes it pretty random.
The  camera is too offset to the center of the character's 'head', which makes it possible to look through walls.
Also, I don't really see how it fit the strip?
I quite liked the 'lobby' though.

Overall feels pretty polished.
The radio code isn't well audible.
Too few of the elements are actually necessary, [spoiler] I could very well see someone see the MhZ value on the painting, directly going to the radio and finishing immediately without seeing any more of the game. The clues aren't that useful compared to just trying stuff.

The game is good fun.
I think a more interesting interpretation of the comic would be playing as the player rather than playing as the paddle.

Fun and cute!
I can't really seem to get close enough for the professor to be satisfied, even sometime when right in front of the bun with the zoom...
The "friends" value is also a bit nebulous.

My only 5 star in fun so far.
It's a really great mechanic, with quite good levels! It's just a shame there are so few of them..
The depth on the visuals makes it look really interesting!

I don't get how the game reflects in any way on the statement...
The game was pretty nice still.

Feels really incomplete due to all the missing areas.
I feel that searching the world in the search of an answer somehow left by a previous programmer is a good analogy to the state of mind that is described in the comic. Quit good on that front.

Putting in video game form doesn't really work for me... By saying "You win the game" from within a game, you somehow talk less about The Game, but about the game that you are saying that in. Does that make any sense? ^^'
Good intention I guess, but I think it really works better as a comic (or just orally).

My only five star in visuals so far. It looks great! The sounds also goes quite well with it.
It's not very xkcd, but beautiful in it's own way!

So, it's a simple little 2D Katamari Damacy? I'm fine with that...
Quite short, which isn't much of a problem.
I would excpecting more 'Katamari Damacy' for the music.
Overall still quite fun.

Really interesting.
Those mechanics could really be extended upon!
I was confused about the fact that you could jump above gaps and walls as the bishop.

The controls are a bit finicky, and it is unclear what each move is used for, which doesn't really fit the "it's a fantasy" aesthetic.
The visuals are kind of fun.

The game was nice, nothing exceptional.
Controls in "construction mode" are really unclear. It took me a while to realise I could actually place multiple balloons. After the weather balloon is unlocked, it's really a matter of how many you can fit at once, at which point I was able to go above ~50km height.

Pretty nice and fun.
I don't get what you are supposed to do in level 9. I don't think The mechanic about bad words adds much. Nor does the timer.

Nice simple mechanical game.
Doesn't really capture the feel of the xkcd strip, but doesn't seem to try too either.
Pause buffering is op.

Loved it.
Great narrative, with great sound design to go with it!
It totally missed that there was a way to get new object until I read the comments though.
I feel that a "legacy mode" as said in the description would take away a lot of what made he ending hit for me.

Great premise!
Too bad for the level design that isn't that great (or rather not adapted to the the finickyness of the controls). I couldn't get past level 3, and the frustration that came with it didn't really match the overall tone of the game.

I quite liked it.
The art is cute.
It's just a shame it falls a bit flat on the gameplay (due to overambition probably). Also, for the several annoying gameplay quirks, like the need to collect items again if you fall in the water, but not if you abort just before losing...

The rules are unclear.
But once you've gone past that, it's great! I'd love to see this game extended upon!

Very nice.
Too bad the datas aren't that varied (mostly "XXX net worth"), it would be nice to have more "categories", and also actually group them in the world according to which of these "categories" they are in (like in the comic).
I like the fact that you can't go faster. It really helps putting things into perspective (this is me complimenting a lack of feature).
It would also be nice to be able to pick up and rearrange them yourself, also to help you compare things.

Somewhere around there. Space is big!

You can go back to any astral body my clicking on "Focus Astral Body" and then the desired body.

Good question!

Russell's (teapot) is now released and available for download!

Explore space, find a shark, explore space, get lost, explore space, find a teapot!

Get it now!

Truly astonishing! Exploring these alien landscapes is fascinating!

Ok, I now understand how it works, and I quite like it!