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Very nice.
Too bad the datas aren't that varied (mostly "XXX net worth"), it would be nice to have more "categories", and also actually group them in the world according to which of these "categories" they are in (like in the comic).
I like the fact that you can't go faster. It really helps putting things into perspective (this is me complimenting a lack of feature).
It would also be nice to be able to pick up and rearrange them yourself, also to help you compare things.

Thanks, and I completely agree with the criticism. I had intended to add groups, but didn't manage to spend anywhere near the amount of time I wanted on this, due to spending most of the weekend being ill. If you grab the downloadable version, you can check out the different categories, which was the first step towards adding groups.

I was wondering how to compare the amounts better, but hadn't even considered letting you carry the blocks. I'll have to implement that when I come back to this. I've been meaning to put in the rest of the data from the original comic, so that'll be an easy extra feature I can add. Cheers!