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Hey Daza. I've taken the page down temporarily while I sort out a few things. I haven't stopped working on the game, but I'm also working a full time job, so my development time is limited, and I don't feel like the work is moving fast enough to justify keeping the page online right now. I'll update the page later this year when I'm ready to start making some noise again.

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Thanks! If you press the RMB, the camera will zoom and you'll be able to find out what the distant piles are. That's a secret undocumented feature I... er... probably should've documented.

Update: Secret feature no longer secret!

Not sure why it's doing that. It should be locking and hiding the mouse cursor, at least until you press escape or alt-tab to another program. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks Naomi!

Yes, I can fix the money texture. I've already got the code for making meshes and assigning UVs, I was just using a worldspace triplanar shader to get something up and running quickly, and didn't find the time to redo it. That's top of the list for changes, but I'm waiting til after the judging's over.

I'll probably add portraits, for some visual variety as well as a sense of scale, but I'm not planning to make 3D models of any of the people. Although... I'm writing a procedural character generator for another project, so that might be an option. Hmm...

Thanks, and I completely agree with the criticism. I had intended to add groups, but didn't manage to spend anywhere near the amount of time I wanted on this, due to spending most of the weekend being ill. If you grab the downloadable version, you can check out the different categories, which was the first step towards adding groups.

I was wondering how to compare the amounts better, but hadn't even considered letting you carry the blocks. I'll have to implement that when I come back to this. I've been meaning to put in the rest of the data from the original comic, so that'll be an easy extra feature I can add. Cheers!

Me too. I'm working on a procedural city game that's crying out for a VR mode.

Rift. I was one of the original Kickstarter backers, which is why I own a nice VR headset I'm currently unable to use.

Thanks. I actually own a VR headset, but my PC's not beefy enough to use it.

I'd like to add some extra graphics sometime, like portraits leaning against the piles, or simple 3D models. 

You can actually add custom amounts yourself, by editing the text files in the data folder, or adding new text files. As long as you keep to the format "Name of thing;1000" on each line, and don't leave any extra info or blank lines, you should be fine.

v0.04 The main game's done, with four difficulty levels and a simple scoring system. Next version will keep track of scores for each difficulty, and hopefully have a few less bugs. Maybe even Oculus Rift support, if I can find the time.

This is still a work in progress. i'm hoping to get one more build done before the deadline, with music, more sound effects and a working score system. I'd also love to add melee weapons and guns, but I doubt I'll have time.