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Yes, sure

Really cool idea. I couldn't beat the first room, I think it's because the enemies got stuck somewhere in the room.  I wish I could because the game was really fun. 

You can investigate how nav mesh agent works in Unity cause they will help the enemy AI to avoid obstacles and reach the player.

Nice game! Sometimes the pink car goes to fast so it can't make some curves and it gets stuck on buildings. I like the background music and how the time slows down. I enjoyed playing the game, good job!

The main menu was very original. I didn't know what to do until I realize there is text that explains everything on the right. I like how the weapon aiming works but it was really hard for me the part of the wall jump. Overall a fun platformer, good job!

Nice game! It would be useful some kind of pause menu and also bind the circles to keys so you can choose between using the mouse or the keyboard. I like the background music ! Good job!

Nice game, I like the art style. Some sfx and music background will make the game much better. Also I think that the green skeletons are really hard to fight. Overall great game and very polished animations.

Thanks for the feedback and thank you for taking the time to play our game. The dash is actually a teleportation so the camera movement is a little bit tricky to get it right. The JKL controls were implement because of the feedback people gave us!

Hey KaiserKrieg! Remapping the keys is always a really good functionality but we were a bit short on time. We will take a look at the spikes damage. We are glad to hear you had a good experience!

Nice to hear you like the game! Thanks for the feedback!

Good job. It was entertaining to aim at the tanks, I wish they can shoot you back. When I got the ion weapon I couldn't find the satellite but I think that was my fault. Overall a fun game!

Nice game. I think there are too many enemies, it was pretty hard. It would be cool if the arrows can collide with the buildings. The level design was very good. I had a lot of fun, good job!

I enjoyed the game a lot. I like the upgrades, it gives the player a sense of progression. The background music is really chill and it makes the game much more enjoyable. Nice work!

I like the fact that the distances are accurate with the reality. It was hard for me to know which asteroids should avoid and sometimes shadows hide some of them. Overall a fun and entertaining game. Good job!

Nice stealth game. I got a little bit stuck on the last level where a guard is standing in front of a door. I end up going pass next to him without him seeing me.  It is entertaining, I wish it has more levels. Good job!

We will take a look and we'll try to fix it. Thank you for taking the time of trying it again!

Nice game. It would be cool if you add more difficulty as you run further such as going faster or more obstacles. I really enoyed it, good work!

Really good game. I like how the sounds match with the animations and collisions perfectly. It's a really polished game!

I love the art and idea of the game. Sometimes it was a little bit annoying when the player dropped the weapon when healed. I like the introduction. Good game!

Nice game, I read the game page so I understood how the game works but maybe it would be better to add the instructions and the start of the game. Also I think that if you add more screenshots to the game page more people will play it! 

I had a lot fun playing the game, nice work!

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Nice little game. I didn't quite get if the gun that spawns gave me any bonus. It is very original the idea of a shooter inside a clock. Good job!

Edit: the background music is great!

Cool game. I can't gow down with the S key but I can with the down arrow, I don't know if it's a bug or it's intended. I died while rescuing a person and when I revived I couldn't move :S. I like the retro style of the game and the music.

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Really cool game. I really like bullet hell games. The starting menu is very original and I like how the upgrades works. I think that adding the player health in the upgrades screen will make easier to the user to know if he should heal or not. Overall I really enjoy it, good work!

Edit: you should activate you windows ;)

The level design is really good! I enjoyed the game a lot. Good job!

Nice game. I like the character animations. It would be nice to have some checkpoints and sometimes when I died the enemies could still hit me and the sound for taking damage played. I had a lot of fun and the starting dialogue was entertaining. Good job!

We are happy to hear you like the game!

Nice game,  some levels are pretty hard! I don't understand when the repair tools goes through walls and when not. The visual and the sound match really well. I love the retro style. Good job!

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Hi pixelook. Thansk for trying our game!. Where you playing on a Mac. We found a bug where the WebGL version is not running correctly on Macs. Can you try the downloadable Mac build and tell us if is it better? Thank you for your time!

Edit: I just played you game and left a review! I love the retro style!

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Hi gigapully. Thanks for trying our game! Where you playing on a mac?

Edit: I just played you game and left a comment. Nice game, very fun!

Nice game! It would be nice if the crosshair follow the mouse so it's easier to know where the mouse is. Also I think I found a bug where the player can keep shooting after it dies. I like the sound and the art. Good job 

Nice game. I got stuck when I got the cloack. I couldn't make the last dash between the walls. I like the secret rooms and the items you gain when you kill bosses. I had a lot of fun!

Hi kaeveris! You also have the options to move with W, A, S, D and use the abilities with J, K, L which are next to each other. We are glad to hear you liked the art :)

The wall jump was really hard to get it right and we think it still needs some work. We are happy to hear you like the game!

Nice to hear you liked the game! Thanks for the feedback! The J,K,L controllers was implemented after the feedback everyone gave us.

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Nice game! I think that the bow is a little bit underpowered in comparison with the other weapons. I liked the upgrades between arenas, it gives you a sense of progression. The tutorial was really useful. Good job!

Edit: I think that some game screenshots will make more people try the game

I like the idea of the game. I think the character movement needs a little bit of work, the character doesn't stop moving as soon as I stop holding the key making me fall from a lot of platforms. Overall I had fun playing the game, I wish it would have more level.

Incredible art and sound effects! The gameplay was original and the level where you need to match the names was really hard. Overall a fun and entertaining game. Good job!

We are glad to hear that is fixed now. Thanks for the feedback!

I really like the tutorial. It was very explanatory. Sometimes I felt the jumping was a bit strange but maybe it was because the mage was too young. A very enjoyable game. Nice entry!

Hi CodingRook! Thanks for trying our game. Did you try using the dash for that jump? You can use it by pressing Shift or L. 

TIP: You can use the double jump and the dash in the air to jump even further!

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, currently the dash is a teleportation. Maybe by changing some parameters in how the camera moves when dashing can make it feel like an actual dash.  We are glad you like the game :)