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I added in my own art text box for the text bubble and now the text is not centering onto it.

How did you make the text center on your own custom art? I added in pixel art for the bubble and the text is now above my bubble.

When making a JRPG combat system, the hardest part is handling multiple party members. If you don’t have multiple party members. Then it shouldn’t be as hard, but still, time-consuming. 

Anyway, the way I would go about it is using a state machine.



SORT_ARRAY,  ## if you want to choose the first player to move based on speed







var state = START

And under the process function use the 'match' keyword. ( you don’t have to put everything under the process function or in the state machine some chunks of code are better off under a separate function )


                match state:


                                                                ##code here

                                                                state = SORT



                                                                if not dead:

                                                                                State = START ## creates an endless loop until someone dies and you go into the end state

                                                                 elif dead:

                                                                                State = END_BATTLE

 This is just a quick example, you can do a lot with a state machine. Heartbeast has a great tutorial on youtube about them.  Not sure if you already tried using one, but I hope that helps some!

They can be used interchangeably, so no difference

Nice pong game, very challenging  

fun game play and fun graphics to look at!

This is a very fun game that serves a challenge! 

I really liked the shooting mechanic!

Cool game!

My first time playing this sort of idle game, very cool!

Really fun puzzle game, very zen feel when i'm not losing xD . My only suggestion is to make it more obvious with which block you can move. Besides that , great game!

Love clicking those buttons

Great game!  I love the feel of the mechanics and the beautiful pixel art looks good!

Really fun, at first I wasn't sure if the control change was on purpose but once I figured it out the game really came to life

Music, game-play art, are all amazing! All around good game.

Really fun,  it was also super satisfying to destroy the planets. The only problem iIran into is that it seems like the controls are really loose, I would move my mouse a little and the space ship would spin alot. Either way great space game !

Nice game, love the music!

The graphics looks really good!  Fun game, controls can be a little clunky at times.

This is really good, the ant man mechanics are cool!  And the music goes perfectly too 

I love tower defense games, this is great!

lol bot came out of nowhere. Good game!

Cool idea and gameplay, really original! Just cant refresh when I did a level wrong and got stuck.

Looked  good and seemed really promising but like btzr-io said the shoot wouldn't work for me either, even after I got the gun.

 Couldn't get pass 8 lol, this game is addicting 

Wow, very good game!

K thanks for explaining I can  play it to rate  now

Such a cute and chill game

Fun gameplay! You do die pretty quickly and it then crashes. But besides that I really like the idea and also the art.

Nice game, I couldn't figure out what the controls are

Would like to rate but windows file is broken

Interesting, I like that the card breakable terrain was used in puzzle form, super clever.  Fun play!

Yea realized my idea may have been a little to big for a short game jam but it was to late to give up! Also that's weird that you cant craft items in the defense section. Were you pressing enter?  Either way,  I see I need to work on getting  instructions across to the player better in the future. 

Thanks for holding off, I fixed the buttons but I didn't run into the issue with the door, odd. Maybe it will work now.

Never thought rolling back and forth could be so satisfying and fun

7/10 droplets.  Nice game!  The seamless intro and title looked great and so did the art. The platforming mechanics were smooth and I really liked that there is a checkpoint when you die.  Wish the beet moved a little faster tho.

Cool game! I was really enjoying it but when I press e to collect its not working for me, using windows.

Simple idea, still cool.  Was hard to damage trolls tho , maybe the hitboxes were a little off. Besides that, worked good without any issues. I like the main charterer art also, reminds me of undertale.

The snail is a funny character,  I love how seamless it is and your take on the name wild card is very clever.  The bats were annoying but I'm sure that's the point xD