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My first ever mobile game. Well, just tap it and see the ball make its way up . It's available on Google Play Store.  Give it a try if you have some time to spare. :)

Check it out here:

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I also already planned on making a totally different game than the limitation. I even planned a simple layout of each levels. Then the limitation comes hit me like a truck.


Now I have to start back from zero. But I'm probably just going to do a simple food serving game with a theme of UFO (I know it's wack). I don't have any idea honestly. *cries*

But I do think it's going to be fun though. Can't wait to make this game. :)

This tips is not beginner friendly at all. If you are new, do whatever comes to your mind because you can learn a lot from literally anything.

I just wondered because I never explore software other than Unity for my game.

I am currently developing a simple game where player need to type to navigate throughout the game. I am using Dev C++ to develop it. Can I publish the game here?

I already did a few days ago. You can see my review in the comment. :)

Thank you for checking it out! Really appreciate it! :)

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This game is really well made. I really like the simple art and animations. This game reminds me of Ao Oni a little bit. Maybe the map design. Also breaking fourth wall? Amazing.  Anyway, nice work! ^^

This game is pretty cool. It is kind of hard to grasp the flow at first but as you play through it, the game is actually a lot of fun. Really nice way of implementing stronger together. Great work!

So I like the theme. It fits really well with "the world" situation right now. Other than that, this game is pretty much just an endless runner. But that doesn't mean it is bad or anything. Really great effort considering you made it all by yourself!

Yeah even I think the game is too hard. But I already decrease the difficulty to make it playable. Thank you for checking this out! :)

Thank you for checking this out! :)

Very cool game and the way you deliver the theme is very straight to the point. Also, the little ending is really nice. I like it. Nice work! ^^

Pretty cool. The theme is not too bad actually. Very straight to the point. I feel like audio is definitely needed. To create more immersion. Other than that, great effort. :)

am I supposed to just jump over the wall without solving puzzle? Anyway, this game lacks a lot of things but it's fine. You can always improve the game to make it really good in the future. Great effort! :)

Great idea but it feels incomplete. Would love to play more in the future. Otherwise, great effort!

Pretty cool game although it feels too short. But since you said you had no time so that is understandable. Other than that, I feel like the gameplay is definitely need more, maybe some more action. Also, the music is kind of annoying, but it's not bad though. Anyway, great effort! ^^

I really like the way player and friendo combine their strength there. But the gameplay is still lacking in some area. Other than that, it is definitely fits with the theme really well. Great effort! ^^

This game is so adorable. I really like it. This game is literally too perfect. Vey nice work! Also this reminds me of Chicken Run. :D

Pretty cool game! But it felt to empty and the theme does not really match that well. But it can definitely be improve. Otherwise, great effort! ^^

A very creative idea and great execution! I like the song too. Very nice and calming. Nice work! :)

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Amazing game! Literally everything is perfect.

It does have the theme strong together but the gameplay feels too empty. Does that make sense? Anyway, I really like the resolution setting. I think it is great. But would be even better if you put the setting for music as well. Also, the game design was not the best, but definitely can be improve. Other than that, great effort! ^^

Very nice puzzle game. Can be hard sometimes, but that is the fun in it. Nice work!

Definitely need more levels. The base idea is not bad at all. 

The game is pretty cool. It's very simple BUT the most important thing is the gameplay and it is good. Nice work!

I haven't play it yet. But once I did, I will leave a review on the page. :)

Pretty cool game and it fits with the theme really well. A little improvement on the movement and I think it'd be an even more amazing game. Nice work!

It's really amazing but I feel like you need to add a little bit more of an action. That's just what I think. For the theme, It fits very well, and I feel like it'd be more fun to play it with someone.  Other than that, this game feels very smooth and visually beautiful. Nice work!

I really like the simple visual that you use. It really is beautiful. But I personally think that it'd be much better if you need both boxes to reach the portal. That'd make the game fits with the theme much more and makes the game more challenging. Other than that, it's a cool game. Nice work! :)

I think the only thing that is lacking is tutorial because I have to just press random button to make something work. Other than that, the game is pretty cool and creative. I like how they have to stay close or they will die. It fits with the theme very well. Nice work!

Very cool implementation of stronger together. Pretty much everything is good except the shooting. I mean that's just what I feel. Other than that, this game is really amazing especially the arts. Nice work! :)

Interesting turn-based with the mix of grid based video game. Although I find it a bit hard since the two players only got one health. Other than that, I got to say it's pretty cool but definitely can be improves. Nice work though! :)

Amazing game! I really like episodic video game! It's amazing how you managed to make this in one week. I might as well check the other 2 episodes. Nice work!

So you managed to win the game? That is actually very good to hear. Also I will keep in mind about the resolution. Thank you for checking this game out! :)

Thank you for your feedback! I will keep in mind about everything you said. Anyway, thanks again for checking this out! :)

This game is so adorable. It really lighten my mood up. After having a bad day, this game definitely soothe my mood. The audio is also very calming. Nice work! :)