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Interesting point, but I think there’s something to be said about its simplicity, even if lacking more in gameplay. I feel like if I added more to it, it would take away from the main point of the game.

Looks great, but I can’t seem to play this under Safari. :/

I will admit, you did kind of stump me by throwing in the timestamps as a red herring. But a decent puzzle otherwise; kinda felt like a TED-ED riddle.

I wonder how it would look and feel if the visuals were updated, maybe with some pixel art or a flat 2D style?

Close, but not quite? I know that you can launch yourself with F.I.N.D., but the best way to reproduce what I am describing is:

  • Position F.I.N.D. like you want to launch up.
  • Press W, without firing F.I.N.D.
  • Notice that the player is propelled erratically.

That glitch did help me in some levels where jumping didn’t work, though.

I liked the visuals! Took me a second to figure out what I was doing, though.

Then again, I “had to look for it” (ba-dum, tss!).

Interesting concept! Felt pretty similar to some levels in Spelunky where you have to go off of the lights and sounds in a darker environment.

The visuals and gameplay were great! Felt like a game I’d find on the Google Play Store from years ago, something like Type:Rider.

I noticed a small “glitch” pertaining to the F.I.N.D. when positioning it underneath you and jumping (at least I think it is).

Well done!

Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely keep it in mind.

Same, and I just submitted! Good luck to everyone, and I look forward to trying out what you have brought!

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Hey all, I’ve been working on a rewrite of a game I made for the Mac almost a year ago, and I’ve just pushed out an open beta. It’s a puzzle game where you switch between costumes to unlock different abilities while trying to get to your home office. There’s currently only nine levels (all of which were almost ports of the original levels), since I wanted to focus on refining the experience first before adding new levels. I’d love to hear your overall thoughts on the game so far, which you can find at! I appreciate any feedback I receive, whether it be about the interface design or the mechanic system.

Some of the areas that I’d like additional input on are (the links are to existing reports on YouTrack, which provide more context):

  • (CMR-13): Should there be other ambient sounds, besides the rain?
  • (CMR-14): What bits of story would you like to find out as you play the game?
  • (CMR-15): How, do you think, should I make it even clearer what input devices activate?

I do take feedback seriously and will try to address it. Whether you leave a post here on Itch, send a message in my Discord server, or contact me in some other way, I appreciate all the feedback I receive. You can learn more about how I keep track of feedback at

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Hey all 👋🏻,

I hope you’re enjoying The Costumemaster: Reloaded as much as I am developing it! I wanted to let you know that I do take feedback seriously and will try to address it. Whether you leave a post here on Itch, send a message in my Discord server, or contact me in some other way, I appreciate all the feedback I receive.

To keep track of all the feedback I’m getting, I am currently using a local instance of YouTrack, an issue tracking software designed by JetBrains. I ask that, whenever you find something, you at least take a look over at YouTrack to see if there’s already a report for it; it doesn’t hurt to ask again, but this will save you a headache!

Please note that, when I do record feedback into YouTrack, I only input your feedback. I do not include any personally-identifying information such as Discord usernames, emails, etc. Your privacy matters.

You can find the link to the project at It also appears on the page in the game’s information section as “View Bug Reports” (or something along those lines).

I think I’ve found the next best thing to Letterpress! Visuals are great, I love the music, and the feel of this game is so polished, it almost seems like something I’d find on the App Store.

I’d love to see mobile versions of this game!

Very entertaining! Love the unique concept here.

Very inspiring!

I would assume that unless your game is open-source and the license you chose requires that you provide source code access to the game, no, you don’t need to provide it.

I never had the echo problem happen (maybe you’re playing your SFX in the music channel instead of its own sound channel?). You’re more than welcome to take a look at the source code on GitHub to see if that helps: (should also come bundled in the game under src.

I’m so glad this game didn’t overdo the corpse as platform concept! The game was really fun, and I kept dying from laughter as every “boss”’s death theme is the Windows 95 startup sound. Pure gold.

Narrator: Don’t play this game.

I stand corrected. Do play this game!

I love the concepts and the execution! I had a bit of difficulty using the up arrow key as Safari would try to keep scrolling the page instead of grabbing a ledge, but it added to the challenge.

I wasn’t able to get past the second chamber (the trajectory on the jump pads for me overshot), but pretty fun from what I did manage to play. Kind of like Portal, except you’re purposefully getting stuck.

Finally, a Stanley Parable for mobile! Joking aside, well executed. Voice acting was amazing. Great work!

Really unique concept! I love it. I did get stuck sometimes since the respawn orb would stick to the wall a lot, but fun otherwise.

Overall, good game. Though I would’ve loved to see a more unique approach to the “corpse as a part of the puzzle/platformer” concept…

This is overall a good game, but I would love to see an updated version with better controls. It was extremely difficult for me to maneuver the player around the map since I kept sticking to walls and would miss jumps a bit.

I’m glad you enjoyed it! I can tell that, gameplay and story wise, you got the gist of it pretty well.

Hi there! You should be able to use the binaries on the download page as fine without needing to run Python.I’m assuming you may have downloaded the source code package instead. I highly recommend using the built binaries instead of using the source code for the game if you are not comfortable playing the game. On Windows, the executable is NoLove.exe (the same is for Linux, sans the .exe part; for macOS, run No

If you are deciding to run the game by download the source code, do the following:

  • Install Python 3.9; open a command prompt (PowerShell on Windows or Terminal for macOS/Linux) and run pip3 install pipenv.
  • Go to the project’s folder using cd. You’ll need to determine the path to there to type it in the terminal.
  • Run pipenv install and then run pipenv run game to run the game. You must be in the root folder of the game’s source code to make this work.

I hope this helps.

I’m sure if I spent more time with it, I would be better, but it’s a pretty nice game that you could probably use as a means to relax. Also worked really well with my Mac on Safari. 👍🏻

I love this! Reminds me a lot of The Stanley Parable, and I love that the narrative is circular (unless I did something wrong).

Thanks for the feedback! You’re right about the losing part since it’s completely random (though it should be less likely to lose, if I recall correctly). The idea I had in mind was “do I take a chance by talking to him, or do I not?”, kind of like Deal or No Deal; from your feedback, it appears I didn’t communicate that as well as I thought. If/when I make a future update, I’ll try to make that clearer in the main menu’s cheatsheets.

Thanks! I did discover some “janky” bits towards the end of the jam and wanted to fix them, but I wanted to make sure I got a proper build out since distributing with PyInstaller was a massive pain. I’ll keep it in mind if/when I make a bug fix update after the jam!

Thanks for the reply! There isn’t a visible error when you launch the game (just a black screen), but when opening the inspector console in Safari, I get the following from void_dbg.js:

TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'GLctx.getParameter')

I suspect it may just be an exporting issue and not likely to be something with your game’s logic, since I was able to play under Firefox normally. I would love to provide the full traceback, but I can’t figure out how to copy it from the inspector. I hope this helps!

Now I want more!

I got pretty stuck with Level 3, but I love the concept overall and the visuals were pretty decent considering we were dealing with basic shapes. Sometimes, less is more, and you achieved that well.


I love the concept, and this is quite the “rage game” for me! Would’ve loved to see support under Safari in macOS, but worked really well with Firefox and my PS4 controller.

Bonus points on the controller, BTW.

Amazing work! I loved you you managed to capture the feeling of puzzle solving that you get from playing Portal without being given a tutorial, and it worked really well with this title. The visuals were great, and I loved the soundtrack.

Oh! If that’s the case, it may be an issue with Safari on macOS since I noticed that the D key sometimes doesn’t work in Unity WebGL games in Safari for some reason.

I didn’t quite finish the game because Level 3 had been kicking me pretty hard, but I love the concept of going backwards in terms of levels by completing said levels. The music was catchy and controls were okay (though I would’ve loved to see an option for WASD).

My only critique is regarding the visuals. I wonder what the game could be like with a consistent visual style, bet it pixel art, 3D models, etc., and color palette.

Looks and sounds great, though I would’ve loved to see a form of onboarding with the game, either as a set of images on the main menu or a tutorial level. It didn’t exactly occur to me that I had to read what was below the game (i.e., the website) to understand the gist of the game.

There’s so much to this game that I already love. I would’ve loved to see support for the WASD keys, but otherwise an excellent game.