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[Request] Native Support for M1/Apple Silicon

A topic by Marquis Kurt created Jan 19, 2022 Views: 213 Replies: 8
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I love using this product and being able to export in batches. However, I noticed that I’m not able to export as quickly. I’m not sure what the cause is, but I wonder if there would be massive improvements to battery life and performance if Mannequin were to be updated to support M1/Apple Silicon processors.

If I recall correctly, I believe Mannequin is built on Electron. According to this article, v11 and later of Electron supports Apple Silicon natively: I imagine there’s a lot more work to be done besides upgrading Electron.


This is something that is planned since the first M1 Macs were released, but unfortunately the sad reality is we haven't been able to procure a M1 Mac with our current financial state. However, with electron can build an 'universal' version which you can try, just completely untested from our side. Let us know if you're okay with trying this out.

I’d be more than happy to test a Universal 2 copy and let you know how well it works! Do you have an issue tracker or bug reporting site like YouTrack/JIRA to report any issues?


At the moment, no. This is only the second time someone asked for this specific feedback route, and that's why we're still unsure about what's best. We mainly use GitLab  which has 'Issues' similar to GitHub. In previous discussion regarding this, we talked about whether it's okay to use GitLab or GitHub issues similar to how Sublime Text do it ( but eventually settled with using the forums just like now since it seems like there's not a lot of people who are interested in this (issue tracker) method of feedback. Mannequin's users constantly grow, however, so we're open to do this if now there's increased interest with this way of feedback. What do you think?

I’ve used both GitHub/GitLab and YouTrack in the past for issue tracking. Generally, this is what I’ve come to notice:

  • GitHub works well when you need something quick that integrates with your project. It also works well for those that want to make a request, as long as they have an account for that service and are willing to use said service (I’ve had my fair share of no-GitHubbers since MS acquired it). I imagine there won’t be as much friction with GitLab, but I’m not too familiar in that area.
  • YouTrack is a very powerful piece of software and is really flexible. Guests can easily file reports without needing to sign in (given it’s configured properly for that project). JetBrains, the developers of the software, use it internally and are improving it. It does have a bit of a learning curve, but it can work well. You can see an example from my own here:

Suffice to say, I recommend looking at all the options, trying them out to get a feel for it, and then make a confirmed decision. Both work really well, and it’s sometimes difficult for me to stay on one. I’ve been using YouTrack more recently, but I have plenty of projects using GitHub issues.


Thank you very much for sharing your experiences regarding this! We'll look into it and weigh it out for our decision regarding this issue tracker.


Hello! The latest nightly builds has been updated to 'Universal' build of electron. Feel free to let us know if there's any improvements or regressions. If everything checks out, we'll also update the stable builds with this universal runtime (since the current nightly builds still has big regressions in the content side of things). Thank you!

Great! I’ll take a look as soon as I can.

I haven’t done a lot of work inside, but I have noticed it is faster to open up and there haven’t been issues. I’m not able to recreate my export setup due to the content still being updated, but I’ll try to make a more complex piece from what’s available at the moment and try a larger batch export to see if there’s any noticeable change. I’ll update as soon as I have done this and some metrics, if possible.