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Thanks very much Quadratic! Eno's early work and indeterminacy in general inform a lot of my composing. I like to take samples of my own playing from other projects and let the various ostinatos beat against each other until a sense of forward motion is found. From there, the structure is born. Very glad to hear you enjoyed it and I will be expanding these themes into a full album.

Who needs sheet music, we've got hex code! haha

Thanks Aran, that's all very kind of you to say. The rubato nature of the piano loops and how they interact is very much intended to offer a sense of constant forward motion, inevitable but uneven, perhaps struggling as you say. Walking through sand isn't so easy!

Thanks for your words, can't have an ambient composition without a little bit of mystery :)

Thank you Felipe, I'm glad it took you somewhere enjoyable!

Thanks Cyberleaf! The delicate, fluttering sounds of Hyper Light Drifter are definitely a touchstone for me. Any game that combines worldbuilding through exploration and reaction-heavy combat is a surefire win for my sensibilities.

Had I more than a week, I would have added additional segments of the game/story. I am turning this into a full-length and will make it available on my Itch page as well as more traditional musical outlets.

I do dungeon synth and black metal as well so even when I'm not operating in those modes Bathory is always somewhere on my mind :)

Thanks for the kind words Snabisch!

Thank you Dan, I appreciate the comment regarding some challenging elements in the piece. I like that ambient/minimalist music has multiple levels of participation; you can let it subtly alter your background and mood, or you can focus your ears on all the little interlocking bits.

Thanks for the kind words tinythanos! The art is a public domain scan of a painting by Odilon Rendon who I discovered quite by accident. I'm now composing numerous works to suit his artwork; it really takes me away to another place.

Thank you Kris, that's one of my favorite things about ambient music and minimalism. You can choose your level of participation, picking out all of the tiny elements and changes or just letting it subtly change your mood in the background.

Thanks for the compliment, BulletproofCupid. Glad to hear the world brought you in.

I dunno if it's imagined, but music for handheld games has a distinct feel to me haha

I'm in a prog/punk band and once you get hooked on dropping/adding beats you'll never look back haha

Happy to hear someone else incorporating field recordings, it really expands your game world for me. Blowing the Dust Away is my favorite, love those long trails and clock sounds! Thanks for sharing.

Melodica is always welcome, a strong beginning to what ends up being a varied and lighthearted soundtrack. Well done, thanks for sharing!

I enjoy the intertwining melodies echoing your intertwining pathways concept. Nicely done, thanks for sharing!

Did not expect to run into a Bavarian theme in this jam! Takes the theme in a unique direction, thanks for sharing!

Very clean electro sounds and mixing. Recalls the history of games without dipping into chiptunes. Well done, thanks for sharing!

Takes you on a journey from flamenco-tinged landscapes to jrpg rock battles. Well done tying all these elements together, thanks for sharing!

I'm reminded of a combo of FF7, Planescape, and various other top-down PC rpgs. Distinct vibe, thanks for sharing!

I like that I can equally hear these elements in a fantasy context as well as in hip-hop sampling. Nicely done bringing those sounds together, thanks for sharing!

Really like the flute arpeggios and the switch to overarching romantic flourishes in the second half. Well done, thanks for sharing!

Big fan of ambient soundtracks. The cave segments and harp during Remember Your Family are my favorite elements. Thanks for sharing!

Ranges from traditional fantasy to Blade Runner, well done keeping the diverging vibes cohesive! Thanks for sharing.

Great Celtic influence without cribbing from existing traditional tubes. I can feel the salt spray; well done and thanks for sharing!

Big dungeon synth fan and this sounds like some of the early hallmarks of the genre. Thanks for sharing!

Love the exercise of composing for the mood of a series you haven't played, ensures you're bringing something new to the more obvious aesthetics. Very bright and playful, thanks for sharing!

Love the adult Jim Hawkins concept, totally nails the nautical setting.  Dynamic and varied, thanks for sharing!

Took the theme into a whole new area, dark and foreboding, equally unforgettable. Thanks for sharing!

This is precisely the sort of world I want to inhabit. Think I'll take it on a hike with me so I can live it. Thanks so much for sharing!

Really great updated chiptune sounds while remaining true to the lo-fi restrictions/inspiration. Well done, thanks for sharing!

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First track feels like Harvest Moon, very cozy. Then it's off to the races! Thanks for sharing.

Reminds me of educational game soundtracks from my childhood, elementary computer lab vibes. Well done, thanks for sharing!

Always happy to hear some oboe, totally underrated lead instrument! Well done, thanks for sharing.

Big fan of the flutes and handheld rpg vibes. Well done!

Flutters at the edge of memory, nails the imaginary vibe. Thanks for sharing!

Like the flamenco influence, thanks for sharing!

Overworld is my favorite of the bunch, captures the familiar while adding some new staccato elements. Thanks for sharing!

Awesome mallets in the first and fourth pieces. I played a lot during the era you're going for so this was a great fit for me. Thanks for sharing!