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That's a resolution I did not consider, apologies. It should work if you set your screen resolution to 1920x1080. I'll try to fix it if I get the time. 

I'm sorry to hear that. What is your screen resolution? Are you playing in fullscreen mode? Resolution scaling was implemented last minute unfortunately :(

Really have to think for three skulls. Great job!

Thanks! I know it is sometimes frustrating but it was really hard to tweak the difficulty, as small changes made it either way too easy or way too hard!

Fantastic way to fit the theme!

Solid game. love the color palette, and the pacing.

Cool game! Especially love the dynamic music. The map is a bit too large in my opinion, especially since there are not many landmarks other than platforms.

Beautiful game. The music is awesome as well as the character design. The story also quickly pulls the player in. Looking forward to play the full game. Below is my nitpicky criticism, as a fellow developer working on a game with similar gameplay elements. 

- Scene transitions feel a bit abrupt. I think a quick transition effect will make the game seem more polished and professional. 

- The path to the apple tree, also the path to the ring feel a little bit too long. This is because new gameplay mechanics, enemies, or even new tiles/decorative objects are rarely introduced. Almost all scenes were probably created with a limited number of tiles, and it shows at times. 

- There is no incentive to killing enemies. Rolling through everything to get to the goal seems to be the optimal strategy.

- The player cannot walk behind cliffs. This might be a design choice to avoid occlusions, but I think it subtracts from the illusion of height difference. 

- Wasps can fly through cliffs, but since they don't actually change their height, it looks a little unnatural when they do. 

I am pretty sure some of these things are already on your list. As I said, these are really nitpicks, and I had a really positive experience playing through the demo.

Clever puzzle. Did not read the description very well and spent too much time on Observer 2.0 :*(

Graphics are very polished, and the idea is really solid & fits the theme well. I wish there were more levels!

That's cool, I didn't notice that!

5/5 Originality for sure!

You are a cruel person to do this to a color blind person. Windows magnifier didn't help much :(

That was very creative!

This turned out the be one of the very very few 5/5/5 ratings I've given. Game definitely can be improved/extended, but I think it deserves full score in each of the rating categories.

Short but very fun. I love the style as well, very fitting. An interesting iteration would be to explore the OS more and more each time (taking different paths to do so), and combine the knowledge I've gathered from my many playthroughs to finally beat it.

Very well done, one of the most polished games of the jam.  Adherence to the theme is questionable, but very well done!

@KiruB and @MaxiPoki, and all developers, 

I did not say that the game doesn't fit the theme, it does - but it seems to be a game that happens to fit the theme, rather than a game that is designed around the theme. Yes, the theme should not diminish the user experience, but I believe it *should* restrict the design. That is the beauty of it - working with constraints, so your creativity is boosted. Obviously I cannot come up with a design that will drastically improve and build upon your concept off the top of my head, I had to think for hours to find a game design that fits the theme for my game.  And I'm definitely not claiming I could do a better job than you guys did. It's easy to like a polished game with beautiful graphics but harder to give useful criticism - and it is even harder to accept the critique as developers, as you worked really hard to build something you love. 

I think it fits the theme alright, but simple things like bigger juicier bullets would make it a lot more fun imo.

I'm torn, I don't know what to rate this game. On one hand its extremely beautiful, and I can see the effort went into this. On the other hand unlike many people in the comment section I don't think the theme was explored very well. Having only one button / one objective can apply to a lot of games in the mobile market already. Also the objective wasn't very clear to me. My 2 cents. I bet you guys could accomplish great things given enough time.

More like dual purpose design rather than "only one" -  but I liked that the light could be used to stun ghosts. 

That was... Surreal.

My first impression was a bit weak, but as I played a bit I thought the gameplay loop was surprisingly good. I liked how the knights were strong but slow and the archers fast but fragile. I think adding a 3 or 5 second respawn timer would prevent killing an attacking knight super fast as a peasant.

This was a really solid one. Has the right amount of polish (maybe a simple background track would have been cool, but hey its a 48 hr game), and the puzzles are surprisingly well designed. I loved that the obvious solution would always kill you and you had to wait a bit and think. Also the platforms and blocks blocked each other, but not the character. That led to some really intelligent moments.

That was kinda the idea, to prevent you from recklessly shooting away. But yeah, I can understand it can get frustrating after a while. Thanks for playing!

This is one of the best ideas I've seen in this jam, and the execution is very polished as well!

Appreciate the feedback! Means a lot!

That's amazing thank you!!!

Pretty difficult, pretty music, pretty art.

I was sad because no one commented on the sound effects and the music I made, but you made my day, thanks!

All valid criticisms, thanks for playing! 

The waiting period can easily be shortened without giving up on the theme by increasing the threat level for a while, which will lead to cells multiplying faster than you can kill them. I just wanted to give some space to the player after short hectic periods of gameplay, but by no means the game is perfectly balanced!

I agree that it doesn't fit the theme - you don't really have only one action, you can move too - But I love the idea and especially the clever level design.

Hey noa, cool game. The music was my favorite part, loved how it progressed as you got more mature. 

A great idea, and a pretty good execution. The art is awesome too if you made it!

Looking forward to that fan art!

Yeah, that's the only potentially game breaking bug I'm aware of. Can't believe I missed that... Thanks for playing!

You get it in later levels :)

Appreciate it!

Definitely getting full score for Originality from me lol.

Awesome art!