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I don't really work with Python so can't help much but:

For Linux, assuming you are able to create something that is self contained (So, no install instructions needed) then I would just zip that instead of going through the effort of making a proper .deb file.

Worst case: make a file or similar that looks if everything is installed and if not tries to use the package manager from python to install it before launching the game. Ideally make it known to the player that it will do this and give them a way to bail out in case they want to install it in some other way.

I don't know good workarounds for Windows though as it has been very long since I last used that and I have no idea what is and is not available for that.

Assets need to follow all of the 4 rules. Paid assets can be general purpose or not, same as free assets. Depends on the kind of asset.

As answered by the FAQ on the jam page:

Can I use premade assets, scripts, or ideas?

Yes! When it comes to assets you can use them as long as they follow these guidelines.

  1. The asset is general purpose. (Things like character controllers )
  2. You have the rights to use them.
  3. Write which assets were made before the jam in your description.
  4. Credit any assets you don't own in the description.

As for ideas, you are free to plan out your game before the jam starts, and also remember the theme!

For Godot users:
Bullet tutorials often use an Area2D for the bullet and simply move it by changing the position.

This works for most cases and should actually be fairly lightweight. However, it breaks down if your bullets are fast and your targets are small. You can calculate how fast you can make your bullets go this way by looking at the size of your area2D and the size of their target.

IF you want your bullets to go faster than the size of your area2D and targets allow, then you need to come up with more clever ways to detect if they hit something. Raycasts are a possibility but people at the Godot discord (#physics channel) probably can give better advice if you give them the correct information.

There are plans to get something sorted for a tutorial. However, in the meantime there should be documentation available and you can always join the GDB discord server and ask questions in #technical-help

if your game is correctly submitted it should so an icon  on the gamepage that the game is a submission for this jam

if you don't see that, or are otherwise not certain that it works post a link and we will check it out to see if it is correctly submitter or give a late submission link if it isn't :)

Download doesn't work, says the file is in the owners bin.

Also, not sure why you don't simply upload it to itch.

also, the more people on a team the more people who need to agree on something, meaning that more time is spent on discussing. This also means it takes longer to decide which features to cut once it turns out that the game idea was over scoped (which always happens), meaning more time wasted during a time that there is NO time to waste.

It can also create bottlenecks, if someone ran against a wall while implementing a core feature, or similar. Adding to wasted time.

itch forces people to rate on all categories, how people rate games on theme that admit to not follow it is up to them.

It means that the asset wasn't made specifically for the jam but instead made to be usable for multiple projects. Also, keep in mind that the majority of the game should be made during the jam.

I hope that this clears things up :)

also, the theme is one of the voting criteria, so though nothing is stopping you from not following the theme your end score will reflect this.

sure, prototypes are fine. For as long as it doesn't become a copy/paste job when working on the final game :)

you can, but it is not recommended as it is one of the rating criteria. You are also supposed to make the majority of the game during the jam, which this doesn't sound like.

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I'm sorry, but I think there is a misunderstanding. The goal of the jam is to make something during the jam time, and the jam hasn't started yet. It will begin in 21 hours, after which you have a week to make the game. Additionally, when the jam start we will also reveal a theme.

if with themes you mean genres, then Wikipedia has a list but here are some examples

  • Platformer
  • Shooter
  • Fighting
  • Stealth
  • Survival
  • Rhythm
  • Adventure
  • RPG
  • Simulation
  • Strategy
  • Sports
  • Card
  • Idle
  • Typing
  • Sandbox
  • Racing
  • Visual Novel
  • Puzzle
  • Educational
  • Arcade

the timer/battery problem is already addressed in several ways. But I'm waiting to release the new build until I at least have a tutorial made and the rating period is over.

Battery spawns have increased, they also spawn guaranteed if there are less than 3
the timer is A LOT more visible
running out of time doesn't end the game, instead it puts a "death" card into your deck, similar to bullets.
There are 2 other game modes now. One where the timer automatically resets but becomes smaller every turn, unless you collect batteries and a game mode where the timer is replaced by a turn count, with batteries increasing said count.

I'm planning to add more cards, some of which doing multiple things (like moving and shooting) which should make it easier to find cards that do what you need. Right now the deck is also rather unbalanced, having 2 left and 2 right cards, while every card only has 1 copy. I didn't really have time to properly tweak it.

My first priority is a proper tutorial and balancing the timer though, as most feedback was about it being confusing and the timer being brutal :)

It is a little bit hard for me to see the bullets, and it also seems like they either do very little damage or the shield regenerates rather quickly as I was able to get quite far before my first death while not trying too hard to dodge them.

The music and art style is rather nice though, and so where the controls.

pretty fun game, but sometimes later levels where easier (had less enemies/ only weaker ones) than the levels before, which is pretty strange.

A little bit unfair as you can't really dodge in time with the tail but cool idea.

the bosses have too big of a blind spot, making killing them basically just a waiting game. Your shooting angles are also a bit awkward which makes it a bit more of a challenge but I don't think it does it in a good way.

I still like the idea though as well as how it looks. The bosses just need to change :)

plan is to update it at least a little bit.

Already have made it so batteries spawn every turn if there are less than 3, made it so it spawns more often AND made running out of time less punishing (now it adds a "death" card, rather than ending the game. Similarly to getting hit by a bullet)

Fun fact: In the currently uploaded build the turn of your enemies is bugged, causing it to spawn a bullet every frame if it casted the shoot card (oops:( )

I think this is the most fun game I played, even though I'm not good enough to beat it (what a surprise...). I really like the main mechanic as it means you need to go towards the bullets instead of always trying to be as far away of them as possible.

maybe it is a bug on my end but is that level with the 2 rotating beams coming from the middle possible? The one behind you moves faster than the one in front of you and I've seen the beams get close enough to entirely overlap while death and it doesn't seem like the 10 seconds are up before that happens.

Otherwise a fun game though. The assets are simple but effective with nice color choices that work well together.

there is a timer in the lower left corner. (Don't blame you for not seeing it)

It also was meant to be at least somewhat stressful :) For me, bullet hells are stressfull and so I wanted my game to be the same despite it being turn based.

hmm.... I could've sworn that that was what killed me. Guess I missed a bullet then...

A really fun game, good controls and looks nice. I like the idea of "the other world" where you can start dealing damage and the normal world to pick up ammo.

The tutorial being just a lot of text is less nice though. But at least you got one (unlike me :( )

I find the controls a bit weird, as the mouse rotates the ship to aim but only when you don't move. The background also doesn't seem to move when you do, which made me question a lot at first if I was actually moving.

Pretty fun game, don't remember seeing a game where you need to prevent the enemies from reaching something (which, is kind of surprising). I would've liked it if the game told me that enemies shouldn't reach the bottom though.

everything takes too long to kill, that includes the player. I got hit plenty of times but still had most of my health remaining.  I also wasn't always sure if something was a floor or if there was a wall.

It is a shame as otherwise it could've been a rather nice game as it looks and controls well.

In the lower left corner seems to be a shop or something? But no idea how to actually use that. Story was weird, but funny and the game played well.

the background is to noisy for the size of the bullets. Makes it hard to see them, it also isn't a nice pattern for your eyes (at least, not for mine) when you move left/right.

Otherwise a decent game though :)

too hard for me (what a surprise...) couldn't even defeat 1 boss.

I like the aesthetics though and the "10 seconds before you shoot" thing is also not something I've seen yet.

pretty interesting to have it all be generated. Not sure how many variations there are though, as I seemed to get a lot of bosses with similar structures and the AI doesn't seem to get affected by the seed (retries with the same seed resulted in different starts).

I'm also not a big fan of the teleport. It isn't really telegraphed where it will go to so you sometimes find it teleporting right next to you and killing you before you had a chance to react. Otherwise, a fun game though :)

Too bad there wasn't time to add a goal as it is a really fun concept.

This is the first game I played where you both can die and where I don't constantly die. So, either I'm getting better or your game nailed the difficulty for me :)

I like the simple aesthetics and music as well as the gameplay. It is simple but effective :) It might be a bit easy for some people but that is not a problem for me :)

The second level/stage is just impossible for me. Can't even survive the first circle >_<

With that out of the way: Music would've made this game A LOT better, which is a shame because it plays nice and looks pretty good :)