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you get completely stuck on the second albert part if you try talking to the pink woman a second time,  all controls stop working and you can't move.

debug build:

I didn't know anybody was still waiting on this project to be released. Development has been very spotty, and I'm not entirely sure when the game will be finished or even what it will look like in its final draft, but there has been a lot done since last year and I plan to keep working on it more.

I'm glad to know it made enough of an impression for you to still remember it almost a year later! I'll polish up some of the rough edges of my current debug build and upload that so you can play it.

Unfortunately, I'm unsure if the game is still fully HTML compatible, so it is currently only available as a Windows executable. I hope that won't be an issue for you.

Thanks for checking in!

I’ll give it another shot. I still have time to change my rating before voting ends.

Browser version didn't work for me(Chrome), and neither did the Windows version. It wouldn't move past the very first screen saying "They say ignorance is bliss..."

The snake's "instincts" can be really annoying to fight against, since when you are run into a wall you it sometimes forces you to go in whichever direction has priority, even if there is room to go the other direction without overlapping yourself or turning more than 90 degrees.

The snake would be a bit less painful to deal with if it was just a bit slower and didn't ignore my input when choosing which way to turn at a wall. Sometimes I know exactly how I need to maneuver him, but getting him to actually do it feels like trying to thread a worm that keeps squirming through the eye of a needle.

That being said, I actually really like this submission. It's a creative use of the theme and it's a clever puzzle mechanic that I can get behind. Just figured I'd nitpick a bit since all of the other comments were nothing but positive. Great submission!

I completely agree with Kamil about the camera. The arrows and exclamation marks are helpful, but it's still hard to shoot enemies and dodge projectiles from off screen. I also think there should be more invulnerability frames after being hit, since the projectiles come in groups of 3 and you can easily lose all of your lives at once if you mess up just a little, especially once there are two monsters at once attacking from opposite sides.

I loved that tiny intro/tutorial! It says a lot with a little, and shows you exactly what each move is for in a cute little way. I tried implementing something vaguely similar in my game (the button used to start the game also causes the player to attack, so they learn the controls the second they begin the game.) I love when games do this sort of thing, and it made for a much nicer presentation than many of the other jam games which didn't have time to add that sort of thing.

Great submission!

Cool idea for a game! I really like the idea of being trapped in a game by bad programmers and being able to escape because they made it poorly. The inclusion of the debug menu/command prompt was a nice touch, since it showed that the game was actually breaking and having real errors (but in a controlled way), although this technically couldn't be shown on a Nokia.

I have a few criticisms:

The game says that dying isn't a bad thing, so I didn't expect to get a game over and have to sit through the entire intro cutscene after running out of lives. I know there's a bug to get infinite lives, but I feel like that should just be the default setting instead of needing to be activated.

I also feel that the text should progress when you press a key instead of being on a timer. This way you can read it at your own pace the first time, and skip through it quickly the next time. Also, the font should be changed a little, since some of the letters are hard to make out.

This is a great submission, I just figured I'd nitpick a bit since most of the other comments are overwhelmingly positive.

The connection to the theme is a stretch, but the game itself is pretty good. One of the only 3D games of the jam where I can actually tell what's going on at such a small resolution. The dithering effect used to imply half-tones worked well and definitely succeeded in faking depth where many other games did not. The fact that you managed to make anything 3D playable without breaking the resolution or binary color palette is pretty impressive.

The music became very grating very fast since it uses a lot of the higher register of the already incredibly high pitched nokia sound chip. I would've much preferred silence with the occasional sound effect when picking up a dot.

The difficulty curve is pretty rough in this game. Being able to continue in a mostly straight line without ever meeting your tail makes the game ridiculously easy at the start. The tail only really comes into play around 40 or so, and once it is finally long enough to start blocking you the difficulty picks up very quickly. The obstacles are the only thing providing any challenge whatsoever up to this point, but once the player has to start worrying about the tail it becomes a bit too much to handle both at once and the difficulty goes up exponentially from there. The houses and trees are very tall and easy to spot from a distance, but the tail is very short and is barely visible until you're almost about to ram into it.

the background is pure white, so it doesn’t look like kyle moves at all besides rotating

The ending is incredibly anticlimactic. She just walks up to the grave and then it cuts to her obituary. How did she even die? What was so not-bitch-like about it? However, I'm willing to overlook these issues because I already decided I liked it before I played it. The name and description had already won me over .

Short and sweet. Doesn't overstay it's welcome. It took me a while to realize I had to press up to select the numbers, there really isn't any reason why you shouldn't be allowed to just type them in after opening the nokia, and theres no selecting anything anywhere else in the game. The animations looked pretty smooth for such incredibly low res sprites, but when the character moves on a grid way smaller than the 84x48 resolution that everything else seems to fit in. Nice submission.

A fun little game, but it takes way too long for the difficulty to ramp up. It didn't really present any challenge until around 40 or so, and it takes quite a long time to reach that score. The idea is a unique gameplay style that I've never seen done in exactly this way, and it uses the theme well. Nice submission!

The writing had my interest at the beginning, but it lost me before the end. Whenever it cuts to the triangle that represents Kyle I assume that the dialogue is over and that now I can play, but it just goes right back to the text, and it keeps doing this over and over. It should mention during the game that you can skip text, since I didn't bother going back to the game page to look at the controls because they're explained in game and the text is so incredibly slow. I only realized this afterwards when I came back to the page to leave a comment. 

The gameplay felt disconnected from the story. During the gameplay I just wanted to get it over with and get back to the story, but then once the dialogue started again it was so agonizingly slow that I lost interest.

Also WHY did it have to be the numpad arrow keys? Most of us are pretty accustomed to the regular arrow keys but the numpad has that 5 key in the middle that changes the layout. I couldn't get used to controlling it like this since I'm just so accustomed to having the down key being next to the left and right keys and the up arrow being one key above down.

This game could be great with just 3 simple changes. Speed up the text (and don't cut back to the gameplay until it's finished), allow use of the regular arrow keys, and put some sort of background so that it looks like Kyle is actually moving instead of just rotating in place. I wish you luck on your next game, and I'm sure that it will be way better after what you've learned making this one.

Let me know if you ever make an updated version of this game after the jam, I'd be willing to revisit it.

It's really hard to navigate the 3D space when it's so hard to tell what you're looking at. The textures have way too much detail for a 3D game in a resolution this small. Things become an indecipherable mess of pixels from a distance, and the dots at the top and bottom of the screen only add to it.

Check out this submission from last year: Things become simpler as they get farther away, eventually being obscured by shadow once they're too small to be displayed at such a low resolution. Movement is tile-based, making sure that things ahead of you always remain parallel and everything else that's at an angle is adjacent to you.

There's a LOVE jam coming up in two weeks, so maybe you can recycle the game mechanics and characters and remake the game in a much higher resolution for that. I'd love to see what this game would look like if it was able to live up to it's full potential. Just make sure you recreate the code and art during the jam period so it's not cheating.

That fire effect is a real eyesore, and could definitely trigger a seizure for someone with epilepsy. It's never a good idea to flash anything with that much contrast at such a high framerate.

The rotating tower effect is seamless on the title screen, but it doesn't read quite as well during gameplay. The platforms don't seem to scroll the same way as the bricks do, and when they don't line up it's noticeable.

I liked how the tail lags behind the ghost, and as a fellow developer I know that programming those sorts of things can be a real pain. What I didn't like was how he would continue moving upwards after I let go of the key so that the tail could unfurl. It made the vertical movement not match the horizontal movement, which made the flying feel a bit clunky.

The platforming was a little clunky too, and I think it's because of the way the platforms move across the screen.

I got stuck and was unable to complete the game because I kept being blocked by the bottom of the staircase above me and falling directly into the spike pit. There was no other path I could take to reach the button, so I couldn't progress.

Overall I think was a cool idea that suffered from not having enough time, as game jam games so often do.

Thank you for the kind words!

I didn't include a score because the game is finite and has an ending. You will encounter a boss after surviving 10 enemies in a single run.

I spent a solid 10 minutes wandering around pressing e on everything before I finally had to give up. I never saw anything that resembled a key, and the only interactions seemed to be the dialogue with other characters. I'm pretty sure there's more to this game, but I wasn't picking up anything the game wanted from me. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see whatever else you had in store.

Selecting a font was a nice touch, and the logo is really nice looking. I also liked that you could slip under the covers in the beds.  The movements were all really fast, so I couldn't tell if there was any sub-pixel movement or not. If there wasn't, you did a great job at making the camera pans and player movement look smooth. Maybe too good, since it almost looks like you bent the rules to achieve it.

That screen panning looked too smooth to not have sub-pixel movement, but when I looked really closely I didn't see a single frame that broke from the 84x48 resolution. Props for keeping everything within the restrictions.

The presentation was very well don. The visuals looked pretty good by Nokia standards, and the movement of the zombies looked really smooth for something at such a small resolution. 

The music was okay, but I expected a bit more from a game themed around dancing. I would've loved to see a rhythm element in this game, with the commands being in sync with the music. These types of memory games have never really been able to hold my interest for very long, but that would've kept this game from getting stale for way longer. 

This game has some fun theming on top of the simple memory game at its core, and is good for a few minutes of entertainment. Great submission.

Thanks for the feedback!  I wasn't able to explain the death mechanics in game due to the time constraints, and the dialogue in the cutscenes was perhaps a little too vague to really tie it into the gameplay. I've changed the description of the game to make the connection to the theme a bit clearer.

Please base your ratings on the Windows version. The web version refuses to stay monophonic for some reason, and there are a bunch more issues regarding the sounds and music.


no sorry todd

Ohh the shortest route, I see. I was confused by the fact that it removed all the excess keys. Maybe you could keep the enemies taking the shortest route but leave all the keys on screen? Also I'm pretty sure at least one or two times I had a path that definitely connected to the end but it didn't allow me to run it.

I'm don't think you got to the ending. That's where it ties in to the theme.

Solo dev here, I missed a lot of sleep making this game by myself in time:

I have participated in two other jams, but this is the first project I've ever taken seriously and finished. This jam felt like my first REAL jam since I didn't put nearly as much effort into the previous ones and there was no communicating with or receiving feedback from the other submitters, nor any sort of competition or prize.

The game itself itself was not very exciting, but the concept is fantastic. The keyboard gimmick was really neat, but I'm glad that you also gave the option to use your mouse since the novelty wore off quickly. Being able to choose the path makes your options very limited as there's only one optimal path, but I understand that's what you were going for, and the challenge is to figure the one or possibly two paths that work.

The key counter at the top of the screen didn't convey the idea of how many keys I could use very well,  partially because you don't know the limit until you've exceeded it, and partially because you can place as many keys as you want and the only indication is that the number changes color, which is likely to be missed entirely since nothing about the limit is explained in the help screen and the change from yellow to white is rather subtle.

I thought that I had hit the key limit once the number changed color, but I found it impossible to form a path within the limit in one level. However, I added another key past what I assumed was the limit and the simulation ran, which made me wonder if the color change was indicative of anything or if the only way to know you've hit the limit is to attempt to run the simulation and fail to start.

I feel the number should start at the maximum and count down to 0, and prevent you from placing any more keys then. The number becoming red would have been a better indication of being over the limit, since it stands out more and is generally associated with wrong things.

Thanks for checking out the game, and yes, it does only become clear after collecting all of the gems. If you go inside the tent the wizard guy will tell you how many gems are left, but I can see how that would be easily missed. Apologies that you found the game too frustrating, the health and game over system was the very last addition to the game, so I didn't really get to test how hard it was to complete the game with three hearts or how frustrating it is to lose your progress. I was afraid the game would have no challenge if you could keep your gems after dying, but I suppose that an super easy game would have been a better alternative to a frustrating one. I have gotten some feedback from one or two people that the music becomes repetitive very quickly. I thought this wouldn't be an issue since I imagined the average playtime only being a few minutes, but I didn't really account for the time lost when dying.

If you ever want to give it one more shot, it might help to know that the bat enemy is programmed to position itself ahead of you with a distance relative to your speed. If you can continue walking or running in a single direction, he will always stay the same distance ahead of you (and he'll likely never hit you if you run). If you change directions he will move to your other side, which will hit you if you're at the same height as him. Climb up some platforms while moving in one direction, and then wait for him to slowly come to you once you stop for an easy opportunity to jump on him. There's only one of him, and he's really the only difficult thing the game has to throw at you.

This was a cool little game, but I'm not sure what's up with your thumbnail. Why is it pixel art of the Flatwoods Monster and Mothman? Why not a screenshot. Oh shit that's part of the lie. I didn't fully understand why I would sometimes get truth and sometimes lie for the same question but I eventually decided that sometimes they get away with the lie and you have to repeatedly ask them until they get caught.

If there's only one reptilian, why the fuck does everyone lie about everything. What does it mean if they're lying about their own name but it's really them. I spent a really long time mulling it over and caught the reptilian, but I thought there were more reptilians since everyone is a fucking liar so it was a bit anticlimactic to see a quick animation and then "you win." Atmosphere was good, though. I got way too invested and spent way longer than the 5 minutes I planned on giving this game.

I think you should put a screenshot of your game on your page, because there's over a thousand submissions and people probably won't bother checking a game they have to download with just some pixel art. You're lucky I get a boner for Mothman and the Flatwoods Monster or else nobody might've played this.(Also there's a cryptid game jam coming up next month, btw)

Personally, I found this game to be a bit slow paced. If the text was just a little faster I think the game would flow a little better. I can follow the logic of how you made the puzzles, but they don't really convey very well. Having a triangle and a circle hidden doesn't lead me to think that I need to go in the square door. What bothered me the most is that going in one wrong door means having to go through every room again instead of having the option to continue from the last room. It made it feel discouraging and annoying to pick a wrong door, since everything moves very slowly. I would have liked to see the option to select and continue from a room you've unlocked in the 'Rooms' menu.

I liked the visuals and atmosphere, although the player character seems a little bit simple and blocky in comparison to the environments. The music was good, (although any song gets annoying after looping for a while,) and the lighting effects really gave the illusion of depth to what would be otherwise flat-looking pixel art. It really brought the scenes to life.

After being called an idiot for pressing T the first time instead of E, I reloaded the page and tried pressing E to see if it would react, but it wouldn't continue until I pressed T, which was a bit of a letdown.

Cool idea; pretty good execution; overall I'd say it came out pretty good. 

I may be a bit biased, but personally I find reversed controls to be really annoying and not a great gimmick to base your game off of. The controls improve as the game goes on, but this makes the game get off to a slow start.

I couldn't quite get the hang of the reversed shooting while trying to dodge lots of really big and fast projectiles coming from enemies off-screen. The reticle being behind me made it hard to adjust my aim quickly, which made it really hard to land a shot while moving. Also being next to a wall made it impossible to shoot since the bullets spawn behind you, which made it very frustrating to fight enemies in small rooms.

The music was really good, although it didn't loop perfectly, but I doubt most players noticed or cared. The graphics were well done but weren't very cohesive. Slim looks like he is meant to be viewed from a side view like in a platformer, but the rooms are layed out completely top-down as viewed from above.

I think this was a case of good idea and not so good execution. I think it was a symptom of working with a team. The sprites were good, the music was good, and the controls,while confusing, were still completely functional. However the pieces just don't fit together so well, and my theory is that you guys worked on your parts alone without much communication.

There's a lot of effort and good work I can see behind all that, and it shows that you all have the potential to make something really good. I think that the next game you make (whether as a team or separately,) will be great if you take what you learned from this project and apply it to your future endeavors. Nobody improves without messing up a little bit, so use this opportunity to reflect on exactly what went right and what went wrong and I guarantee you'll all be better game developers for it.


The character was a little small compared to the screen size and had a BIT too much momentum which made the platforming a little tricky, but other than that my only complaint is that the selection sound on the menu hurt my ears. Solid level design; I know it's hard to make up a challenging scenario with just platforms and one or two simple enemies but it was pretty well done here. These 'everything is backwards' type games aren't anything new, but killing the enemies by walking into them after being frustrated that jumping on them killed me put a smirk on my face. Music was good, sound effects were okay, but there was a little bit of clipping/volume issues. Overall good submission and I feel it was worth my time to play.

You have the beginnings of something really cool here! The art is fantastic. My biggest nitpick is that making a full stop every time you attack is a bit annoying and feels kind of sluggish. I think the the combat would feel a lot better if you could move while attacking like you can in more action-focused games like Shovel Knight or Hollow Knight.

It's lacking the polish of a finished game, but the engine seems pretty solid and everything is functional. This could definitely be expanded upon into something really cool. Nice work.

I like this one; simple and charming.  This is one of the more polished submissions, I forgot I was playing an unfinished game until I ran out of content. Good stuff.