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The rotating tower effect is seamless on the title screen, but it doesn't read quite as well during gameplay. The platforms don't seem to scroll the same way as the bricks do, and when they don't line up it's noticeable.

I liked how the tail lags behind the ghost, and as a fellow developer I know that programming those sorts of things can be a real pain. What I didn't like was how he would continue moving upwards after I let go of the key so that the tail could unfurl. It made the vertical movement not match the horizontal movement, which made the flying feel a bit clunky.

The platforming was a little clunky too, and I think it's because of the way the platforms move across the screen.

I got stuck and was unable to complete the game because I kept being blocked by the bottom of the staircase above me and falling directly into the spike pit. There was no other path I could take to reach the button, so I couldn't progress.

Overall I think was a cool idea that suffered from not having enough time, as game jam games so often do.

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Actually platforms scroll at the same speed of bricks, they are hooked at it and is the camera who moves around so what you notice probably is they scroll at different speed because of depth. They don't line up on purpose since overlapping is part of the fake 3D effect (actually is true 3D imitating 2D imitating fake 3D lol). This effect is inspired by the 80's game Nebulus/Castelian, I tried to recreate it, not sure if I catched the feeling.

Agreed with clunkyness of controls, I struggled having physics working correctly for the characteristics of this project and this is the best I could do in so short time.

However the level design is adapted to controls and you should be able to complete every level. In the last levels they are a couple of pixel perfect jumps, it's normal to get stuck like in any other game you just have to keep trying :).

What does happen in this version is that when you reach the last level you cannot continue because you start stuck in a wall. This only happens sometimes and I noticed it when it was too late to fix it. If you are lucky and this bug doesn't happen to you you should reach the top of the tower :p. When the voting period is over I'll probably upload a fixed version.

Thank you for playing and your comments! I appretiate the time you have dedicated.