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Dungeon DiversView game page

A modern Nokia 3310 dungeon crawler
Submitted by WeRideForCoffee — 14 hours, 49 minutes before the deadline

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Sweet idea! You squeezed a lot into the resolution but I think it works pretty well. As with the other 3D games submitted to the jam the longer I played I got a bit motion sick but I was able to play yours for the longest (not sure why exactly). Just looking at the title card for the game makes me want to play. I could see it getting addicting with more things to discover, fight, and collect. It was interesting reading your behind the scenes write up to Peliptia. Thanks for participating!


Thank you so much for checking it out and leaving some feedback! Feedback (and answering those technical behind-the-scenes questions) are a part of Game Jams I love.

Thanks for hosting this Game Jam! It really got the creative-juices and ever-elusive inspiration pumping.

I think the motion sickness might have been influenced by the control bar down the right, giving a good 1/3rd of screen that doesn't move all over the shop. I've seen some work around Virtual Reality where motion sickness can be abated by having something "solid" that doesn't move relative to the player around the player's view, to give them something reliable and stable to focus on.

Might not be the case, but that's my bet!

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woahs▒░ this is super awesome looking (^▽^) ♡ what language/program is this made in﹖﹖ because it feels super fluid and smooth despite the small resolution❣ how did you make the roof texture stay in place and stuffs as you move︕﹗!is it a shader﹖


Hi! Thank you so much!

Well spotted! The magic is a shader,  the game is  all in 3D, but with player movement restricted to a grid, and player turning managed in 90* increments.

The engine I've built this with is Godot, specifically the latest beta of it. Godot really helped as I was able to make "wall",  "floor" "ceiling" and "arch" tiles completely in the editor, each of the cubes below is literally just a cube from the editor with a flat material on it. The arch is using Godot 3.1's CSG (Constructive Solid Geometry), which was a grey thin flat cube with a cylinder cut out, as shown with the below wireframe.

Behind the scenes the world looks like this! ^ (Also pictured an arch that looks awesome  with the shader but I haven't added to the dungeon generation script yet)

What I did was get the camera's (player's eyes) view at 84 by 48 pixels, and then run it through a modified edge detection shader, with some other bits I added to give anything between a certain darkness range that dithering you see from the ceiling. Because it dithers every second pixel on a row thats why the dithering sort of "stays in place" and helps really sell that retro look C:

(actually it's "(X+Y) % 2 > 0" which means X + Y, is the remainder after dividing by two greater than zero, aka every second pixel, but alternating every second row, with X being pixels from the top left across, and Y being pixels from the top left down) 

The shader also crushes it down to the two shades of green needed for the Game Jam. I also used world settings to implement distance "fog", but it's a super sharp cutoff which is why the far away hallways fade into blackness.

I'm also working on getting the basic combat done I had to cut out to make it in time, it should be done tonight or tomorrow night.

And thank you again so much! ^^


ahhthankyou⁝⁛ that is super cool to learn about (^▽^) ♡ i hope to get into using shaders in the future so your explanation is super helpful ⟪especially the formula you gaves to isolate every other pixel✦ i wouldnt have thought of that-・ᴗ・-⟫ 


is there any way you can export to 32 bits?


Hi Roxy22!

Yes I certainly can (not like it needs more than 4gb RAM anyway :P)

If you can wait another day then I'll upload a new version with basic combat included, and I'll make sure a 32 bit version is available as well.


And it is done!

The main version is now 32 bits, if anyone runs into issues I'll start making 32 bit AND 64 bit versions available but for now the main one is 32 bits. Also a in-progress version of combat is in! The player has infinite health and stamina for now, but I wanted to get this update up here and the 32 bit version available ASAP.


thx <3