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Looks like while you're using 16x16 sprites, it's effectively being down-scaled, and the reason it might be a little wonky on top of that is if it's position isn't an exact int (like if it's at 89.367 or 89.071 instead of just 89.0 or something) you can get some odd visual errors when you're working with pixel-perfect stuff.

I haven't used Unity in a few years so I'm not sure what settings are available to help fix those quibbles, but I'm pretty sure that's largely why you're getting this result :thumbsup:

Good luck with a fix, I hope it works out for you!

I adore this deeply <3
(Thank you for playing!)

You might not be surprised to learn this was not the hardest version of the game :P I had to do a lot of tweaking to take it from "ungodly punishing" to "ungodly punishing... but winnable". Long story short my first draft of the level had far too many enemies that were all far too dang close together xD
In the end after playing through it a few times and *finally* clearing my own damn game in one run, I was torn onto whether I should keep it Nintedohard or dial it back a little... I uh... didn't dial it back much.
As for running through I ended up trying that in playtesting and happily left it in. I think it's a fair way for a player to trade off a little score to balance their own difficulty, especially before at least picking up the shotgun.
(Thank you for playing BTW!)

A-Frame is awesome, really cool to see someone using it

Not sure if I'll have time for the jam, but my weapon of choice? Godot :P

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For anyone curious, still not announced, host of the jam seems to be temporarily unavailable.

In the Discord, the below were announced to be the planned wildcards, and appear to be the *official* list of wildcards as discussed with the jam host. Putting it here for any non-Discord users in this jam <3

..but the last one is 10/10 a meme and probably not "official", even if it's still optional xD
Use or do not use the WILLOWCARD at your own peril ;)

I cant see it either. I just assume some RealLife(TM) occurred to the Jam organiser. Hopefully it'll be updated soon!

I have a prototype from one of the same Jams I would like to do the exact same thing with. I'll probably keep the old jam entry page up and resubmit this as a new project, but with a link to the origin's page.

Love the Jam idea, by the way.

In ten years I'll be old enough to know better... BUT I'M NOT THERE YET DAMNIT!

The mouse-over select bugged out for me a few times, but all in all a well put together demo I think. You've said a few times you're planning to keep poking away at it, I'm curious to see where you take it!

I've been looking to make a YouTube channel under "WeRideForCoffee" and was considering doing little videos on how I tackled the core elements behind each of my game jam entries, the theory behind it and how I "solved" it in Godot for a practical example, would that be something you'd find interesting?

Also sorry, I got the inventory and crafting windows ALMOST finished, which is why you don't have any items, even though the inventory technically could store and retrieve items.. I'll be uploading a patch tomorrow night when judging is over if you want to see how that would have worked.

Believe me, I was the most disappointed that I didn't have time to add in the rest of the core mechanics inherent (gathering, crafting, even just *placing different voxels*) That's all in the Soon™️ patch, going to focus on some core underlying stuff tonight I think after I bake those versions out.

Also I think that rating *was* my rating, I'd already played it and rated it when I saw you talking about only having one rating on Discord, unless I'd snuck in a rating just after you'd checked it which is quite possible :P

My god that multi-threading attempt can die in a hole xD

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I've already got an update with all the basics I wanted in (hunger, crafting, placing and gathering blocks and structures) ready for as soon as the Jam Judging ends (and some fixes for weird bits like the lighting) and I'm definitely planning to poke away at this one over time!

Ideally I want a "campaign" mode (which is more or less the story as it stands now) and a "Sandbox" which is more of an old-school Minecraft survival or creative style world, either with a floating island or some other world types.

That last bit "might" take a while however so.. ':D

And thank you! <3

SaucyArmadilloGames and crew strikes again. Seriously A+ on the slick animations, and the "J U I C E" (*Official gamedev term)

I personally enjoy how you can wind up and chain the dash and an attack at the same time, for a fun-time epic charge.

Love the overworld music by the way, props to the composer.

Core mechanics, movement and interaction in the last two games of yours I've played feel *polished* in a way no Game Jam game has any right to be xD As far as I'm concerned that's a healthy thing for you and your work to be associated with ;)

Neat concept, clean style.. I could see this potentially being expanded in a similar gameplay vein with "resource management" to get as far as possible, similar to how the game "Islanders" plays which would be an interesting angle for the chill genre.. but.. was that one of the songs from the Minecraft soundtrack? Or is this some CC0 music that's just *really* similar? :P

Thank you! <3
I could have finished the crafting too if it wasn't for loosing those few days to (admittedly) my really dumb attempt to multi-thread it so I could support a larger world size! It worked *most* of the time but I really didn't want to upload something that would just not spawn 1/100 chunks or crash 1/100 chunks either :P (I'm still salty, hush)

Fun fact: The Godot engine is getting a debugger that correctly returns crash reports from threads that aren't the main loop. In the *next* version xD

The first Jam I ever joined was an jam, and the idea was anything you made you had to put up.
Maybe you could upload your assets there with a permissive use licence (It has a list), and link them here, if you want to reuse them?
Might need Gurpreet to confirm tho

I think you're good to create assets /during/ the jam though, so that might make it easier for you:
(From the Rules:) "- Game assets, unless freely available to anybody, must be created during the jam."

Only three for now, so far the game is (ironically) only three weeks of dev, around a full time job...  so it's a little  bare at the moment!

Ooooooh well now I just feel silly xD Don't worry I didn't factor it into my rating so you weren't unduly punished by my decaffeinated brain.

I'll probably D/L the post jam version and check it out :D

The moment the first NPC spoke I could tell you're a Banjo and Kazooie fan :P

But hot dang this is mighty slick man. Very enjoyable and feels very well polished. Plus the whole look and feel comes together very nicely.

I lost track of the objectives after being told to go west to the farm, and while it said "[press 0]" to show objectives I couldn't bring it back up or figure out how to go further west than the map seemed to allow. (Not playing post-jam version)

Ended up finding Hobo Santa up north though and had quite a lot of fun "making use" of the lil' gift on the ground there ;)

A solid premise and well delivered. Definitely enjoyable and an intuitive risk/reward + crafting system. It's a +1 from me ;)

I'll probably come back to this to have fun when I get stuck dev'ing my own atrocity when I need to wind down and focus on something else :thumbsup:

Game did crash / page reset though on level 3 when I fired triple shot, then boomerang, then just on triple shot before the boomerang had come back. Not sure what may have been the cause.

Walls are one-hit KOs, it was something I was doing while testing and forgot to change b4 upload :P 

Should be fixed in the next version when also mining walls will drop stone/ores etc

100% Definitely still working on it, I absolutely want to build something on this foundation hahaha

And thanks for the feedback! I might try and add some simple tutorialising  to the next patch as well, or the one after that. Will definitely at least add to the readme how crafting works :thumbsup: I'm glad you liked what little is here at the moment :3

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<3 (I adore this)

Yeaap I love that bug xD
If you try to add something to your inventory and your inventory is full, it just spits the item out into the world... but doesn't delete the one you try to pick up hahahaha
Completely forgot to patch it before shipping. Also I think it's hilarious :P

Thanks for the kind words though :3

HMU on discord if you'd like me to go into the nitty-gritty on how I did the procedural generation. 

Honestly tho the TL;DR of it is: Godot has a class called OpenSimplexNoise, so you already have 2D and 3D psudorandom noise available on demand. The rest is all splitting the world into 6x6 chunks of tiles (arbitrary number) that generate themselves, and having an overarching object spawn those chunks on it's own 6x6 grid on demand as you move about. Boom. Procgen xD
Also each chunk saves changes to a dictionary as you mine/build and when it gets offloaded it saves it. When it gets loaded again it reapplies it.

"Rock Paper Scissors" is a game where after a count of 3 (or count of "Rock, paper, scissors!" two players make the shape of rock, paper or scissors with their hands at the same time and see who wins.

Paper wins against rock, scissors wins against paper and rock wins against scissors.

Its a pretty common idea in RTS games, where for example swordsmen beat spearmen, spearmen beat cavalry, cavalry beat swordsmen, that sort of thing. In this case I sort of meant maybe three different actions you can do with different types of customer, that if you get right you maybe get a boost in popularity/a better rating, or maybe a cash tip etc; but if you get it wrong it goes the other way? Maybe also a "neutral" reaction where nothing changes?

Only put it out there as I saw in another comment you were thinking of building on your game a little more after the jam so I thought I'd throw that idea out there just in case it gives you an idea in turn :D

All in all I think what you got done is pretty great especially for 7 days, believe me I understand the crunch of such a small timeframe hahaha

Very nice, the music and visual design really set the tone nicely, and while the mechanics are simple they're also engaging enough I got all the upgrades and hit $500. I found the pace overall relaxing to begin with, but I bought the bartender immediately so I'm not sure if that sped up my game or not.
Also it's nice to see Construct 2 getting some love <3

Overall nice work for a 7day jam!

If you're adding more mechanics going forward I'd suggest something interactive to do with the honest patrons? Maybe some sort of "rock paper scissors" action type choice for different types of patrons once you greet them? Learn the types of reply to get the most tips or risk loosing your tips with bad choices? Could also play into the up/down-votes thing you've got in.

Honestly, that's all I wanted xD
Hopefully I'll have together an update with more interactivity up, after the game jam judging period ends of course :thumbsup:

Unfortunately that's it for now.
I bit off a bit more than I could chew around the 9-5 weekdays :S
You can interact with the door, the music player and the phone, other then that it's more tech-demo less game, sadly.

Thank you so much for checking it out and leaving some feedback! Feedback (and answering those technical behind-the-scenes questions) are a part of Game Jams I love.

Thanks for hosting this Game Jam! It really got the creative-juices and ever-elusive inspiration pumping.

I think the motion sickness might have been influenced by the control bar down the right, giving a good 1/3rd of screen that doesn't move all over the shop. I've seen some work around Virtual Reality where motion sickness can be abated by having something "solid" that doesn't move relative to the player around the player's view, to give them something reliable and stable to focus on.

Might not be the case, but that's my bet!

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Yep, I used a sample library of classic Nokia bleeps made available in this Game Jam's discussion, and using that I made the monophonic music for the game as the Nokia 3310 could't play more than one kind of bleep at a time, or at least that was one of the Game Jam restrictions.

While I'm not sure exactly how faithful or not I've been to the Nokia's sound chip sound it was an interesting challenge to make background music with that restriction, and its going to be even more interesting (from a technical standpoint)  to make sure the combat FX don't play over the music either!

Although I can definitely acknowledge my music-making skills themselves can use some work!

Yea, I wanted the first enemy to be pretty easy, and once i add in player stamina it'll be harder to just spam to victory xD
But thank you! Super thrilled you like the animation!

And it is done!

The main version is now 32 bits, if anyone runs into issues I'll start making 32 bit AND 64 bit versions available but for now the main one is 32 bits. Also a in-progress version of combat is in! The player has infinite health and stamina for now, but I wanted to get this update up here and the 32 bit version available ASAP.

Hi! Thank you so much!

Well spotted! The magic is a shader,  the game is  all in 3D, but with player movement restricted to a grid, and player turning managed in 90* increments.

The engine I've built this with is Godot, specifically the latest beta of it. Godot really helped as I was able to make "wall",  "floor" "ceiling" and "arch" tiles completely in the editor, each of the cubes below is literally just a cube from the editor with a flat material on it. The arch is using Godot 3.1's CSG (Constructive Solid Geometry), which was a grey thin flat cube with a cylinder cut out, as shown with the below wireframe.

Behind the scenes the world looks like this! ^ (Also pictured an arch that looks awesome  with the shader but I haven't added to the dungeon generation script yet)

What I did was get the camera's (player's eyes) view at 84 by 48 pixels, and then run it through a modified edge detection shader, with some other bits I added to give anything between a certain darkness range that dithering you see from the ceiling. Because it dithers every second pixel on a row thats why the dithering sort of "stays in place" and helps really sell that retro look C:

(actually it's "(X+Y) % 2 > 0" which means X + Y, is the remainder after dividing by two greater than zero, aka every second pixel, but alternating every second row, with X being pixels from the top left across, and Y being pixels from the top left down) 

The shader also crushes it down to the two shades of green needed for the Game Jam. I also used world settings to implement distance "fog", but it's a super sharp cutoff which is why the far away hallways fade into blackness.

I'm also working on getting the basic combat done I had to cut out to make it in time, it should be done tonight or tomorrow night.

And thank you again so much! ^^

(1 edit)

You'll see ;)
But yea it's reaction-based, you have two attacks slash and stab , and the idea is some attacks from you or your enemies can be blocked, others can be dodged.

It's a bit moot at the moment as I only have one enemy made but if you time your blocks correctly you should be able to counter. That sort of thing.

I've made sure that my one enemy actually has a well telegraphed attack...  (well we'll see what people think anyway) or as well as I was able to given the resolution! On the plus side small resolution mixed with monochrome only made actually drawing it a bit easier.

I sort of intended that more difficult enemies would have a wider variety of attacks, that need a different answer from the player, and with attacking, blocking and dodging needing certain amounts of stamina managing that would also be an element, and getting used to the timings of the enemies' attacks (as they also have stamina and need to manage that).

The version I have mostly ready has most of this functionality built in, but with only one enemy with one kind of attack it's not getting used. Keen to make some more enemies to spice it up but animating them will take time. 

Thanks for checking it out!

Yea a more accurate name would be "Retro Dungeon Screen-Shaders" :P It was going to be "Dungeon Delvers" but I changed my mind at the last minute for... no reason I think. Making an actual water-themed dungeon crawl would actually be pretty lit..

I had to rush out what you've seen to make sure I made the Jam time limit as the Jam was only over a few days. I've nearly finished basic combat however and will be uploading that soon, which will bring this to where I wanted it to be on the end of the Jam. It'll still be a pretty minor game but I'm pretty dang happy with what I've got for just over a week's work! 

Hi Roxy22!

Yes I certainly can (not like it needs more than 4gb RAM anyway :P)

If you can wait another day then I'll upload a new version with basic combat included, and I'll make sure a 32 bit version is available as well.

Personally, I'm planning to use QWE ASD ZXC, but also allow 789 465 132 mapped to the same virtual "buttons", but I assume there'll be no problem if I also map those same buttons to work with a controller's D-pad and ABXY buttons (+ the back button for button #9)? I've got a friend who prefers playing EVERYTHING with a usb controller.

So in effect there are 9 buttons for the game, but 3 different ways you can choose to map those buttons, I assume that'll be fine?