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Submitted by SaucyArmadilloGames, J.C. Wilson — 34 minutes, 14 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Audio & Music#13.8333.833
Art & Graphics#34.1674.167
Crafting Mechanics#172.6672.667

Ranked from 6 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Really well polished! Combat is very satisfying. Audio works very well. I think there's a bit of an art clash, like everything other than the player is fully fleshed out. Not to say I don't like all the art, it's just a weird clash to me. It wasn't fully clear to me how to talk when I started. And, at least in the Linux build, there's my cursor and seemingly another cursor you draw in the game? And for the time I played I didn't have to craft, I just levelled up strength and 1-hit-slapped everything, and ate raw vegetables!

I look forward to seeing this game evolve some more!


Hey cool game it was fun doing that little quest the store npc gives you

 I only expereinced one bug, when you press E to interact with one of the npc shops I had pressed Esc to try to close that GUI, but figured out how to close it by pressing E again. Once I did that I couldn't move until I pressed Esc again to bring up the pause screen

I wouldnt mind playing this game again post-jam too 🙂


There's actually a whole series of quests if you speak to the Mayor of Anfang, taking you all the way to the north of the continent!


I just tried the game. The atmosphere is charming and the game is quite polished. There's attention to detail and that's really nice. For instance I tried to go on a water tile on the map and there was a proper animated sprite for half submerged character. I'm not a huge fan of that kind of game but I can feel the homage to classic rpg/jrpg . You should ask to a fan of classic rpg/jrpg if they like the pace/style because you can't have an objective view on that from me. Then, I'm not sure if the crafting mechanics are really key for the game. Finally, I'm assuming you made the art for this, it's nice.

Impressive work for a gamejam overall!

Oh and by the way, you can go through the tutorial without taking the sword... I learned that the hard way:


You went to the wrong neighborhood. 


I didn't get to play this game yet as I can't download anything over 50Mb with my phone internet xD But I'm sure I'll get to play it at some point. From the GIFs it looks really nice. Just the biggest thing that spears me in the eyes is that there's really a dollar-sign next to the word "Gold:" ? xD Because.. Unless it's for comical relief, I don't understand it. xD But if it's for humor, then it makes sense! Other than that, super awesome-seeming game! :)


SaucyArmadilloGames and crew strikes again. Seriously A+ on the slick animations, and the "J U I C E" (*Official gamedev term)

I personally enjoy how you can wind up and chain the dash and an attack at the same time, for a fun-time epic charge.

Love the overworld music by the way, props to the composer.

Core mechanics, movement and interaction in the last two games of yours I've played feel *polished* in a way no Game Jam game has any right to be xD As far as I'm concerned that's a healthy thing for you and your work to be associated with ;)


Here at Saucy Armadillo Games we refer to "juice" as Sauce, hence our collective name. Glad you enjoyed it! This game will continue receiving updates. Please follow the game page if you want to keep up with development and come meet us at our discord server:


From the gifs it looks very interesting, but did you forget to upload the actual game or am I missing something? :D


Same here. It looks great on the GIFs though 


We fixed it, sorry about that!