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Here at Saucy Armadillo Games we refer to "juice" as Sauce, hence our collective name. Glad you enjoyed it! This game will continue receiving updates. Please follow the game page if you want to keep up with development and come meet us at our discord server:

We fixed it, sorry about that!

Wow, thankyou! After jamcraft 2 we decided we wanted to take this game to the next level, please check this dev update:

Other than an issue with the game breaking once you die, I actually enjoyed what you had on display here. The design of the little robot was cool and reminded me a bit of Nepter. 

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I liked a lot of the ideas on display here quite a bit, I feel with a little more time put into the art and UI, this could be a really addicting management game. Good work!

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This was quite a lot of fun! I liked guessing what ingredients and bases each customer would need. Really liked the art too!

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This was chaotic, but very enjoyable. I honestly wish there had been a bit more polish and some sounds, but I loved what a mess my workshop became as I tried to make the weapons for the town, I almost wish there was a combat section but that's how these things go, excellent work!

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A work around for this currently is, if you die, you'll notice a pistol spawn next to you when you respawn!

You know, I like the world you've presented here, it really gives me that vibe that some of the earliest versions of the Unity Engine gave off, good work!

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I was a little confused what the end goal was supposed to be here, but I did like the ever expanding menus and I think there is the seed of a really cool idea here.

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This was actually surprisingly cool! I think the actual mechanics of how to craft potions could have been explained a little better, but it was really fun to mix and match different stuff, excellent work!

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I really liked this one a bit! The robot looked cool and you really got the sense that you were in some kind of futuristic home while everyone was gone for the evening. I was a little confused at some points and the camera system was a little rough, but all around good work!

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What do you expect? it's a game about viruses.

Not currently, but you can check out our project Galactic Gunsmith

Graphically, very impressive but I was often confused as to what to do and didn't get past getting the ruby. Good work though!

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Hey, thanks for playing our game! Glad you enjoyed it!

Hi there

Extremely underrated, probably my personal favorite of the jam, good work.

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Very nice, fun to play, nice difficulty, can't say much more other than sheer simplistic fun, good work.

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Jams are hard, and this game was marred by technical problems that prevented us from being able to enjoy it, that being said, I like what you did here and appreciate the work that went into the game. Good job!

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I liked it, controls could've used some work but you did the best with what you did. Sometimes simple things are the best, good work!

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Enjoyed it, wish there had been more content at least in terms of environments, but thats the way these things are! Tools were very satisfying to use and it was fun to kill zombies, good work!

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A little confusing, but I love the color palette on the GUI and the font was very pleasant to look at, good work!

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It was pretty alright, and I have a softspot for old-school roguelikes like these, good work!

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Really enjoyed this one, got a real sense that this was a good idle game, something I could barely pay attention to. The gambling mini-game was a little too luck based for my liking but other wise it was an excellent game, very good job!

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You did a good job, I really liked the art and the wrapper was pretty cool to use. The controls were a touch confusing at times and it got a little cumbersome to have to have the windows explorer open right next to it in order to drag over files, but all in all you did a very good job!

Feel free to check out our entry when you get a chance!

I'll be honest, the controls were confusing and made me feel at times like I was suffering from dyslexia. However, I do really enjoy the variety in the mini-games, each one had unique mechanics and was fairly easy to understand once I got past the mental hurdle of the controls.

It was good, feel free to check out our entry and keep up the good work!

Couldn't figure out the controls but I like the art and I appreciate the effort!

Good work.

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It was a good game, I really enjoyed it, nice art, a few mouse issues but its good to see more people using picOS. Good work!

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Hey man, good job. Both the art and squash squish animations are really cool and seem to be extremely polished. It doesn't seem your needs are very clearly displayed, but as with all Jams time is everything, it's an extremely polished experience and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

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