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Galactic Gunsmith's page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of Crafting Theme#33.5563.556

Ranked from 9 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How long did it take to make?
The entire two weeks lf full time work right up until two hours before the jam

What assets were made before the jam period?
A host of sounds were used for ambience from

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I thought this game was awesome. And it's very clear loads of work has gone into it. I noticed a couple bugs which have been mentioned already but they didnt take away from my overall enjoyment. The art of the game was a strongpoint for me and it had some good mechanics and a nice feel to it as well. Great work


Hey there Evacoon! Glad you enjoyed the game. The trees waving in the "wind" effect is just a slight rotation via a sin wave. The transparency effect is applied when a line between the player object and cursor collides with the leaves. This effect also happens when a bullet or an enemy goes under a tree's leaves.

How'd you get the trees to work? awesome game btw!


Really enjoyed the game, the art was beautiful. I completed everything including the boss and had a great time.

I really liked the build your own gun system and the combat was fairly enjoyable, i'd like to see enemies to different things to dodge / react to.

Did have a few problems. The first time I crafted Nevir Coordinates it took my resources but didn't add them to my inventory.

I found that gathering resoruces, particularly on the first planet felt like to took a very long time. This was better later on when combat broke it up however.

I did realise i'd levelled up until I reached level 9, some kind of indication would be good.

Overall a fun little game with a lot of potential, thanks for making it!


Ye there definitely needs to be some rebalancing of resource collection. One of my major gripes was the fact you can't see how much of each resource you're collecting unless you went back to the ship. There was a build of the game (not sure if it's the jam version) where jungle slimes would drop one or two leaves per kill. Which was brain-numbing, since the boss fight planet originally required 50 of these things. We definitely bit off more than we could chew, lol.

Thanks for playing!


very cool game! 

I played the game  entirely and enjoy the final boss fight. 

Anyway I've encountered few bugs:

- In the key bind menu the options are too small, you cannot even see what is written
- In the tab menu there's a useless "CHARISMA" stat
- If you press ESC and then quit to main menu you are teleported (with the character) in the main menu and you can only dash to the right