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A Robot Upgrade Puzzle Adventure
Submitted by Lewis Fiford

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of Crafting Theme#63.2503.250

Ranked from 8 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How long did it take to make?
Two weeks, from start to finish.

What assets were made before the jam period?
Some of the music was made by Ross Bugden, and is available for free on

The electrifier and magnetiser particle systems have been heavily modified but were originally made by epic games.

Everything else was made inside the jam period.

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This game really impressed me! Moving around felt great, the crafting and upgrade systems were well put together but could have used more polish. The puzzles and progression felt good, though i was able to jump off the guys head at the start to skip a portion of the game. hehe pretty sure i soft locked myself from beating the game by doing this oops.
When first starting the game i noticed the settings do not work, no big deal. The game ran at a solid 25 fps which isnt great but not bad. The motion blurr was a bit jarring but again, not a big deal. 
Overall this game was lot of fun, professional, and polished feeling. This is favorite submission (that i havent submitted, hehe) so far. You did a great job Lewis.


Thanks for the review Avis. Really glad you liked the game ! First off, it wasn't all me, I worked with a 3d modeller and had someone help with the sound too. I basically did the deisgn, animation and code. Good spot with the shortcut ! I'll get that removed for the post jam release. And the frame rate should be easy to sort too, I completely ran out of time to optimize it and there are way too many actors in the level at once ! Looking forward to playing yours too, I'm gonna give them all a play through soon 


Hi Everyone. Please note that this game is an unfinished prototype, as I ran out of time to design puzzles with all of Alpho's crafted tools. That said it should still be playable. Also, I had to make a quick update after submission to get rid of a couple of bugs.


Graphically, very impressive but I was often confused as to what to do and didn't get past getting the ruby. Good work though!

Be sure to come check out our entry:


Thanks for checking out our game. To be honest I ran into some big issues at the end and ran out of time for testing. Oh well, lesson learned ! I'll be sure to check out your game too, i'm gonna sit down and play them all when I get the chance.