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There was indeed an underwater filter and also a pixelation filter. Also the monsters "hover" up and down, and slightly to the side. This may cause some inbetween pixels and color artifacts, which all just affect positively to the visuals.

Indeed, who are we? Or are we anyone? It's open to interpretation. :) 

I had ideas for deeper combat mechanics, but there wasn't time to implement all that.

Thank you for playing!

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I spent way too much time on the graphics and audio, taking up most of the jam on those, and then I didn't have time or energy to implement the depth in the battle system that I had thought about initially. Though even with those ideas there wouldn't have been upgrades or builds to choose from, which is something that I've been thinking about implementing in later versions of the concept.

Btw the CRT / Scanline filter is literally just a dark line -sprite, drawn across the screen several times (tiled) and then you can from the ESC menu adjust its intensity (basically just changing the alpha of it by .1 ) so it's actually not a filter, just a sprite. :'D It just works!

Thank you for playing!

Now, you can interpret the victory screen as you want. Which one of the characters was actually rescued? Hehe. ;)

Yes, I put way too much time on the atmosphere and the immersion ( no pun ) of the experience, but unfortunately that is then seen in the lack of some depth ( not another pun xD ) on the game mechanics themselves. But for a Game Jam I think this is good. I have seen less progress on people who have spent 2 years on their projects, so I can only be happy with these results. I will ofcourse continue the concept's development and improve upon the battle system and its frequency first, before touching upon other aspects of the game.

Thank you for the kind words and for playing!

It's true that I initially had the idea that you will reach a certain location where you can dive literally downwards, but that would've overscoped the project for a jam, and should be reserved for an actual commercial game with months of development instead.

I'm glad that you enjoyed atleast the atmosphere of the game!

Thank you for playing!

Lovely that you enjoyed the game! I enjoyed making it too, even if I didn't get to implement every idea that I had for it. Hehe.

Thank you for playing!

It's my first time ever trying an underwater theme in a game. I'm glad it turned out nice and successful in that sense!
Thank you for playing!

Oh, nice! Recommended by who? I appreciate the nice feedback and the kind words! There seems to be quite a few MacOS and Linux users, so I might in the future look into it to attempt to include a build that works for those platforms straight off too.

Thank you for playing!

I appreciate the kind words and the illusion that you're the first person to also like the combat that's just holding down F.  :'D

Thank you for playing!

Nice comments that warm my heart.

I didn't think at all that the color scheme would somehow be similar to something like Another World, since this is underwater and that wasn't, but cool that there's some kind of a distant relation to such a cult game that's showing up everywhere if you search for retro stuff.

Thank you for playing!

I'm glad you enjoyed atleast portions of my game! I indeed like the exploration part myself too and it feels like it could be a neat little screensaver of its own with the chill music playing forever on a loop. Hehe.

Thank you for playing!

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Speaking of sick, I had initial ideas for the combat to have more depth, but I lost 1 day to reinstalling Windows during the jam, and for the last 2 days of the jam I was feeling quite ill, so I didn't dare to include deeper features that could introduce new issues and bugs to the project. Already barely submitted in time with 6 minutes left on the deadline timer. :'D

I appreciate the wonderful comments and indeed; the atmosphere, visuals, audio are my favorite part too and agreed that the combat could've been a bit better and less repetitive. Still happy what I came up with in basically under or in a week.

There are plans to improve further upon this concept of a dungeon crawler. I will try to make the battlesystems better.

Thank you very much for playing! <3

Well in Guild of Dungeoneering you really just choose 1 action at a time, but the same action can have multiple effects. Also while it is a dungeon crawler kind of, it's not first person and you don't directly control your character at all. It's kind of exotic!

Great atmosphere, very cool visuals and a take on the well-known concept of "Let's venture through the same corridor again and again" games. I have a personal issue with the design of the tasks though. I got told by other users that there's a puzzle in the game. The game never told me there's puzzles or much that I need to do absolutely anything, so the game's lacking in that sector. Confusing character selection, too much text on face. Cool slideshow tutorials, although also a lot of text at once, and then suddenly less text to tell the player there's puzzles? Otherwise awesome entry!

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Loving the simplicity! I invented a new term to accompany the already existing KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid), mine is Keep It Even Simpler U Silly = KIESUS (pronounced key-eh-soosh) and the meaning would be what you've done with this game. Really nice!

Ah yes. This game! I followed its development a bit on Discord and I'm absolutely loving the aesthetics of it! Reminds me so much of Wizardry 8 in a good way. Well done!

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I'm glad you enjoyed the experience and I appreciate your kind words!

Indeed you called me out on it, I did place npcs to block the paths with some tasks related to interacting with the events spawning into the world. If there were no blockages like this, the game would've lasted only 2 minutes. Personally I play it through in 5 mins still, so it IS quite short indeed.
I spend a lot of time just listening to the chill exploration music though. It's almost like a cool screensaver with relaxing music. Accidentially made a nice music track that I keep humming to myself even when off the computer. Heh.

Thank you for playing! <3

Yes, but on the other hand people do not like downloading anything (including me) nowadays, so I've steered more towards attempting to make games that run in the browser. But ofcourse, I can always have a downloadable version on the side as an option too! I'll try to keep this in mind.

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Haha. When looking at the screenshots and profile picture, it looks like 5 completely different games! This fact alone is amazing! I like. :D

Super cool and creepy concept. Loving the ummmmm.. Lord of the Rings font? :D

Aah, another combat system inspired by Guild of Dungeoneering and that one Ludum Dare space game where you chose your moves beforehand too. But this is only a positive thing! I thought about making a similar system to my entry too but I didn't have time to implement and design it so here you are with more interesting combat and overall world than mine! :D Well done!

Yeah on Discord I talked about different combat mechanics other than just pressing F, but due to feeling ill and the time running quickly out on the jam, I didn't dare to try to make such a system work in time, so took the safe and simpler route. Thank you for playing!

Thank you again for playing my game on stream. It was a pleasure to witness and always good to watch others test your game and find possible issues with it or what is good. Thank you for playing!

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Thank you my friend! And yours too! Great atmospheres all around! Thank you for playing!

I'm glad someone likes the atmosphere I worked so many days on, both visual and auditory! I feel super relaxed though in the exploration mode, because of the chill music track I accidentially managed to make for it! Thanks for playing!

Sorry and yes the event objects are all randomized, so there may actually be runs where you never see a firepower upgrade or a repairtool. I had no time to properly balance the spawning and appearance of battles, but atleast all of the content that's in the game is usable in some amounts. Also you only start to feel more powerful after you get 5 firepower upgrades so that's also a thing... Thank you for playtesting!

Nice and surprising that it ran on Linux. I attempted to make it a browser game, but the browser building failed so I just went with a downloadable, because I had no time to try to fix the browser issue. Art, visuals, audio, and the rest of the technical quality took the most part of the development indeed, and it may show in the actual gameplay content and overall entertainment value. (Oops! xD) Thank you for the nice comment and for playing the game!

Yeah basically the events keep spawning while you're in a battle, and as the battles take a long time to go through when your firepower is low, indeed the map gets filled up. :'D  But I didn't have time to make the system any better, barely had 6 minutes left to deadline when I posted this game. Thank you for playtesting!

Yeah I noticed only afterwards that the sense of progression is super slow. Only after you get like 5 firepower upgrades you start to notice that oh yea I am stronger now. Thank you for playing!

I didn't play the game due to all the virus-threat hassle, but I love this concept and it's filling my mind with all kinds of ideas for possible projects of my own, so good job on that part!

Crazy art! Love it!

Haha, yes. I like this. Sooo splitscreen co-op focused development starts when? :D

Creepy and great atmosphere!

Liking the DOS-like vibes!

Wow. Cool, almost GameBoy like visuals. I like the atmosphere.

Awesome! Brings a lot of  Potion Craft and Guild of Dungeoneering vibes. Very cool!

Extremely difficult for a casual gamer like me! But it compels me to try again and again which is a good thing! Congratulations on living through the jam!

It's like living in a world of graffiti. Good job!

Dark and scary. Good job!

Spaaaace. Needs more work on the game page to attract potential players! Good job!