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Thank you all for testing this and for your valuable feedback.  Can only improve from this! :)

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Thank you all for testing. :) This is just a hastily put together piece, as I had a very busy weekend during the jam. I did not reach all the goals (especially reaching the TOUHOU feels) that I set out to do, but I'm proud of what I could produce in a short time. Especially the title screen is the best thing. xD

As I mentioned on the previous reply, I had a very busy weekend and could only work on the game for like five hours. I'm happy with what I could do in that short time, even if I failed to reach the proper feels of the game. I'm especially proud of the retro-style title screen. XD Sorry to disappoint. Thank you for testing! :)

Yes, I stated on Discord that I didn't have time due to a busy weekend to create the game I had envisioned, which would've been more close to Touhou-gameplay atleast. I did it all in like 5 hours. I didn't want to half-arse the real characters from the theme's setting, so I just made my own stuff. The game turned out to be a rogue-lite, where when you die, you keep your upgrades which then builds up your chances to survive longer in the game. But yes I didn't have time to make more variation in enemy behavior (they do have 5 different skins though according to level progress!) and I would've done a better job at everything if I had a week time, but this is what you get in five hours! And yes the title screen is the best i've ever made. xD

Could you make a sequel of this with the resolution of 640x360, and mouseclick to move to a point? this way, this can be played on mobile browser :) Great game.

Liking the artstyle, colors and atmosphere a lot. ^.^ 

A little clumsy controls, but probably much fun with many players :) great graphical/art style and atmosphere. :D The car had a humongous hitbox on browser version. 

I didn't have any issues playing in browser, even with gamepads. Great fun! Needs some minor polish, but for a jam game it's sweet. :)

Didn't manage to defeat Lewis :P Great fun and I could see this game having been popular on Gameboy back in the day. :D 

Cool little game. We played it 2-player with gamepads. Controls seem alright enough for a jam game, except for the results screen, it easily gets instaskipped as the progression button is the same as the jump/action buttons. So when you mash the buttons you just suddenly get thrown into the main menu after the timer ends. I had this same issue with my game and I added a few seconds timer on the result screen before an input could be pressed. I was missing a button to throw the items properly. :D  Great fun though!

I failed to see the timer each round. On the last round on 2-player mode, the smelly cheese got deleted from the final list, intentional? Funny little game, still no idea how to please the King proper. x)

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Yeap I should've mentioned that you're not supposed to pick all the upgrades up, but I kept them all there during testing of stuff, and I left them there. :P You're supposed to get 1 upgrade slowly at a time, and the "crafting" bit would be you building yourself up with modules, also you'd craft the modules yourself using the materials. But I got what I needed from the jam game, I thought whatever else I had planned was added into the game, I'd already know how to do it so I'd not learn anything, it's just time-consuming and in this case it was not a resource I can spend without benefit. Thanks for testing! :)

Really nice game! Took me only about 7 tries to finally figure out how to cook things, especially the broom. The instructions were a bit misleading on the book. You should put in first "Just press E to drop items on top of the cauldron, before stirring with the ladle using LMB"  because when it said about the ladle and holding down left mouse first in the book, ofcourse I always held down LMB and failed every brewing operation. The world is beautiful, and I hope in a non-Jam version it'd have more life in it and perhaps treasure chests you can find and see a golden glint of on the ground while flying around. The random trees in the Sea were the most interesting and exciting thing in the gameworld. :D Awesome huge world, but sadly empty except for the immediate surroundings of the house. I was disappointed to find nothing atop the mountains after finally getting up there. I was hoping for a secret or a boss creature. While exploring, I did find a white spectacle-creature out in the wilds, but just one. The only other life was the bats around the house. Controls are great, though I found myself missing a way to strafe with the broomstick, or atleast get an upgrade on the broomstick so it allows you to do that. Also firing your wand from the broomstick while flying. I especially loved the physics of the game, the magic spheres bouncing and allowing you to do neat tricks to snipe creatures from afar. And it works in browser! Great stuff. Although sometimes Right click interfered with Chrome-browser and pulled up a menu. ESC should atleast bring up a pause screen and release the mouse for a bit. Also saving would be cool. Great game though!

I didn't get to play this game yet as I can't download anything over 50Mb with my phone internet xD But I'm sure I'll get to play it at some point. From the GIFs it looks really nice. Just the biggest thing that spears me in the eyes is that there's really a dollar-sign next to the word "Gold:" ? xD Because.. Unless it's for comical relief, I don't understand it. xD But if it's for humor, then it makes sense! Other than that, super awesome-seeming game! :)

Cool concept indeed. I like it, even though the character movement speed may become agonizing after a time. Great art and atmosphere. Also, the music is definitely a version of the music from Minecraft. I don't know how okay it's to use an edited/remastered/covered song in Jam games, but definitely if you made this commercial you'd get in trouble with the Law. :P Just be careful with stuff like that.

Interesting combination-sim. Also seems like this concept could be used with item parts to create different tools/equipment, and then selling them in an NPC Auction House. Very cool mechanics. :)

Really cool once you start to understand it. Then you start pondering how to put this system into an RPG... Hmmmm. Hmmmm! 

Haha, yes. Thank you for playing and for the feedback! I ran out of time in the jam and had to leave out planned features like NPC assistants that gather around the campfire to as an "autoclick" mechanic, shoot at the enemies using crossbows. And you could upgrade the npcs. But I feel like I learned a few things during the jam, so I'm happy with it.

I was also briefly confused about the engine-usage. I think for me it was because the Godot Engine is a different color text and a link, so it hits the eye first. But after reading the whole thing it became slightly more clear. Ideas for jam-themes: Unliving friend or One step to death.

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Each time I start a game project, for game jam or outside of it, I learn that it's best to cut off most features that you get an idea for. Also, it's really not the best idea for game jams to start making a game thinking you'll make a huge RPG. XD Trying to keep things simple and fun is a skill on its own. I've yet to master that. 
Anyway, what I learned during this jam was how to make a crude lighting/shadow system with just a couple lines of code. Very simplistic and works well enough for me.

You may see the lighting system in action here:

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Submission pop-up didn't let me pick games that I had chosen as mashup. But they are Nyancat (the game) + Kerbal Space Program, and I was also inspired by Lost Vikings, Garry's Mod: SpaceBuild, My Summer Car and Space Engineers to name a few.

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OLD: Please re-open submissions. Itch io had an upload error. :S

EDIT: Thank you. Now the submission pop-up doesn't let me pick the games that I mashed up, but it's said in the comments and in the description of the game, and even on the main menu.

Anyway, here's my jam entry:

Played only the mobile version, as I cannot accept executables on my development PC. (My machine is like the customs of Australia. Nothing comes through. xD)

Music - Epic and foreboding, very movie-like, atmospheric. = Great!

Sounds - Quite dark and horror-like. I enjoyed it. The screeching of creatures (bats etc?) was a bit too loud compared to the other sounds.

Graphics / Art - Quite awesome sprites and color usage. Had an issue inside belly with all the lit up particles. That slowed down my mobile experience to like 10 fps. Possibly if the lights were disabled, it'd run smoothly. 

Gameplay - In addition to the 10 fps, I had no idea what to do inside the belly. Is that a game over already, as it asks me to pick a new beginner-form? I could only find big beasties on my playthrough, so I couldn't advance much. I only managed to defeat like 1-2 opponents, after I caught them by running after them. Fun chase mechanics though!

The vore didn't fortunately seem very detailed in this version, as it's not my favorite thing, but in the way it was presented now it was okay and an interesting concept over all.

Thanks for the mobile version! (inspired by me? ;D)

Haha. I loved the wordplay there. Duck. Tape. 

Yes, sometimes jumping was ignored (especially when taped up on the wall) but other than that, cool mechanics. 

The biggest issue I had was with dialogue. It says "continue" yet I cannot click on it. So I pressed space, and my duck jumped and it messed up the text. Only afterwards I realized it is F to continue. That could've been said in the textbox too. Also some of the text went off screen.

Otherwise a beautiful game with nice colors and characters, and the flappy bird animations were great. :) I am unable to download actual executables from other people onto my game development machine, so I appreciate browsergames a lot! Thank you.

It's too addicting. No time to rate!

I pushed the thing down and it didn't come back. This must be the secret to life.

Some of the buttons are only shown partially in the game view.

I liked it and played it through. Only issue I have is the bug in controls, where jump doesn't always register when you're also pressing left or right at the same time.