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 Hello and welcome to the beginning of the HORROR GAMES TO PLAY IN THE DARK dev log! My name is David and I’m the founder and lead programmer for RBD INTERACTIVE.

 So what is Horror Games to Play in the Dark, you ask? 

 HGPD is a re-visitation to the original idea I had for Luggage, which was to create an anthology of short, interactive horror stories. This idea is something I’ve wanted to pursue since 2019 after releasing Cabin, but Luggage was itself a massive undertaking at the time for our small development team and we wanted to complete the goal we initially set: to create an anthology.

 Fast forward to today: RBD Interactive has become a team of talented individuals, including a writer, animator, and sound effects engineer for title development, and a small but growing network of developers and studio friends to help bring this anthology to life. 

 While we still intend to release games independently of one another in the future, we wanted to complete the goal we initially set with Luggage. HORROR GAMES TO PLAY IN THE DARK, VOLUME 1 is intended to be a full length format of the short, interactive story game style, not a departure from the development philosophy of the studio today.  

A screenshot of the first episode in the Anthology

Can’t wait? You can check out Luggage, available right here on our Itch, to get a hint at what kind of project we’re making.

And perhaps you will find a few more horror games to play in the dark while you’re there… ;)

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Yup you got that right..

Hello we are working on our next game and we need multiple voice actors. 

We need both male/female actors.

If you can sound like a Middle school girl, we need two VA for this.

You can play our previous games here

msg me on discord if your up to help and want more info on the project  renderbydavid#0153

Thanks for playing our game. You are right on the journal feedback, it doesn't need one.. there's a reason its in the game ha
Originally I wrote the code to handle multiple story's to pack into an anthology to sale,  so each story would be using the same code and I had more use of the journal in the others. But definitely could just disable it in this one and enable in others.

But I didn't like how the project was going & stopped it, so I just released this one finished story free instead of leaving it in the abyss never to be played. Hopefully in the future I will bring this Anthology idea to life once I feel more confident in doing one


You can try our short horror Huldufolk,
We have more on our page too

Theres a twist in the end, not really jump scary but can be if your really fragile. I say not really cuz it practically builds up to it and shouldn't be too surprised


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Hey I'll be using the "Everyone is dead" theme, so zombies..

My skills are code, modeling and animation. take a look at my games &

If your interested in a zombie unity game where you craft a cure or something then hit me on here or  Discord renderbydavid#0153

I also have a existing player controller that I'm using - its for unity I have released it for free if your coding your own game, available to anyone!


Thanks for your interest it's around 7mins

What's the resolution of your screen?

Thanks for the feedback

Huldufolk is based on real folklore, although the ending where you are kidnapped and chained is made up. Huldufolk are actually not that hostile(so it seems)

As of right now I don't have any plans on expanding this game, and if I did it would most likely be a continuation; if ever I feel like diving back into Huldufolk 2-3 years from now.

But we will take your feedback into consideration for future horror games

- Renderbydavid


2 Progress screenshots, we are still open to let another modeler join

hey link is still broken, but would you like to join us? Check out our games

Hey I want to make a short game for this jam with ps1 graphics, I do c# and modeling and I would like to find another modeler to join me

But I'm open to have anyone join me, doesn't have to be a modeler..

My discord renderbydavid#0153

Check out my games here

Thanks for playing. Hint, you only have 2 marshmallows..

Thanks for playing

Thanks for playin our little game!

Glad you enjoyed it 👌

Cool thanks for playing, more to come!

Glad you loved our game!

Thanks 👌

Thank for playing!