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whenever I pass level, the phase does not start, the blocks do not appear

legal mano ;-; mas acho q ta meio impossivel ( talvez eu q seja ruim ) mas o fedelho vem como uma bala pra cima aksdkfdkkk 


the theme caught me totally by surprise, and I do not make the minina idea of a game for such a theme; If you can help me, I'd be grateful.


no death

Only 7kb?

There doesn't appear to be anything here...

the best game 

ah blz, vlw, ja deu pra pegar algo


ae, vou jogar pra ver como está.

Thank you for the attention and the speed <3

version 32 bits ;-; ? plz

tmj amigo, fico no aguardo da nova versão

eu gostei do game,  mas os blocos caem mt rapido ;-; vc deveria por opções de niveis, porque a velocidade em que o bloco está caindo, está no nivel hardcore ksaksdkfdkk mas parabens pelo game

ok <3 thx

good game

32 bits version?

best game <3

game good but miss sounds :(


thx <3

good boy

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I liked the game, but please take the drunken effect; PLEASE, this effect is terrible

I'll be waiting, because I really like the game, do not give up on the game.

the idea is interesting, but I felt the lack of animation in the character and the enemies. It is very bad the lack of ammunition in the game, this makes you feel more angry than having fun. there are a lot of obstacles on a map so small that you're bumping into something all the time. and there is a lot of zombie ksakdsfkdk

good game

pls, version 32 bits ;-; ?

thx <3

to windows

is there any way you can export to 32 bits?

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32-bit version, please ;-;

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best game I played, I really enjoyed defending the zombie plant and then killing her, why she does not deserve the effort I did to save her from zombies skdfkkk, very good the game, congratulations 

I did not put punctuation because there was no more space on the screen, and if I put it anyway, the character would get inside the points and it would not be very nice to see, but I'm happy to have played my game ^^

thx <3

thx <3 ksasksddfk

Kkskdkkkkkskdkkkkkkkkk <3


that was the idea kkklol